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    Blood libel Roma, Jewish people

    By freddiearps, Jul 25, 2013

    Racist. A centuries old story created to whip up hate and violence against the Jewish people and Roma.

    Imagine if the killer family had been written as a Jewish family.


    Blood libel stories are disgusting and dangerous.

    Look at how anti-semitism and anti-Roma feelings are on the rise in Hungary, Tjech republic, Italy and in many other European countries.

    Listen to the anti-Roma sentiments that the Harper government in Canada is spouting. Remember the anti-Roma rant of a Canadian talk how host- 3 months ago?

    Thieves, fake refugees, people who take advantage of the good hearts of Canadians...

    How else do you think it starts? This is how persecution started in the 1930s and in the last decade and how blood libel stories is how people excuse their hate mongering.

    This episode is shameful.moreless

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    Family of killers.

    By DexterMorgan2, May 31, 2013

    This was a very good episode that started with a family of killers looking for a girl and turn her into a killer to start the next cycle in the future The team soon realises it has been going on for generations and the further the episode went on the better it got It was strange how the kidnapped girls was turned into killers but like the team said if there parents are dead they don't think anyone is looking for them and they just learn to adapt The ending left me thinking how many more families are out there killing because the end shows the case is far from over.moreless

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    By SamElm, Nov 07, 2012

    While the episode never says it explicitly, the strong implication is that this is somehow significant of all Romani. Clearly, the murder-cult is a vast exaggeration. But the parts that casually characterize the Romani as insular, paranoid, lawless nomads are not so clearly exaggerative. For example, when they mention the sound of bells, Rossi casually mentions that this is common training among Romani pickpockets (It's actually not - that is from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", a French novel).

    This episode coincidentally premiered during a period of anti-Romani violence in Europe. The depiction of Romani as thieves and criminals is a common one, a stereotype that originates among anti-Romani hate groups and has slowly contaminated the public view.

    An akin example would be if some overseas crime show depicted a secret society of rich white Americans who, when their progeny turned 16, were issued their first gun, tattoo, and car, and sent abroad during the ritual of "Spring Break" to infiltrate foreign cultures, seduce young local girls at bars, then ritually gang-rape them while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and worshiping Satan.

    It's incredibly wrong. It's scraps of truth and stereotypes mixed into some horrible sick brew of fantasy. And anyone who knows the reality of American culture would know it's a ridiculous exaggeration. But people who don't ... they'll read sensational news stories about some Spring Break rapist and then form their own conclusions.

    You see why this might be problematic.moreless

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    A little perspective

    By MWilliams1, Jan 11, 2012

    How many of you would approve of this episode if the word gypsy was replaced by ***?

    I'll never know because this post won't even make public view.

    We are an ethnic minority. a "bloodline".

    (edit: I didn't know they would put *** for the n word)

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    The episode is disturbing and sad.It made me interested in the culture and researched the Romani tradition.@rrada-I am sorry that you were offended by the episode and its contents but I am sure that nobody thinks of this as the real deal.This is fictional

    By mella_dlc, Sep 09, 2011

    The episode is disturbing and sad.It made me interested in the culture and researched the Romani tradition.@rrada-I am sorry that you were offended by the episode and its contents but I am sure that nobody thinks of this as the real deal.This is fictional

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    Disgusting, ignorant, racist, and appalling!!!

    Shame on all who made this episode possible.

    By rrada, Sep 09, 2011

    I am an American Romani and it is hard enough trying

    to explain what that means. The closest English word

    for Romani is gypsy and because of hollywood and ridiculous ignorant propaganda such as this episode,

    I can never explain what Roma is without being stereotyped and misunderstood. There should have

    definitely been more research on the Roma people and

    culture before letting such a derogatory episode be

    aired to the public. It is ignorance like this that

    contributes to anti-Roma sentiment. Atleast google

    or wikepedia Romani culture when editing script. This

    is almost as demeaning to my people and my culture than

    the porrajmos (aka holocaust in the jewish community).

    The false information about Romani culture in this episode give ignorant people justification for such

    terrible acts such as the porrajmos and further add

    to the struggle of the Roma people. Please look into

    Romani culture and hopefully you will realize that it

    is not anything like this episode makes it out to be.

    Watching this episode totally ruined my day and has

    made me believe that all episodes of criminal minds

    will be filled with ignorant filth such as this. I was so terribly offended by this that I had to sign up

    for an account just to voice my opinion and I never

    waste time on this kind of stuff. This episode was

    almost as disgusting as the porrajmos itself!!!moreless

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    it was a good episode,but because i am romanian i felt a little ofended because the gipsys ar not romanians.and that "i love you puiule" sounds lame

    By firimitura, Dec 14, 2010

    it was a good episode,but because i am romanian i felt a little ofended because the gipsys are not romanians.and that "i love you puiule" sounds spite of that it was a good episode. i want to let you know that the gypsis are not really like that. they do steal and kill an rape ,but they are not the only ones who do that things.and they choose thier wives from their own,they do not take little blonde girls to be their wives.And another thing i did not like is that they did not even dressed the characters as gypsis do.

    i am waiting to see the next episode of criminal minds because i like it very much,and i hope they will come with a better story as i was used to.moreless

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    This show was no more than hate speech and totally irresponsible given the real story of the plight of the Roma.

    By amjrtsc, Dec 14, 2010

    Shame on the producers and writers of this show. Shows like this one perpetuate the stereotype of the Roma (Gypsy)and increase the amount of misunderstanding and prejudice against us. They should check their facts. I encourage readers to Google the word Roma and educate yourselves. In reality, percentage wise there are no more Rromani criminals then in any other race of people. This series wouldn't dare produce a similar show on Blacks, Jews, Poles, Irish, Italians,Asians etc. All cultures historically have rituals and customs that could be used to perpetuate misunderstanding and hate. This is race baiting and hate speech.moreless

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    Wonderful episode, I hope to see a sequel!

    By ConradJpshnickl, Aug 10, 2010

    I loved everything about it, I think it was a great piece of fiction. The ending was so scary, good thing it was not a real story about real people or a culture but a wonderful tale that allowed me to escape the real issues that effect our lives. It's nice to see actors and writers being creative - making art that entertains the masses.

    I am going to call my lawyer about this episode, and tell him to watch it, because he too loves a good police fiction like I and I am sure he would enjoy this episode.

    Kudos to the writer and crew.moreless

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