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    What happened to the CSI Women

    By jillicans, An hour ago

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has added nothing to this show. The class of the women has gone downhill since she joined the cast. These are supposed to be intelligent and well educated agents. Is CM dumbing down the women so Hewitt looks better?

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    jennifer love hewitt

    By bmauto, 9 hours ago

    get her off , she is not needed , her make up sucks, she does nothing for the show

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    kind of dissapoint season but

    By alicebe, 18 hours ago

    i don't understand some people hatred and dislike toward JJ Morgan Garcia and JLH. Years ago people even complained about Hotch, Blake and Rossi. Please more positive coments and sugestions would help writers and actors, i'm a fan of Garcia and i like the others.

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    What's with the HATE in these posts?

    By Piaffe28, Feb 26, 2015

    I am sorry but I have been a loyal fan of Criminal Minds from the beginning. I am the first to admit that I do not feel that JLH is a good fit with the team at all, but what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred? There's a thing called a remote and if you feel compelled to write with such foul language and hatred CHANGE the CHANNEL! For goodness sake. It's embarassing as an American to read some of these posts. As with any long trending show or movie with sequels, its just a matter of time that it declines in quality and viewer interest as the writers struggle to come up with new material. That's just what happens. I will continue to watch Criminal Minds since I still find it entertaining enough to watch. Sure I have some disappointments here or there, but there is no need to write with such hatred people. Watch something else if you need to write such a lengthy posts with nasty inappropriate language. Grow Up!moreless

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    Einstein LOL

    By favorrturidol, Feb 21, 2015

    I don't care if Reid will get a steady or not. At least I wish it wouldn't be ridiculous "Einstein" girl. What a lame shitty drama then. Just Reid and Matthew Grey Gubler need MORE appreciation and way more respect from CBS. I miss Reid as one genius. Not some team member who can be replacable. In Season1, Gideon introduced him that Gideon couldn't imagine how big Reid would become when he turned into his 30's. Where is the genius Reid?? Oh, I forgot. Even talented Gideon was murdered so easily in nowadays Criminal lame Minds' dillusional world. LAME.

    And I always wonder why Gubler is just ignored by media, especially by PeoplesChoice and by Ellen that are mostly reflected never viewers' demands but powerful Hollywood person's intention, like CBS's willing. I wished the new spin-off would have been Reid's one. Reid's getting slowly into maddness because of Meave's death, then turning into a huge villain like Hunnibal would be awesome. Then Gideon would have get a big role again. But CBS just killed Gideon and treated Reid's loss for Meave's death like NOTHING.

    I really don't wish that Einstein never-cute girl became a girlfriend of Reid. She's cute? I think you just look down on Reid and underestimate the existence of Meave for Reid.

    Recent Criminal Minds is just an SOAP OPERA. Door kicking, bang, Aaab, gross phone sex by a thin gorilla and a nerdy girl. Well, I do like Garcia, LAME. It's never a crime drama!!! Some people criticize that NCIS is boring but recent Criminal Minds isn't even a crime drama. It's just a cheesiest soap opera.


    Are girls getting so stupid now?

    No. As I love Reid, I repect his genius character, and I love Matthew Grey Gubler, I don't wanna see Reid's love romance with a not-cute-at-all girl. I need more Reid's scenes such as he solves the case or he goes to see his mother.moreless

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    Bet you all miss Blake now, huh?

    By JonSnowWhite, Feb 20, 2015

    I never understood why people disliked Blake. Sure, she was no better than Emily and people still missed her, but I liked Alex. I think she was kind of a mother figure, especially to Spencer. I loved their relationship, it was sweet, especially because he didn't get to see his own mom very often and she lost her son. I was sorry when she left. And damn I hate, Callahan. Liste, I like JLH, I do, but her character... dear God I hate that woman. More than Seaver actually. I think she is a waste of space in the show.

    But the thing that bugs me most is that Spencer never has a real girlfriend. I'm tired of that. He deserves some love. And I would love to see him trying to be a BF. All the others have pairs, or lovers, or relationships, except for Reid, who happens to be the most attractive person in that team. So that's just BS to me. Get him a girlfriend. For the love of God! I like that girl Dylan Einstein for him, I mean, she's cute and smart. Also, her name? Great.moreless

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    Yes, PLEAZEEE Replace Jennifer Love Hewitt

    By MandyTrumph, Feb 20, 2015

    LuvCriminalMinds, I agree with your entire (very long may I add) blog. But you hit it right on the nail with everything you said. I too agree that Jennifer Hewitt does NOT belong on CriminalMInds as a BAU/FBI Profiler. I use to love watching Ghost Whispers, and I now notice that the ION network has been running all The Ghost Whispers reruns - I guess that is trying to persuade us viewers to accept her on CriminalMInds. But I DEFINITLEY DO NOT! YES REPLACE HER. I also use to love "Elle" from Seasons 1 and 2. I have all the seasons on DVD, and its sad how they are making these bad choices with this character :(moreless

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    By LuvCriminalMinds, Feb 20, 2015

    Love "Criminal Minds" since Season 1. I am still a fan now in its 10th season. I have a few concerns about the show and characters: Please don't get me wrong, I love Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH). I think she is atalented actress: I loved her in The Ghost Whisperers, The Client List and many movies (especially Heartbreakers). But I am posting this and hoping it gets read by the directors, writers & producers of Criminal Minds when I say that JLH is a beautiful & talented actress, but in MY PERSONAL OPINION: She is NO FBI Profiler. JLH was great asThe Ghost Whisperer, but I have to say (AS A LOYAL "Criminal Minds" FAN FOR 10 Seasons) that JLH does not fit in with the rest of the cast. Honestly, if anyone who is part of the show's creative talent, writing, directing "PLEASE" reconsider who should fill Emily Prentiss' shoes, because since Season 10 began I feel as I watch each week I find myself not interested when they show JLH in ANY scene. I liked Alex Blake (JT),when she join the cast for just (2) Seasons (she seem to fit in okay) but did not remain on the show since Season 9 ended. Again, I have LOVED "Criminal Minds" since the VERY first episode. I even watch the daily reruns on "ION" & "AE" channel whenever possible, but to me having JLH now on the show is not interesting. PLEASE WRITERS, DIRECTORS, CASTING, PRODUCERSI advise you to make a change. I LOVE all the remaining characters so very much. I did feel kind of sad when the episode aired with Gideon being killed (That to me closed the door on ANY possibility of Jason Gideon (MP) ever returning) It also sadden me that during the entire episode it did not show the real (MP) not once, not even in a show with all the original cast. It only showed him as a younger agent. I felt that episode was not at its full potential. As a LOYAL FAN, and I will DEF remain a LOYAL FAN no matter what the future holds: Please consider replacing JLH. I do like her, but as I stated she is NO FBI PROFILER (and to me does not fit in with this GREAT CAST). Years back I was very sad & disappointed during a season when not only JJ (AJ COOK) left the show, but also when Emily (Paget Brewster) was killed off. I was so glad JJ returned and I love her husband Will. I am also glad when Emily came back and the door to her possibly making appearances is still open. I loved when they reached out to Emily for help on a caseat her job in London.

    May I please make a smart suggestion: For Season 11 maybe if "Elle" returned: Lola Glaudini was great when she played Elle. She was an original cast member, I loved hercharacter, personality & attitude as "Elle Greenway" - Bringing her back would bevery interesting, especially since "Criminal Minds" left the "door open" for her character. Even though Elle (Lola Glaudini) left the BAU on bad terms with the team in regards to when she was attacked andrefused to seek theproper evaluation she needed(at least her character was not killed off) PLEASE consider Lola Glaudini possibly returning. I feel that would increase the show's viewers and make the team whole again. I thank you for your time and I DO HOPE someone besides us loyal fans reads this. Hopefully the writers of "Criminal Minds" #1moreless

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    Please hewitt lose some weight and dissapear forever! Stop ruining talented people's hard work

    By twingmma, Feb 20, 2015

    Loved the show, Love Garcia, JJ and the rest of the cast.

    Now seeing jennifer hewitt makes me feel sick and she can't be taken seriously with her past performances.

    Absolutely hate jennifer hewitt terrible actress and person, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and arrogance and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is jennifer needs to die

    She's also fat

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    Love hewitt, I do Not

    By akathleenkellyy, Feb 20, 2015

    Seriously? jennifer ""love"" hewitt on Criminal Minds? Oh, how I used to love this show!.

    Adding hewitt to the cast is a terrible decision; the producers could have hired any other actress, and they would have be a better than her. Please fire her it will be brutal to watch as she takes down the show.

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