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    Criminal Minds

    By NancyMA, Yesterday

    The best show on television and the only one I will continue to watch.

    There is absolutely nothing negative that I can say about this outstanding crime drama.

    I buy the box sets of episodes and enjoy them, no commercials and the prices are very resonable.

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    Loathe Aisha Taylor character

    By Balancelife, 3 days ago

    No chemistry at all . Mr. Scratch on season 10 one of the best in a while. Ugh this Dr. Tara is awful. Aisha Taylor has been over rated for ages. More on Dr. Reid

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    Criminal Minds

    By Skidplate139, Jan 31, 2016

    The writing on this show is still fresh & crisp. The cast still relevant & engaging. But Aisha Tyler was a misstep. She simply does not fit in on this show.

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    Matthew Gray Gubler/Spencer Reid

    By BobbieBurnett, Jan 29, 2016

    Spencer Reid in "Entropy" is the best Criminal Minds ever. Matthew Gray Gubler was outstanding! Please feature him in more stories. As much as I like all the Criminal Minds characters (and I've been watching from the beginning) Spencer Reid remains my favorite. Still miss Emily but I do like her latest replacement very much.

    I would like to add something about Aisha Tyler. When she was first brought on the show, her character displayed a special talent for discerning ways of speech and duplicating them. That talent has never been used again. By not including this special talent, you are missing out on "sparkling up" Aisha. Just a thought.moreless

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    Criminal Minds

    By Pretty_Geek_1234, Jan 11, 2016

    You should totally watch this show it is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    criminal minds

    By sandrawalker7792, Dec 30, 2015

    I love watching criminal minds I watch every time the show comes on I love all the cast please don't let anyone leave the show.

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    Matthew Gray Gubler?

    By sindjiro, Dec 24, 2015

    And where is Dr. Spencer , maybe i miss something i hope he is returning!

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    Criminal Minds

    By Spadesqueen23, Dec 10, 2015

    I love the show and the story lines. Serious actors with serious stories. I just have one Lewis' . I know you want to downplay the "looks" category but, we must do something about that wig. I know we can do better. Couldn't we have used her hair & put it in a bun, ponytail or something?? Let's work on that. Other than that 2 thumbs up!

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    PLEASE cut JJ's HAIR!!!!! and FIRE the cast hairstylist!

    By Michaelc123, Dec 03, 2015

    The entire female cast on Criminal Minds needs a hair makeover.... The stylist on this show SHOULD be fired. JJ.... PLEASE cut that high school cheerleader hair. You are suppose to be a professional FBI agent... Not a want-a-b prom queen. Garcia, Your hair has gone from ugly long red to a nice light shorter blonde to an uneven color stringy long mess. Reminds me of Abbie on CSI,,, at lease Abbie in real life shave her head bald and looked GREAT, when younger. And that wig,,,,,,, OMW.... could they have chosen a worse wig for our newest agent to wear? I've done cuts and color for over 30 years, and from the guest police to the 1st line cast the styles are AWFUL!moreless

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    No Reid No Watch

    By RumbelleOUAT, Nov 25, 2015

    And thank you CBS for making it clear that you do hate Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson by posting "thanks to the cast" video w/o MGG or TG.

    Many younger viwers have already decided to quit watching after ep8, but you need to confirm them to stop watching.

    Congrats. You succeed.

    Wait and see your demo and ratings tank as if they hadn't tanked yet.

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