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    Love Hewitt, I do not.

    By ekathleenkelly, 21 hours ago

    Seriously? Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? Oh, how I used to love this show!.

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    Let Reid get his true props

    By jenndice, 2 days ago

    It seems Matthew Gray Gubler has some extremely dedicated fans. I'm one of them. Dr. Reid is my favorite character. I noticed that whenever I look at the page for an individual episode that Spencer has several hundred (over a thousand in some cases) votes as the Episode MVP. I love him too, but I don't think this does him any justice. It is an ensemble cast. Ensemble cast shows don't work if the same character is the "MVP" of every episode. I say vote objectively. Then the episodes where he really shines such as "The Instincts" or (2 parter) "The Big Game" "Revelations" will stand out. As it is it his votes can be objectively dismissed as they were given not for his performance in that episode, but because he appeals to the fan base that votes most often here. This will make me vulnerable to a lot of people hating me for pointing this out. Just keep in mind I say this because I love Reid.


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    More team, less JJ

    By nicky2910, Sep 14, 2014

    Loved this show to bits in its first 4-5 seasons - it was a well-rounded team, all got equal screentime. But since JJ was upgraded (and Cook apparently negotiated her return really well), she's in every scene, taking over every case... and losing what made her the human face of the team. The 200th episode was just the cherry on top, set during those months she was away in the 6th season - and we are meant to believe that she went from media liaison to interrogator in a few weeks? Please.

    And then there was that Reid/Maeve-romance. Don't get me wrong, it could have worked. But wasn't his loss just a pale imitation of the whole Hotch/Haley/Foyet-plot? Reid's storyarcs used to be the best of the best, but now he's faded into the background.

    And could TPTB please stop typecasting female actresses? JJ was replaced by blonde clone, Elle by darkhaired Prentiss who in turn was replaced by darkhaired Alex... and now there's again a dark haired new female character taking over from Alex. A bit ridiculous.

    This show has still so much potential as I've rarely seen a cast that just works well - but writers/TPTB/actors are slowly destroying that which bothers me enormously. Where are Hotch and Reid, or even Rossi? Not to mention cases that focus more on the psychological background than on showing every atrocity in every gruesome detail? This show used to be about profiling - now it's your everyday run of the mill crimeshow... But I still have hope that season 10 will improve on that.moreless

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    By livelovelaugh262, Aug 13, 2014

    I love the show, but I'd like to get to know the rest of the characters better :)

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    best show on tv

    By eloisse, Aug 12, 2014

    enjoy watching CM, one of the best show on tv. Love the cast. But still want some characters to be developeed like Garcia and Hotch, really miss them last 2 seasons. And JJ less arrogant, miss JJ /garcia frienship. Love Garcia interacting with the team, and going out with them to different places. I miss Garcia and Morgan flirting also. Hope season 10 isn't about JJ and the new agent, but the team. Love how Garcia present the cases. There can never be enought of Garcia Rossi Hotch and Reidmoreless

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    tiresome of JJ like I would enjoy a team job

    By carrroll, Aug 10, 2014

    Tired of watching JJ in almost every scene. I Like her character was part of the team not the "one"Would like to see more of Hotch reid rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia needs to go out more often with the is always some Pc to check... and internet is very important nowdays. Love the humor who bright up the episodes. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more of Garciamoreless

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    A great show

    By hegealgardsta, Aug 03, 2014

    I have loved this show since the beginning. Season 9 was the beste season in a while but I actually think season 10 should be the last. I am looking forward to Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast. It might bring something new to the show. And I hope they cut down JJs screentime. I loved her as a communication liason but as profiler she has changed too much. She comes off as a know it all and icy. There can never be enough of Reid, Rossi and Hotchner.moreless

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    The show is AWFUL

    By CTHeartthrob, Jul 31, 2014

    I compare this show to Law & Order: SVU. SVU BEATS IT IN EVERY WAY!!

    First, I don't like the acting on CM. Way too melodramatic for my tastes, especially the older gentleman with the goatee. There's constant melodramatic music playing throughout, which makes the show feel like every moment is an earth-shattering moment in their lives.

    Every episode of the show is basically a mini horror flick, with all of the clichs you might expect.

    I find the shows to be too predictable. Unlike Law & Order, you don't get to see how the trials of the suspects pan out, so you basically have to believe that these profilers are perfect in every investigation, all the time. Not very realistic, IMHO.

    Also, murder cases are often not open/shut cases. We see many examples of this in real life (OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony). There are many blunders that occur during police investigations and prosecutions that complicate the outcomes of them. This show encourages people to believe the profilers are accurate every time.moreless

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    By Syo6, Jul 27, 2014

    First off, it's just a tv show. The actors and actresses are all very talented. Also there needs to be some comic relief in the mix due to the subject matter that is dealt with. Look at the CSI shows. Those investigators in real life don't carry weapons or do interrogations yet we've loved these shows for years. I love everything about the show and can't wait for season 10. Been a fan since the beginning . I give it a 10moreless

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    season 9 isn't my favorite of CM but still love it . I would like for season 10 a little be less of JJ

    By annnette, Jul 24, 2014

    What happened this season? some episodes were ok, I enjoyed the funny team moments. But... JJ characters looks different,.. distant from the team, bossy.. icy i MISS Garcia funny responses ,she is opend minded, sparky, brillant, but season 9 seems to forget about Garcia and Reid characters. I don't like to see Garcia so nervous,, exagerating her gestures , love that Garcia sparky, funny, always has something to say, not when she is overreacting. And Yes i would like to see garcia going out with the team. i really enjoy those episodes.moreless

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