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    best show on tv

    By eloisse, Yesterday

    enjoy watching CM, one of the best show on tv. Love the cast. But still want some characters to be developeed like Garcia and Hotch, really miss them last 2 seasons. And JJ less arrogant, miss JJ /garcia frienship. Love Garcia interacting with the team, and going out with them to different places. I miss Garcia and Morgan flirting also. Hope season 10 isn't about JJ and the new agent. Love how Garcia present the cases

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    Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, stereotyping????!!!!

    By dcmg, Jul 17, 2014

    don't agree at all.. This is a show, and i like the cast. the relation between Morgan and Garcia inapropiate? This is a show, love Morgan and Garcia flirting. Can you imagen Rossi or Hotch catching an unsurb? that should be inapropiate also,because their ages, but we like. I hope season 10 isn't focus on JJ and JLH

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    Criminal Minds

    By dianalcb123, Jul 02, 2014

    Cannot get enough of this show I have watched every episode since the beginning. Can't wait for the new season to start hope JLH is a good fit.

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    season 9 isn't my favorite of CM but still love it . I would like for season 10 a little be less of JJ

    By annnette, Jun 22, 2014

    What happened this season? some episodes were ok, I enjoyed the funny team moments. But... JJ characters looks different,.. distant from the team, bossy.. icy i MISS Garcia funny responses ,she is opend minded, sparky, brillant, but season 9 seems to forget about Garcia and Reid characters. I don't like to see Garcia so nervous,, exagerating her gestures , love that Garcia sparky, funny, always has something to say, not when she is overreacting

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    tiresome of JJ like more a team job.

    By carrroll, Jun 18, 2014

    Tired of watching JJ in almost every scene. Like her before. Would like to see more of Hotch reid rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirtations. Love Garcia character, she needs to go out more often with the team, Who ever wants to see more of a professional work and think is a scandalous behavior that this show has a litte be of humor needs to watch another show.

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    Note to Writers

    By TravlinGalNow, Jun 11, 2014

    Bring back Beth Riesgraf !

    As a new character: one that reminds Reid of Maeve, but isn't her. Let her be blonde, brilliant, way more fun and energetic than more Maeve ever got to be - other words, Parker ;-) with a different name. She would be the perfect match for Reid - please, please.

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    Average to good...

    By emeraldcity, May 22, 2014

    I initially liked the chemistry between the actors involved in this show but they run so many repeats that it has worn a bit thin of late. They often seemed to come up with complex plots which is good from a viewing perspective, but sometimes I find it comes off as just another Police Procedural which can is the most predictable genre that has ever existed. Good guys win and bad guy loses. I think there is not much to that. Could be better.moreless

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    Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, stereotyping

    By tnxrayman, May 06, 2014

    While there are flaws and other things that sometimes bug me about this show, I still like it. But I have to wonder whether Reed would really get by with that goofy hairdo, for one thing, Garcia goes way over the line in her actions and in the way she talks to the agents, and the interactions (foreplay?) between Morgan & Garcia are totally unprofessional. It drives me up a wall the way they talk to each other ("Baby girl", "I give great phone", something which would NEVER be tolerated in any profession, let alone one that's part of the federal government. And the sexual innuendos between the latter two characters also reinforce the stereotype of the overweight white female/black male attraction or relationship.moreless

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    Sorta, kinda too many mistakes

    By karonhudson3, Apr 21, 2014

    As much as I love Criminal Minds, ie Shemar Moore, your scriptwriters need a technical adviser badl y! Having studied Criminal Justice, Forensics and worked at a large police department, albeit a civilian, I pick up so many mistakes in the show it's crazy making. Just one among many is a rerun I saw recently on A&E. The show was called something 'Hanley" where a woman walks into a gun store, is shown a .38 and the owner of 20 something years walks away from her with the gun right in front of her to help another customer. Sorry guys, but no gun store owner is ever going to do something like that or he would have been dead a long time ago. Common Sense! Please, get a technical adviser before some of us go nuts, lol! Just a thought, thanks.moreless

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    Always the same

    By Toparty, Apr 13, 2014

    I might have missed a season but I didn't notice. Characters are the same in that there's NO character development. The murders are as disgustingly brutal as always. Ho, hum....

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