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    Just respect please

    By eueu, Yesterday

    I just can't believe these comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a amazing person. She is a good actress and very talented. She is singer, actress, director, producer. At least just respect her career and experience. She is in this bussiness for a very long time. It is not easy to join to a serie that aires for 10 season! Everyone know each other. If you never watch her just watch a movie or show of her. She is so nice person to everyone. The show is wonderful nothing has changed. She is really great fit in this character. Just don't blame her and don't be disappointed. If the producers of Criminal Minds didn't love or believe her, they wouldn't ask her if she want to be in the show. So just trust her for a second and watch the show. You'll see it. You don't have to love her but at least try to understand her and respect her. As a fan of JLH, I really loved her in this character, she is doing her best.moreless

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    Criminal Minds

    By NancyMA, Dec 17, 2014

    The only show on television that I watch on a regular basis is Criminal Minds. I stopped for a bit in 2014 earlier but I caught up to the present.

    I am sorry for the comments I made a while back.

    Reid is my favorite actor.

    You, the cast, deserve so much for the work you put into this wonderful show for us to enjoy every week.

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    By isabelcrespim3, Dec 13, 2014

    This used to be my favourite show until they putted JLH in this caracter.

    She ruined this show for me, im going to stay very disapponted if she stays on the show.

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    Disappointed on character changes

    By tsulauj5, Dec 10, 2014

    As much as I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and most of her movies and shows, on the contrary, I don't find Hewitt's acting as a behavioral analysis believable. I like Lola Glaudini and I miss her and Mandy Patinkin. I'm most disappointed that Glaudini was replaced by Hewitt.

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    Elephant memory

    By kimberlytaylormitchell, Dec 07, 2014

    I like this show I've become more cautious where to go and who to trust

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    Horrible Decision

    By boross71404, Dec 05, 2014

    JLH ruined it. She needs to go back to talking to ghosts. I refuse to watch the new season. I'll stick to the reruns.

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    keep the original cast

    By marrk, Dec 05, 2014

    Keep the original cast. Get ride of Callahan. I like a team job not a character job. A good balance between characters, and i really miss the chemistry this characters used to have. No need a new profiler but better scripts, and creepy stories ; If any i miss Strauss or similar agent . And a miss Reid and garcia's brillant minds

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    Going worse, every season...

    By SilkWorm9226, Dec 02, 2014

    you are turning this excellent much graphic... and it was one of my favourites...

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    Turn on the lights!!

    By soulandhearts, Nov 22, 2014

    Love, Love, Love this show! My favorite by far, but please turn on the lights. Episodes just keep getting darker, like being shot in the dark! Example: Episode on November 20, 2014.

    Thank you!

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    Why all the hating on JLH

    By tarniamoore, Nov 20, 2014

    Am I the only one who quite likes her on the show? I've been a huge fan from day one and I'm still enjoying it with JLH. I haven't seen her in much other than ghost whisperer and she was likeable in that.

    I like what she brings to the team, she loosens them up a little due to her complete openness , humour and self deprecation. She's abit different, has a lighter, cheeky approach at times which I think the team needs and will appreciate. She is again likeable and I think she fitted in well with the group.


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