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    WTF is this!!!

    By chrisramsay378, 15 hours ago

    So i've been catching up to season 10 and just watch the first episode, what in the hell was that!?!?!?! Jennifer Hewitt was AWFUL, didn't fit at all in the team. She is ruining the chemistry and dynamic of the team. I have watch all episode of criminal minds and I can honestly say she is the worst I've seen in the crew! please get rid of her!

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    Get rid of Jennifer Love Hewitt!

    By sdtaylor71, Yesterday

    Hate the new character. Jennifer Love Hewitt is not a good dramatic actress. Please get rid of her. I don't want to stop watching but it was rather painful this week. Terrible. Please leave the team alone. We love you just the way you are!

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    Love Hewitt hate new character

    By gtbell, 2 days ago

    The person who hired Love Hewitt for CM should be sent to a funny farm. Ms Hewitt has no business being on this show. Her characters' attitude, wardrobe and hair style just don't fit. The Casting Director must have some dandy 8x10's of JLH as payment for the job! I believe acting is more than the size of your bra. And, in spite of comments below, I am not a female who doesn't like competition. I am a man who doesn't like JLH in this role. The woman that held that job last year looked out of place, too. Why not just work without that extra character or bring Emily back? Oh, PU-LEEZE don't get stuck with hanky-panky between her character and Morgan's. Let him continue to play the field and have cutesy with Baby Doll.moreless

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    Going to stop watching bc of Jennifer Love Hewitt

    By JAharon, 3 days ago

    I LOVE Criminal Minds. I recommend it to everyone. I own all the DVDs. I watch it on A&E and ION whenever it is on. I only watched the premiere this season and hated Jennifer Love Hewitt on it so much that I have not watched any other episode. She is horrible on it. It changes a perfect show into one I don't even want to watch. PLEASE get rid of her now!!!

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    Get rid of Love Hewitt Immediately and lose Morgan's Girlfriend

    By horse-ladyiii, Oct 19, 2014

    It has been years now since Emily and her the actor who preceded her left but I still enjoy the shows the most with them in it. I still love CM but I keep waiting for a new Emily or the first actress that played that role. They were both edgy and fearless with not many maternal instincts (Emily has some but it wasn't emphasized).

    What they got in Jennifer Hewitt was another JJ. Are they planning on getting rid of JJ:? JJ is the mother character and they don't need another. She and Emily were perfect contrasts. JJ who has actually shown real toughness in the last couple of years is perfect for her role but you need a foil who is tougher, just as tough as Morgan or Hodge. That was Emily and the actor before her. To get another JJ just waters down JJ's role and weakens the show. We don't need known people like the actor that left or Love Hewitt. You need good balance and good actors. Hewitt has thrown the balance off again.

    Another very strong woman who is as good looking as Emily (sorry but it matters) is what is needed.

    As for Morgan's girlfriend -yuk he's a player and needs to stay one. I like the psychological affair between him and Garcia and I think it should stay that way. An occasional romance for Garcia and keep Morgan a player. How can the directors screw this wonderful show up twice in a row by the wrong casting. Or why don't they give in, pay her more and bring back get rid of Hewitt immediately, admit your are wrong, and find the correct character. If you don't get rid of her at least do something with that awful hair, I can't believe it.moreless

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    Not for me

    By DonnaIsaac, Oct 16, 2014

    I really like Jennifer hewits acting but man she sucks in criminal minds. I watch every episode but I just can not get into watching it with Jennifer in the show they need to replace her. So until they do criminal minds is not for me and that sucks because I have watched it from the day the show started.

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    By Elena97, Oct 09, 2014

    Morgan doesn't need a girlfriend. Hell, I'm not watching Criminal Minds anymore since she first appeared, Their relationship sucks. Erica Messer, are you half crazed? This is totally ruining Derek Morgan's character: where is the eternal single who loves flirting and eats ladies for breakfast? I miss the real him. Now he's all fucked up.

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    Hewitt is great!

    By abb1964, Oct 04, 2014

    It seems that only women dislike Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think that she brings a uniqueness to the show and she always portrays a likeable character in anything she stars in. This was a great move and I am looking forward to Season 10! Women need to smarten up, yes she is beautiful, and yes she has nice tata's as someone previously has put it, but that does NOT make her a bad actress. I liked Emil Prentiss (Paget Brewster), but Jeanne Tripplehorn did not suit the part. As I said, this was a great move and a great choice, because JLH is adaptable to roles she plays.moreless

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    I miss Emily

    By kukukukuk, Oct 02, 2014

    I really miss Emily Prentiss! Also, i bet that this season Reid and Kate are going to fall in love. And one more thing, but this is just something I'm guessing on: Reid is having problems with his neck, so i think he is going to get addicted on drugs again, but this time its pain-killers. I've also always wanted Morgan and Garcia to become a couple, crossing my fingers for this season! And i really liked Kate, at least more than i liked Blake.

    Looking forward to the next episode!moreless

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    x ... Hewitt sucks

    By ANGUISH76, Oct 02, 2014

    Great show, absolutely hate Jennifer love Hewitt terrible actress, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is another Kate needs to die on the show

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