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    A religious killing team proves to be just one man.

    By DexterMorgan2, Feb 28, 2013

    The first of a two part episode has made me excited about watching the next one when what was believed to be a religious killing team posting videos on a sight and calling the police before the murders are committed In the call to the police there is three different voices but it actually turns out to be one killer and he believes he is three people its JJ and Reed who identify him at his house but he knows that they know he is the killer so he runs leading JJ into the barn where the dogs attack her that killed a victim and Reed is attacked by the killer and part of him doesn't want to shoot Reed which is Tobias and the other does which is his father This is left on a big cliffhanger when JJ and Reed are both in danger.moreless

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    Tight. Tense. Tempting.

    By Finnegan77, Feb 13, 2012

    I had to look at this episode from two different perspectives: the first, as an episode for the long time fans of Criminal Minds, and the other as an episode designed to draw in new viewers. The time slot after the Superbowl is known as the time slot of a lifetime. The theory is that many millions of people have just watched the game, and haven’t had a chance to change the channel, and they are willing to try something new. What an opportunity for the best unadvertised show on television!

    For the dedicated CM fan, this episode gave us some things we really wanted. We got to see our team having fun together, letting their hair down, dancing, messing around. Even though Gideon didn’t “play well with others,” he got to relax doing what recharged his batteries. Then it was “to the Batmobile!” and the team is off to Georgia to try to catch the mission-based killers. The team interaction was great, and the unsub was played to the hilt by former teen-star Van Der Beek – who would have guessed he could be so creepy? And the cliff-hanger ending had what all fans who are honest with themselves are secretly hoping for: our team members are in a heap of trouble.

    For newbies the writers started off gently, leading the audience down the profiling pathway, and introducing them to the particular terminology of the FBI BAU. There was enough explanation, but not too much. The plot was simple but elegant, and although the crimes were some of the yuckiest and most visceral, you can certainly say that new viewers got an accurate depiction of what CM is about. All the characters were shown doing what they do best.

    It must have been hard to try to straddle that line – almost like writing another pilot without boring the diehard fans to death. From the casting to the tempo to the character development, CM pulled it off.moreless

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  • 8.3

    JJ nearly gets eaten and Reid is kidnapped!!!!

    By idreamfan, Mar 18, 2011

    I just loved this episode just on of the many reasons i watch Criminal Minds i think JJ should have been a little more hurt or more shaky i wish they would have more episode about JJ What does JJ stand for. I wish JJ and Reid would get together and then she finds out she;s preganant to Reid. that would be cool. I Gidoen he's cool he was in The Princess Bride did you know as Antigo Montorio or the Mexican dude who says "Hello my name is Antigo Montorio you killed my father prepare to die".well thats about all for now if you liked this one watch the one directly after this one. this one was an to Be continued.....moreless

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    What an episode

    By Parricida, Mar 18, 2011

    I like the way this one was different - oh, first it had that two unsub not acting as the should storyline but I do not know - after those flashbacks to past, it was quite clear we only have one, with two voices in his head..

    That really looked like something poorly done if that should have been the main surprise of the episode but as it was not - maybe only a misslead if that or to give viewer a feeling they know what is going on - and then it all upside down in the end.

    The story was brutal - really bloody kills.. and that computer thing with web cams... really scary but an amazing storyline. But all the excitement in episode, the dynamic and motion.. it did not prepared me for the end - wow... With those few last minutes everything was turned upside down - it was not to know who is unsub but they point was we needed to know it.. in order the end to work. JJ walking into the barn with those killer dogs.. and Reid... oh.. excited about next episodemoreless

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    Several home invasions ending in murder have the team believe they are dealing with possibly three unsubs, but are they? ...

    By Lady_Lancaster, Mar 18, 2011

    When a wealthy couple is murdered in their own home after spending the evening with friends, the BAU are called in as it appears that two or possibly even three unsubs are involved. The less dominant calls 911 but is berated by another, more commanding voice who is clearly not at all pleased. And is there are third voice in the background?

    As these crimes continue, the team puts together a profile based on the theory of multuple unsubs and clearly identify that there is definitely a dominant and a subserviant personality involved. The third voice has them somewhat baffled.

    It would spoil the excellence of this episode to give away too much detail but when Reid is captured, held hostage, tortured and given intravenous drugs by force, you know that you are in for a thrilling ride!

    A superb performance by James Van Der Beek, possibly the best of his career and if you don't watch this, you'll be missing something impressive. Worth every point of 10 out of 10.moreless

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    Superb case and sublime cliffhanger!

    By amazing_race, Mar 18, 2011

    The top-notch episodes of Criminal Minds continue to fly out at every opportunity possible, with this episode centred around what appears to be a team of no less than three killers who are attempting to rid the world of 'sinners'.

    Everything is definitely not at it seems, throughout this episode, and the case was very enjoyable in my opinion! It showed reflections of the unsub's past, and the way it was filmed led us to believe somehting that was totally untrue!

    I definitely really enjoyed the episode's ending. One team memberwas plced in a life-threatening sitaution, while another may be in for something a whole lot worse! Absolutely riverting, what a cliffhanger! This one really puts you on the edge of you r seat!

    Considering this is the introduction to one of the best episodes of television history of any programme,. I think this is far beyond a must-see episode! It is produced terrifically, and I can't wait to see how things will pna out in the next episode!

    Golden episode! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!moreless

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    The episode that made me a fan.

    By HazelX, Jan 26, 2011

    I had watched the show once before with my mother and liked it, but just didn't need another show at the time. But after the Superbowl, someone but this on in the breakroom at my job, someone put this on, and I was instantly hooked. It's a good rule of thumb to never watch the first part of a two part episode if you want to watch a T.V. show without getting hooked. That's how I got hooked on Buffy and that's how I've now gotten hooked on Criminal Minds. Reid is now one of my favorite characters on television and I awaite each new episode eagerly, thanks to this one great hour of drama.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Wonderful episode!

    By jordinajamaica, Jan 26, 2011

    I loved this episode. I was really scared when I began to think about the possibility of only one murderer. I specially liked all the proximity with reality with the video in internet that turns to be the most downloaded for it's violence. All the idea of a man that kills to do what God says it's not new but in this case they have done it in some way that makes all this episode very original. James van der beek was really scary, sometime so innocent so times so psycho! And the idea to kill a woman by being eaten by dogs...UAU! I'm really waiting for the next part.

    BIG HUGS!!moreless

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  • 7.8

    I love this show more than words. But I was very disappointed.

    By Pucktweety, Jan 26, 2011

    Tonight was a special night for me. I finally had got my parents to sit down with me, for the first time in all my years watching television, and watch the same show as me.

    I was highly disappointed in the night I had picked. I was even wondering why I watch it.

    The only good thing about this episode was the twist and the end. But I have to admit I predicted them from early in the episode. After the first murder it was quite obvious this was one person with multiple personalities and the bit with reid was forcoming. Once I heard the name of the person with evidence then the gap of us waiting to watch that scene. I knew for a fact it had significance.

    I liked the episode but I was highly disappointed with the quality. One thing that annoys me with this is that we see the killer. I like the episodes better where you don't see the killer until caught. It ruins the excitement for me a bit.

    Kudos for the ending. I was on the edge of my seat with excitement and most of all fear. I was scared, which happens rarely with normal television programmes like this. I enjoyed the end. Although it's painful to wait another week for the outcome of next weeks show :-(

    All in All. I was disappointed. But it didn't affect my overall opinion!moreless

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