Crisis... The Real Crisis is Brain Power?

By TatraFan

Apr 28, 2014

Who is writing this show? That is what I want to know. I also want to know who thought this second-rate James Bondesque story line would actually work? That person in NBC should do the honorable thing and commit seppuku for actually wasting time and viewers patience on this unholy turd... Perhaps, even self-immolation? It's just a thought right? I mean sure it seems radical, but I think it has a certain symmetry to it actually. But alas the network is not as demanding as the Yukaza Families are... I think it is a shame actually. But seriously, where did this series come from?

I really want to know why any sane person listening to this convoluted and stupid storyline would actually say "Yes, that is exactly what my channel needs!" I guess they figured it worked once right? You know with The Blacklist? And let's be honest The Blacklist is another over wrought and senselessly convoluted James Bond wannabe series as well.

The only difference is that James Spader actually makes Red Reddington some what interesting. Dermont Mulroney doesn't actually even make his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personas seem even remotely interesting. And the rest of the cast seem to run around in a perpetual daze as if on set they are exposed to copious amounts of cannabis at all times. I cannot decide if they look like they are scared or if they just look paranoid that some is on their secret stashes' location! The fact is that no on in this series actually makes any of the absurd nonsensical that these characters do each week even seem remotely believable.

The only thing I see as being somewhat believable is that the Hot Teacher who used to play on One Tree Hill sleeps with the hot girl/FBI daughter.... Who actually might be the result of some super secret CIA-Corporate Conspiracy to create Super Spy Offspring-- and you know they were short on Drug addled Mothers so they knocked up the Boss' little sis for shits and giggles! (Something of this nature is actually starting to be tacitly stated by the way the Doctor and Evil Meg (Dunn) Fitch know each other!) And some how all of that would seem to make sense to the writers I bet. It would be so POSTMODERN I bet they would say as they pitch it to each other... Clue No, it would be actually postmodern-- would be post-absurd! And yet you know deep down inside these writers want to make some grand conspiracy like that happen. Perhaps, they have watched too many episodes of the J.J. Abrams (a person I feel is reason why Wagner might have been right all those years ago) TV series like Alias and Lost... (oh, please say it isn't so.)

Of course we finally get to the best part-- the MERCS! I see that Mulroney's character went to the best possible resources for his spec-ops people-- BLACKWATER. You know nothing but the best for this mission. I just have one question-- how does he afford this operation? It would cost hundreds of millions. He is supposed to be an out of work CIA Analyst. Not exactly the sort of guy who has a spare 250 million laying around a secret numbered Swiss Bank Account. I know he did a lot of odd jobs and perhaps master minded a string of successful bank jobs to fund this operation? Or maybe delivered news papers? Let's be honest this character doesn't have the cash or the connections to put together this sort of operation! But the writers don't care-cause this is cool baby so suck it!

And finally we get to my favorite part-- Cliffhangers... You know what I would love to see in this series... An episode that ends without a cliffhanger that is senseless. How about that. Just end an episode with a fade to black and the sound of gun fire?
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  • manda717 Jun 18, 2014

    look, its not perfect, but for some reason I like this better than The blacklist.... its not as bad as you make it out to be!!!
    pretty sure everyone looks stressed coz, you know, dying children, terrorism and murderings....

    i like it.... but thats just me....

  • TatraFan Jun 23, 2014

    Yeah it is as bad as I make it out to be. And guess what so is the Blacklist!

  • Dec1964 Jun 02, 2014

    This episode "Found" was crap, Beth Ann is so stupid, infact all these kids are so stupid. The fact that the black woman went through security as Agent Dunn proves how stupid the writing really is. So glad this show got the axe.

  • TatraFan Jun 02, 2014

    Yet, you accepted the same sort of tropes from Revolution? Why is that? How many times did Miles use some variation of this "Your Boss Is Gonna Be Pissed If I Don't Tell Him X" or how many times did they just happen to find a person who couldn't be found for a decade or more.

  • Dec1964 Jun 02, 2014

    No, this has nothing to do with Revolution, that show stands alone, Crisis is a whole other show that is so badly written. (Blow the whole compound up into millions of pieces with everyone in it).

  • Dec1964 Jun 02, 2014

    The last episode of Revolution was just put together by NBC because their didn't care. nuff said.

  • TatraFan Jun 02, 2014

    I really cannot get all worked up over it.... I mean sure I like to poke fun shows, the fans, the cast, and the writers---but in reality I sort of miss them when they die... What will I mock now?

    I'm looking forward to Longmire Tonight.

  • TatraFan Jun 02, 2014

    So, you don't see any similarities in both shows?

  • TatraFan Jun 02, 2014

    It's writing wasn't just poor-- it was beyond poor, I was being nice about it. Then at the end it just did episode mash-ups of old repeats.

  • Dec1964 Jun 02, 2014

    Revolution was so not poorly written, so lets just leave it at that.

  • TatraFan Jun 02, 2014

    Sadly, both are poorly written. Miles' strategies are about as well thought out as most stoners' attempts to sound profound. The same seems to be the case for most of the writing on this show Crisis. So, while the plot, the characters, and basic elements of story are different... the means of execution are usually pretty similar in nature.

  • Dec1964 Jun 02, 2014

    No i don't.

  • ragansadie May 18, 2014

    I can't believe your wacked opinion of Crisis is the only one I see available to read. I completely disagree and I love the show. I guess your one of those people who fall into the category of only liking boring, mundane, run of the mill, unoriginal, shows like Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, or one of the 500 NCIS shows. You must be over 55 and incapable of enjoying shows that aren't just like every other show on television, predictable. I look forward to Sunday nights mainly because of Crisis. I like the actors. I like the characters. I like the storyline. Is it perfect ? Of course not, what show is ? Not to mention the answer is subjective. Unlike your critique which sounded more like a review that was written by someone who was payed to make it sound as horrible as possible. My hope is that is more selective on what garbage reviews they allow published on their site, as to not sway the public into this bias, untrue, and almost bullying way of writing reviews or expressing one person's opinion. At least give the opportunity for the other side's opinion to be expressed. In the future, an open mind, or at least a fresh set of eyes and ears would do more justice when reviewing a freshmen television show, than what this whipping post unfairly did to Crisis.

  • JulioGarcia9297 Jun 16, 2014

    That is so true, please haters, let us watch this show, and yes, enjoy it in peace. The show is already cancelled, now you can keep watching the same old same boring shows, I can tell you only one thing, Crisis is not boring, is not the worst tv show in television and yes, is not perfect, but at least they died trying to do something different.

  • TatraFan May 19, 2014

    I actually I hate the following television shows:

    Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, NCIS, NCIS: LA, NICS: New Orleans (I know it hasn't aired yet, but really do I need to wait on this one?), Mom, In The Middle, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, The Mentalist, Elementary, The Americans, Suits, Bones, Hawaii Five-O (even the original) , Everything on The CW... (However, The 100 is fun to watch because it gives me ample things to make fun off.) Scandal, Black Box, Persons of Interest, Bitten, Warehouse 13, All Reality TV show (except UFO or Bigfoot related ones they are pure comedic gold), Under the Dome, Anything on MTV, VH1 or any channel owned by Disney for that matter.

    So what do I like? I love The Blandings, Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, NOVA, Hangar 1, UFO Hunters (reruns), UFO Files (reruns), MASH (reruns I'm still in love with this show-- started when I was 5 back in 1985), Top Gear (UK). I do like the show Continuum and Murdoch Mysteries both from Canada. I also like the Australian tv show Miss Fishers' Murder Mysteries. Most American shows are really poor actually...

    I'll tell you right now TV is waste land and I find myself wondering why I just don't watch more of my Criterion Collection films. But, I think of it as research for my own project.

  • JulioGarcia9297 Jun 16, 2014

    I will pass your transgressions because you like Continuum

  • Dec1964 May 12, 2014

    I guess it doesn't really matter anymore, NBC has dumped this show.

  • TatraFan May 12, 2014

    I KNOW RIGHT--WHAT NERVE.... I was just getting ready to make fun of it some more.

  • Dec1964 May 12, 2014

    Come on, i still wanted to see how this would play out, even if the storyline was falling apart very fast.

  • TatraFan May 12, 2014

    I wanted to see Amber get freaky with nerdy girl and the President! And you're right I would have loved to have seen the way it was going to end as well. However, that is not case and I will have to move on to new fertile grounds to mock stupidity in the entertainment industry-- I'm thinking The Blacklist!

  • TatraFan May 13, 2014

    What you need to do is start watching the Blacklist now. It has gone Star Wars on us.

  • Dec1964 May 13, 2014

    I dont watch The Blacklist, cant wait for that to get dumped.

  • TatraFan May 13, 2014

    I would have thought the fact that I'm a fan of Czech Truck Manufacture named Tatra A.S. was a good clue and the fact in other elements I've spoken about my career as a USMC Tanker... I still miss that tank.

    The Blacklist is hysterically bad... I cannot wait until the bring out Berlin evil Liz's daddy or evil attempted daddy killer of Liz's? And will Tom turn out to be an ex-male adult film star turned international spy? You know he did it back in college to pay for his bills he's not proud but it was necessary evil?

  • Dec1964 May 13, 2014

    Amber, Beth Ann and Kyle in a threesome (you must be a guy). The Blacklist should also be dumped.

  • Dec1964 May 05, 2014

    Hostages did not suck, Crisis sucks really bad and if things do not improve, then this needs to be cancelled. I just watched episode 8 and Agent Finley and Agent Dunn knew everything from Clarenbach, that Gibson and Widener was involved. What you should have done was take Clarenbach back to FBI HQ and most of this episode could have been avoided.

  • TatraFan May 05, 2014

    I've never seen Hostages to be honest. I just didn't get into the entire premise which is odd because is the "Go-Bigger or Go Home Clone" that NBC wanted to make to out do everything they've done on Hostages.

    Where do you start with an episode as convoluted and poorly constructed as ep 8? I just don't have the will to really do much more than say-- "FUBAR"!

  • Dec1964 May 05, 2014

    And you can guess where Clarenbach ended up, back with Gibson and the teacher is dead, but Amber did manage to kill the guy that kill her teacher / boyfriend.

  • TatraFan May 05, 2014

    The episode was a total debacle if you ask me.

  • Dec1964 May 06, 2014

    Yes it was.

  • _Fire_Ice Apr 29, 2014

    Ok so I'm just gonna say that I started this series at the same time as Hostages, both shows were similar but they sucked for different reason. Hostages had a hard to believe premise as well, but because so many high up official people were involved it seemed probable. Where they screwed up was having the most annoying cast on television. Toni Collete is a great actress but her character just sucked. The FBI agent Duncan was cool and intelligent at one moment an idiot the next. As for the rest of the family I would have gladly killed them all off, they were annoying, dumb, and the husband was a dick.

    Now this show has an even more unbelievable premise in a sense. It is very hard to believe that this one Gibson guy could run this whole operation, AND still have time to play hostage. If you for go the money issue, which lets say he has been planning this for the past 5 years (because we know he got framed for that stuff on his daughters 11th birthday and I'm pretty sure she is now 16), than maybe he could have acquired funds over the years, and in the end he also blackmailed a considerable amount of money out of Dunn's sister Meg Fitch. Gibson is very smart and a master manipulator and planner, no doubt, he was a CIA analyst just ask Ryan Fletcher from Nikita what a CIA analyst can do. Plus the CIA director guy running the super soldiers even said he is more dangerous than one would think. Where Gibson comes in strong is people assume because he plays the weak guy and never was able to pass it in the field that he is some how inferior, but he has knowledge and knowledge is power. Unlike in Hostages where all the bad guys were in powerful positions to start, Crisis uses the powerful people like hostages to do most of their work for them, in order to protect their kids. Now although some subplots are a little less believable (like one person being able to take out ALL the drones that could find the kids, or the magic drug that makes super soldiers), you can easily apply a little suspension of disbelief to those moments, because really they are no more ridiculous than any other action movie.

    But really so far the bad guys have had a lot of luck on their side, because as well planned out as things may have been it seems like a few things got thrown out of left field, yet Gibson expected it. Again maybe this is because he knows what to expect from these people, his job (which he was very good at) was to predict the movements of the exact people he is currently working against And honestly, the show is young, we don't know how many connections Gibson actually has. I think the only truly ridiculous thing was the most recent episode with the soldier being loose in the house and getting really nothing accomplished, accept the emotional heartbreak that will come when Kyle realizes he killed his father figure to save the real asshole behind things.

    All in all I began watching this show hearing and reading a lot of negative reviews. Now maybe I don't think it is that bad because the reviews made it sound horrendous and I know I have watched worse. I am hoping they can redirect and try and move things along and give me more on motivations. Gibson seems to be doing the right thing by wanting to expose the hit squad this CIA guy is using, but I still also feel is like he's one of those guys that got picked on too much and one day snaps and walks into a room and kills everyone, so I really don't trust that his motives are entirely innocent.
    I feel he only needed a couple of those kids to get what he needed, really only the one kid whose parents got that CIA tape, than he could have used that and that room with all that info on dead people, and the doctor CIA guy that had been sleeping with Meg (so 2 kids the Pakistani ambassador's kid and the CIA parent's kid). And in that case it would have been easier, and a lot less damaging to the kids he sometimes seems to care about, to do a Hostage style thing and only target those specific families. But alas, that would not have been as interesting a premise. Regardless, I think this show should have only aimed to be a mini-series event. Why not make an awesome well thought out one season show than a chaotic, ludicrous one that you would have to completely warp to extend into more than one season. Frankly I don't think it is great, but I also don't think it is as bad as a lot of people say it is. I will finish it, but I don't think it will get a second season either way.

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    I never did see Hostages--but I imagine it to be a lot like this series. As for premise of this series we know it is total crap.

    1) Gibson is out of the CIA for 5 years.... Yes, he might know a lot, but all of his information is out of date. For all he knows the CIA could be using totally new drones and technology within 5 years. [Or they could have updated present drones with new technology.] This is all super-classified stuff that he wouldn't easily be able to get a hold of. And if he started to kidnap or attempt to extort information from government contractors and/or CIA personnel he would start to leave a trace of what is going on. This would have to be a total surprise attack on the Government. He cannot go around attempting to convert government employees or outside contractors for 5 years without tipping off someone.

    2) Gibson is a threat to the CIA. Now, they burned Gibson. So, that means he is an automatic threat to the CIA Director. In short if the Director is willing to use super-soldiers to kill of people who stand in his way of a Coup D'Etat than clearly removing Gibson to keep him quiet is not a problem.

    3) Saving His Family With Stockholm Syndrome. Clearly, at some point Gibson has to transfer himself in the public view from "Terrorist Kidnapper" to "Patriot Extreme Whistle Blower" ... Which of course will force him to answer the question: "Daddy You Took Me Prisoner Why?" This is done completely to save his name return his family from ranks of shame to Patriotic Greatness! It is completely insane to think that Gibson will save his family by kidnapping and using psychological warfare on them.

    4) Getting The Parents To Do His Bidding. The idea that he could just manipulate them is a bit absurd. In fact if you kidnapped high-level people-- the fact is that most of these people would isolated from their power structure immediately to prevent them from being extorted. For example the President would have to step down and give power over to the VP. The Admiral's daughter would again be sided lined and all of his access would be halted. The same with Diplomats and of course even corporations have boards and they would force CEO's to step aside temporarily to protect the company. That is reality. The problem with this series is that Gibson took people who at the top of the hierarchical system--a system that has fail safes to deal with their absence. However, if you take key people lower in the system that have direct access to certain things. It works out as a better strategy.

    5) Staying in one location. The longer Gibson Stays in one location the greater risk he puts himself in. It is better to create a system where your core elements are not housed in one location. He should have decentralized his system: broken the children up into small groups stash them around the globe and given specific orders to followed at certain times. That is what you need to do. So even if the CIA can find one or two homes you still have prisoners and so on else where. It also causes the CIA, NSA, and FBI to use very large numbers of their resources to find the hostages.

    6) Planning For Everything... It is impossible to plan on every possible contingent in a complex system such as a hostages. As I said before he doesn't have up to date information on the CIA protocol. He doesn't know if they've introduced new technology. He cannot account for every variable that could happen. He cannot be totally sure his mercs will behave exactly as trained. Nor can he predict how the parents will react. He also cannot predict all of the possible issues that will occur later during the kidnapping process. (if we could predict everything that would happen during a covert op we wouldn't covert operation failures.)

    7) FBI-- The FBI would have more people than just one person on this. I know they supposedly do. However, when you watch this series it seems like two people are doing all the work.

    8) The Mercs seem to have absolutely no Covert Skill Sets!

  • _Fire_Ice Apr 29, 2014

    Well I really hope you never feel the need to enact a large scale hostage mission, because you seem rather prepared for it and I don't think we would ever see those people again.
    But yes you are right there are a lot of ridiculous things in this show I don't dispute that. But in order to create action movies or shows you need a little bit of ridiculous, never gonna happen situations. Now there is more than a little bit of that in this show, but ultimately I don't think it is the worst thing on television. No where near the best mind you, but not the worst either.

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    I don't like action movies. Nor, do I plan on taking hostages. I've done a lot research on certain asymmetrical concepts of war. That has to do with a series concept I hope to develop based in the future. But it will look a lot like something from Winter-War 1939-1940 set in a period of time a 150 years after the fall of what we call modern society. So the society I'm envisioning looks a lot like late 1920's early 1930's technology wise.

    The problem with this show is that most of the characters are just not even fun to watch. Agent Dunn seems like she cannot even understand the idea that people might have relationships with each other. I'm starting to wonder if she has mild form of autism or some other kind of developmental issues like that. When she asks her new partner about why the firemen and cops would help him it was like watching an autistic person attempting to figure out to deal with interpersonal relationships. It was so priceless in the intentional humor that I nearly fell over.

  • pozet Apr 29, 2014

    I respectfully cannot disagree more with your opinion.
    First, we are all here discussing shows and what we like, dislike and hope for, but there is one thing we cannot allow ourselves and that is plain disrespect for the creative process and the people working their ass off on these shows. We are in a very comfortable position but it is a very different thing to go out there and actually write, create and act. And I think you cross that line bluntly. But this is only my opinion.
    The show is far from perfect. The whole plot is difficult to swallow. There are loopholes. Crisis tries to be at the same time a teenage show, a procedural show, a major conspiracy show and a family drama show. And it turns out to be too much to handle...
    But I don't think it is the abysmal failure you describe. Mulroney's character is quite a good villain I think, full of contradictions, despicable, and devious. And I enjoy Lance Gross's character and acting which seems to get better with each episodes.
    In short, to give a counterpoint to your opinion, I humbly think that the show, despite many flaws, is still watchable.

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    My disdain for the Hollywood creative process is beyond merely disrespect. It is a crystallized in pure form of utter contempt for these people. And I do actually create things in the real world. I created this statement. That is beyond the point.

    What is funny is that you hold two vastly contradictory positions at the same time: 1) this show's general premise is "difficult to swallow" meaning unbelievable; as well as 2) not an abysmal failure. Which is sort of odd-- I call it a failure if you have to turn your brain off and enter a catatonic state to watch the series. Now, you say it fails but not completely? To me a failure is pretty simple in definition-- failure to meet some minimum requirement. So, perhaps you can explain to me what exactly your grade of failure? I mean sure a 20 on a paper out of 100 is worse than a 45 on a paper 100 if you get a grade in School--both, are however, failures. If you want to say that 20 is 25 points lower than 45-- sure... If you want to say that you understand 45% of the total material as compared to 20% sure... But in the end both are failures. How abysmal you find either failure to be is merely a subjective statement. So, I'm fuzzy on what exactly you are disagreeing with me on the failure status of this series' general premise.

    Mulroney's character is totally stupid... It isn't complex or interesting like say for example Iago is in Othello. He isn't trouble by the society and power grab of his Uncle like Hamlet. He isn't trapped in the contradictions of the human savagery and civility as say Kurtz. The fact is this character is merely boring and convoluted to such a degree that watching him is merely act of masochist torture. At sometimes I think that self-flagellation might be preferable to serious watching of this series.

    Yeah, the show is watchable if you want to make fun of it. I think that is the only way to watch it actually. With a black screen and doing your best Mystery Science Theater 3000 impression.

  • pozet May 03, 2014

    Excellent! Thank you for your reply. If you are an artist and/or involved in the creative process of performing arts, your opinion definitely has more wait than mine. I totally respect that.
    Hélas, I am afraid my reaction to a show is of a much more lethargic nature: either I keep on watching or I don't. And with Crisis, I do. That is what I mean by 'not a total failure'.
    You can call me stupid for that and I will probably agree. I wish I were able to read Shakespeare all the time rather than watch such commercial crap, the only point of which is probably to fill my need for subordinated thrill and for a daily dopamine fix, just enough to keep me going but not so much as to make me question the system or regain my intellectual autonomy.
    But there I am, waiting for the next saison premiere of King and Maxwell...
    Again, it was a very fertile exchange for me. Now, I have to go back to my vegetable garden.

  • TatraFan May 05, 2014

    My opinion has no more weight than yours... A well formulated argument is the key to any good discussion about art or any subject matter for that matter. That is what is is important. Anyone can have a well formulated argument for or against a topic. For me that is the fun of discussing something. I think that when an audience relegates itself to the position of being lesser than the creators of the material then we see a decline in the quality of material and authorship as well. Authors need an audience that his honest and smart enough to call them to the mat and say "justify that action or that view point in some manner". If this stops happening we will find that authors like most humans will take the easiest least complicated and simplest route to a solution and thus forsake everything else for the monetary rewards at the end.

    The reason I watch-- is because the series is becoming a total comedy of errors at this point. Last night's episode was hysterical.

  • _Fire_Ice Apr 29, 2014

    Have you managed to watch the Following. If you want to see real torture and ridiculous scenarios at work just try to make it through that show.

  • TatraFan Apr 30, 2014

    The Following is a lacking brain power too. However, I think the worst show on TV is Revolution.

  • ozoak Apr 29, 2014

    David Spade? Is there a reboot of The Blacklist already? ;)

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    I meant James Spader.

  • xubxerox Apr 28, 2014

    Man do you get worked up over this stuff :)

    Basically I agree with you, suspension of disbelief is very much required while watching this show. But if you are willing to do that, then it is still entertaining.

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    Suspension of disbelief.... My god this show needs you to be an coma to watch it seriously.... Most of the time I turn off the sound track and give a Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment...

  • TatraFan Apr 28, 2014

    All I ask out of life is that we give an honestly bad television or film writer an honest day's beating for a bad series ... Is that really really so much to ask for?

    What I find amazing is how bad this series gets with each new episode. Last Nights' episode was epically moronic.

  • xubxerox Apr 29, 2014

    I have not watched it since ep 5 because right now, with the snooker world championship on, there is more interesting stuff to watch. But it's on the DVR. so I might watch it at some point.

  • TatraFan Apr 29, 2014

    Snooker... Well, I'd pass on the snooker myself, but still snooker is much better to watch I bet.

  • MarlboroMagpi Apr 28, 2014

    I totally disagree with you and I loved the series. I will come back and tell you why later.

    From you long essay, the only actual story you disagree with seems to be that Gibson have no money to hire the mercenaries. I do not think the show ever mentioned they are mercenaries yet.

  • TatraFan Apr 28, 2014

    Those people in white masks with HK MP5's guarding the children are the Mercs. They are about as well trained as the blackwater numbnuts that spent most of their time running around Iraq and Afghanistan most of 2002-2008.

    I said more than just the Mercs and Gibson's lack of money. I've said the entire show is overwrought senseless bit of James Bondesque crapastic low budget tom foolery.

  • MarlboroMagpi Apr 29, 2014

    I know who they are. I am just saying the show have not told us if they are just doing it purely for the money. They might have other reasons.

    Anyway someone else answered your money question which make sense. I know you wrote an whole article about it being senseless and unbelievable yet you have not written down point by point exactly what events are so unbelievable. If you do write it down, I am quite sure many smart people here have an answer for your every "unbelievable".

    90% of TV shows are based on events that do usually occur in real life. That is why it is called Drama !

    Gibson had the knowledge and background, meticulously planned it for five years. The two cops were smart enough to figure out many clues and got quite close to him. The CIA director knows its Gibson but is too selfish to share it with the FBI. All these are smart writing to me.

    Try watching The Following. That is ridiculous show where the FBI have the brains of 3 year old compare to the FBI in this show.

  • venabili Apr 29, 2014

    Except The Following keeps you awake - as many problems as it has, I keep watching it week after week - mostly to see what else can go wrong. Plus somehow in the run of two seasons, I somehow started to care about both Ryan and Mike. Crisis do not even have that - it bored me and after a few episodes, I did not even care what will happen - so stopped watching it.

  • TatraFan Apr 30, 2014

    I want to see Amber and the Merc get it on....