Criss Angel Mindfreak

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  • Criss: Even if something goes wrong, just keep on shooting.

  • Criss: Illusions, mentalism, hypnosis, are just tools to be able to connect with the audience.

  • Criss: My mom is incredible, and it's her birthday and, um, I'm going to light myself on fire. I guess I'll be the living birthday candle.

  • Criss: When you're able to touch somebody on an emotional level, that's magic. That to me is magic. It's not about tricks, it's not about puzzles. Magic is an experience. And when that happens for me, that's the strongest kind of magic.

  • Criss: We all wanna believe. And I'm all about the belief.

  • Criss: Is there an energy that will allow that person to float? Is there an energy that will allow them to suspend in a way that--that is not humanly possible? That's what interests me, that's what fascinates me.

  • Luke Jermay: Criss has this Houdini-esque way of thinking, where nothing is too big or too dangerous. He's fearless.

  • Criss: Houdini had this profound effect on people, because he connected to them on an emotional level.

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Notes (102)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Lidská pochodeň (Human Torch)

  • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 2, 2010 on Prima COOL

  • From the opening sequence: MINDFREAK: 1: a modern day mystifier who utilizes skills beyond the category of magic. 2: the result of something incomprehensible. 3: Supernatural 4: Criss Angel.

  • During Criss' burn prep, he lasts 19 seconds before having to douse himself.

  • Criss wrote and sings the opening song, as well as the interludes throughout the show.

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Levitace (Levitation)

  • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 9, 2010 on Prima COOL

  • Flyaway the company Criss goes to to experience weightlessness is located in Las Vegas as well as Pigeon Force, TN. It's America's first vertical wind tunnel, and is a place where anyone can go to experience the sensation of skydiving without ever stepping foot in a plane.

    FlyAway will take you to their official homepage.

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Trivia (32)

  • "Uncle Theo" of Criss' surreal family is played by the Great Johnny Thompson who is also a consultant on Mindfreak.

  • Mark Chadwick, the stunt coordinator that helped Criss prepare and perform the dangerous stunt of being on fire has also done stunts for many of today's movies.

    His credits include Hostage, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Blade 2, and We Were Soldiers among many others.

  • Criss' cat is named Minx.

  • Criss lit himself on fire for his mother. As a birthday present, he wanted to be a human candle.

  • Richard Kaufman appears in this episode. He is the publisher for Genii Magazine, one of the oldest and most respected magazine's on magic in the United States.

  • Banachek has long been regarded as a master of the mind. A leader in tricks of the mind Banachek is a pro, and he even releases tapes showing how to perform some of the tricks from his repertoire.

  • The stunt Criss is attempting to top in this episode is Houdini's 1908 milk can escape.

  • Criss had originally wanted to fly over the Las Vegas strip. They had trouble finding a location that would allow them to perform this stunt. Criss never took any painkillers for any of his body suspensions.

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Allusions (4)

  • KoRn: The doll Criss uses in his demonstration of Voodoo is a Korn doll. Korn is an alternative band that often uses cartoons in their videos, this being a more popular figure.

  • Holy Grail:The Holy Grail is an object that supposedly dates back to the days of Jesus Christ. It was used by Him at the last supper. Richard Cohn: Levitation is one of the great holy grail’s of the magic field.

  • Icarus:In Greek Mythology, Icarus, son of Daedalus, wore wax wings to fly and escape Crete, but ventured so close to the sun that the wings melted and forced Icarus to fall to the sea and drown. Richard Kaufman references Icarus in regard to man's wont to fly and the problems it can cause.

  • Traditional Magic:In the next to last interlude while Criss is presumably drowning in the glass chamber, the audience is clapping as he drowns.

    This is an allusion again toward magic shows of the past. Performers would often die mid-stunt with audience cheering because they think it's all part of the act.