Crossing Jordan

NBC (ended 2007)
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  • The Boston Medical Examiners office brings us Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who is fearless, smart and sexy. Dr. Garret Macy is Chief Medical Examiner and it is his job to keep Dr. Cavanaugh in check. With her methods a little on the unorthodox side her relationship with Detective Woody Hoyt is constantly being tested. It is not just Medical Examiners and Detectives we also have grief counselor Lily Lebowski, criminologist Nigel Townsend, and forensic entomologist "Bug". This dynamic team takes us though the crime solving process and keeps us guessing. Broadcast History: September 24, 2001 - May 5, 2003 Monday, 9:00 (CST) NBC March 7, 2004 - May 7, 2006 Sunday, 9:00 (CST) NBC January 14, 2007 - February 25, 2007 Sunday, 9:00 (CST) NBC March 7, 2007 - May 16, 2007 Wednesday, 8:00 (CST) NBCmoreless

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  • S 6 : Ep 17


    Aired 5/16/07

  • S 6 : Ep 16


    Aired 5/9/07

  • S 6 : Ep 15

    Dead Again

    Aired 5/2/07

  • S 6 : Ep 14

    In Sickness & In Health

    Aired 4/25/07

  • S 6 : Ep 13

    Post Hoc

    Aired 4/18/07

  • Cast & Crew
  • Miguel Ferrer

    Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

  • Jerry O'Connell

    Woody Hoyt

  • Ken Howard

    Ret. Detective Lt. Max Cavanaugh

  • Leslie Bibb

    Tallulah "Lu" Simmons

  • Steve Valentine

    Dr. Nigel Townsend

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  • Quotes (689)

    • Jordan: Truth is, I don’t care if I die, that’s my whole problem, that’s what the shrinks told me when I was fifteen.

    • Garret (giving a speech to college students): You want my career advice? Because here it is: Don’t follow your father’s footsteps, don’t follow in anybody’s footsteps. Don’t become a doctor just because your mother wants you to be a doctor or because your father never once said he loved you in your whole lousy life. I don’t care. Take that and go do something noble. Go be an artist…be a poet. Do you understand the courage it takes to become a poet? Find something beautiful in live even if it’s just for a moment. Something that tells you you’re alive. And it’s gonna be okay. Anyone have any questions about that?...Don’t forget what I said.

    • Garret: Do you smell something funny? Jordan: Garret, it’s a morgue, it’s supposed to smell bad. Garret: Thank you...yes, that’s the problem in a nutshell.

    • Max: Jordan, you can't go through life poking everyone but God in the eye!

    • Garret: Five jobs in four years, that’s impressive. Jordan: You know me, short attention span.

    • Trey: You know we should probably go out and grab dinner sometime, get to know each other better. Jordan: What you mean sharing a ten by ten office space isn't enough closeness for you? Trey: Good point.

    • Jordan: About that dinner thing... I don't like to date people I work with... Trey: Oh, you thought I was asking you out? That's sort of embarrassing...

    • Jordan: I had this guy’s brain in my hand, so I couldn’t very well punch him, right?

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    Notes (184)

    • Featured Music: Thirty Years of Tears by John Hiatt If I Didn't Care by Ink Spots Mystery Achievement by The Pretenders

    • This is not the first time that Kyle Secor and Jill Hennessy have been together; The first crossover of "Law and Order" and "Homicide..." had Andre Braugher, Kyle Secor, and Richard Belzer's characters cross over onto "Law and Order" (episode entitled "Charm City") and Jerry Orbach, Benjamin Bratt, and Jill Henessy's Characters cross over onto "Homicide..." (episode entitled "For God and Country")

    • Featured Music: Night and Day by The Harmonists Chances Are by Johnny Mathis

    • Featured Music: "Not Dark Yet" by Bob Dylan "B.O.B." (Bombs Over Baghdad) by Outkast

    • Featured Music: Strangers by Portishead Tramp by Otis Redding La Goutte D'Or by Saint Germain Love Train by O'Jays

    • During the scene where Jordan is beating on the vending machine and Garret is trying to speak to the hotel his ex-wife is staying at, Jordan takes the phone and begins to speak in Italian. When she is finished, Garret gives her a puzzled look and she explains that when she studied abroad, she picked up some things from a guy named Paolo. In real life, Jill Hennessy's husband's name is Paolo and she learned Italian from him.

    • Featured Music: Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z Protection by Massive Attack Solitude by Louis Armstrong

    • This episode was intended to be seen before "Born to Run."

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    Trivia (96)

    • Goof: When Jordan and Max are talking in the room about the case the camera keeps moving from him to her. When it is focused on Jordan you can see Max’s glasses however when the camera is focused on Max he isn't wearing his glasses.

    • Goof When Elaine Stahler is being questioned at the position station the position of her arms changes. The close ups have her arms crossed across her body, and when the camera pans out she has her hands on the seat of the chair.

    • Goof: When Jordan is talking to Evelyn at the dinner table, a glass of wine switches from being in Evelyn's hands to the table between scenes.

    • Goof: Jordan uses the piece of gum found at the phone booth to place a suspect there. But she does not use the piece of gum found in the back of the cab which is the murder scene.

    • This episode has a small plot goof. When Jordan's old flame visits, he comes to her apartment. However, the episodes before and after this still have her living with her dad. Jordan does not get her own apartment until the end of Episode 6.

    • Nigel says that the coffee found on the body is Colombian Sumatra. This would have to be a blend of coffee instead of a specific bean. Sumatra is a place coffee is grown as is Colombia. Coffee beans are either Arabica or Robusta. Note: This could be a Sumatran variety transplanted to and grown in Colombia. The number of coffee varieties has been increased over the years, even if in name only.

    • Goof: When Abby is talking to her dad (Dr. Macy) in his office about going to the Ludacris concert, her hair altenates from in front of her ear to behind her eye during scenes.

    • Possible goof: In the scene inside the trailer, when Jordan is looking at the pictures of the lilies, she says that the numbers are how long they stayed alive underground, but that doesn't make sense. One number is 3:69:42, and another 4:63:18, and as there are only 60 minutes in an hour, the numbers should be 4:09:42 and 5:03:18.

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    Allusions (96)

    • Episode Title: The allusion in the title of this episode is an allusion to the novel by Kent Haruf, "The Tie That Binds." It was published in 1984 and is about the early days of a family named Goodnough.

    • Jordan: Now who is the artist formerly known as Robert Munson?

      In 1993, an American musician named Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. Until he changed it back in 2000, everyone referred to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince".

    • Born to Run The title is taken from the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name.

    • Blazing Saddles Jordan: Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges. In the movie Blazing Saddles, Headly LeMar (Harvey Corman) is recruting outlaws to run off the citizens of Rock Ridge. When he hands badge to a group of mexican banditos, one of them toss the badge away and says, "Badges! we don't need no stinking badges!"

    • Nigel: Xanax and Prozac and Valium ... oh my. Play on the line "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!", from The Wizard of Oz.

    • Garret Macy [to Lily Lebowsky, regarding her marrying Nigel]: "If you're waiting for me to beat on the glass of the chapel and start screaming 'Elaine,' it's not going to happen." This is a reference to "The Graduate." (On a personal note: I find it surprising that she didn't recognize it at all. It was spoofed in "Wayne's World 2," a movie that I feel is in character for her to have seen.)

    • Agent Hailey: You and Jimmy Olson here violated his home. Jimmy Olson is a photographer for the fictional newspaper The Daily Planet, where Clark Kent, aka Superman, works.

    • Bug: Someone finally dropped a house on her. This is a reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz in which a house is dropped on the Wicked Witch of the East.

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