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    Woody and Jordan meets a dying man with one last wish: to see his daughter again. They team up to try and find her. Lily struggles with motherhood, and gets unexpected help. Kate and Nigel try to solve a double murder.

    By karsof-3, May 13, 2007

    This episode is one of my absolute favourites. Being the second last of the series is a bummer, because now it is really starting to become interesting. Jordan deals with a fathers love for his daughter and comes in contact with her own feelings towards her own father. Nigel and Kate becomming increasingly competive (and perhaps attracted to each other?), Bug and Lily finally resolving their problems. I dare say, it was a very special episode.

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    This is a great episode. It should have come along time ago.

    By FourOfFive, May 10, 2007

    This is a great episode. It should have come along time ago. Bug and Lily finally together as they were meant to be. bug is so great with Lily's baby they will be such a great family. I feel bad for Jeffrey, but not so bad that I would have had him end up with Lily instead!! This was a good episode for all. I liked the story line and all of the mysteries they had to solve. It's to bad the man could not have seen his daughter before he died. I think it was good that Jordan pretended to be his daughter though.moreless

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