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    weird things start happening as elvis ends up in the morgue; macy tries to save a deer's life after hitting it with his car; and jordan encounters a man who died in teh church and then was resurrected

    By Collegebound06, Jun 01, 2008

    this was a very interesting and seemingly funny ep at the same time..the whole elvis thing was just woutrageous..i mean that was kind of ridiculous..spoiler..the same day, time, etc being born..whoa..amazing..i was very saddened by nigel's story..the deer thing was sad b/c they were doing their best to save it and they didnt..or so it seems..and then a wonderful miracle happened when "elvis"'s wife started singing an elvis song..the freakiest but most inspirational part of the ep had to be the guy that claimed he was a saint..he had the holes in his hands and feet just like Christ and he was resurrected and then died again..it truly will make a bliever out of u..i dont know why jordan was being so difficult about it but it truly helped me on my faith journeymoreless

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