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    Earth fashion police come to the excalibur

    to revamp the show.sorry the earthforce wardrobe

    and to explain all the discontuities between the two waves of episodes

    By dregj, Sep 08, 2011

    Excalibur encounter a well funky looking spaceship with explosive decompression damage and a dead crew.

    Except not all of the crew died of axphixyation some them died of different things shooting stabbings etc.

    it seems to have been a mutiny but then is the really wierd part ,a chain of aliens linking hands across a coridor to a cyrotube,Containing a live speciem.

    Once aboard he goes into cardiac arrest and a junior doctor foolishly breaks quarintine to help the poor slob. A strange energy passes from the alien to the to the doctor who imediately acts diferently.She quickly spreads through out the crew by touch and strange alien writting begins showing up all over the walls.As some of the infected reach Max ellerson in the mess hall he notices the process take place and runs for his life.The infect gives chase and a marine draws his gun to cover max as he boards the lift,he gets shot in the neck for his troubles.Ellersion reaches the bridge and tells gideon to seal the ship but is it too late.

    okay the A plot is good and creepy sci fi fare with some good twists and drama

    the b plot is what spoils the show

    the designer is a gay stereotype

    how orginal

    his associate is david wells

    former head of nightwatch

    how the hell did he get a job after

    All the nightwatch did under president clark?

    Let alone a goverment position.

    the b plot is a poor excuse to justify some of the difference in the next batch of eps

    (which are actually the first batch just shown last)

    So we have them poncing around with fabric and so on

    highy un amuseing.

    Fast foward the b stuff

    and Id give it an 8

    but as is its a bit unevenmoreless

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