Visitors from Down the Street

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    A wierd cross over with some x files type characters

    funny as hell

    By dregj, Sep 09, 2011

    In an unexplored area of space the excalibur rescues a small saucer ship

    once on board the saucer opens to reveal to lizard like

    aliens (in human clothes speaking english)

    They are put in holding and are extremely suspicous and fearful of the humans all around them.

    Gideon talks to them asking how they know the language

    the man "duchany" says that for decades humans have been visting earth ,abucting people,influencing thier governement,

    and variuos other nasty things.

    Gideon has checked all records saying there no reports of any first contact with there species .And no giant conspiracy to change there culture and lauguage.

    Another ship arrives

    with more lizard people

    One old male comes aboard asking for the prisoners

    to be turned over to his custody.

    When they meet they react violently

    duchany grabs the old mans gun and takes him into the transport tubes.

    The old man continues to goad the pair ,saying thier doomed and the truth is not in anyones best interests.

    A transport arrives full of marines with gideon

    he tells them there ship is recharged and they can go.

    If the other ship interferes the excalibur will take care of them.

    They agree and leave ,The older man decides to explain all the inconsistancies in duchanie`s conspiracy theories.

    He says that there planet has a long history of civil war.

    Leaders who break promises tend to get violently removed.

    In order to combat this they developed an elabourate conspiracy.Making people belive an alien race was responisble for all thier woes.

    They picked up human tv transmissions and adopted there form to give the alien sighting consistancy.

    There hansnt been a single civil war since .

    The old man leaves for his ship smoking a cigarette as he goes.

    Gideon decides to have the last laugh

    and goes to the planet and drops off

    dozens of probes containing recordings of thier conversations and a copy of the encyclopedia galactica.

    A lie should always be challeged

    A fantastic x file parody

    thats not all that affectionate to the subject matter.

    The line about none of duchanies investigations ever leading him anywhere was a dig at the x files .No matter what mulder sees, the evidence is always destroyed and he is always back to square one at the end.

    The digs at the conspiracy nuts are also quite barbed.

    A wierd classic episode

    very much of its time


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