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Quotes (14)

  • Nick: What's hot, cramped, and full of other people's hair? Hodges: As I've often said, that's your job.

  • Catherine: Did you do a wet mount? Doc Robbins: Sure did. Found motile sperm in the vaginal cavity. Catherine: Well, Warrick found several used condoms at the scene. Killer must have run out, and started riding bareback. Doc Robbins: Eh, I'm not sure he rode anything at all. There's an absence of trauma in the vaginal cavity. Catherine: Enough to rule out rape? Doc Robbins: Yeah. The semen was found at a depth not indicative of penile penetration. In this case, only a couple inches in. Catherine: Maybe that's all the killer had to work with.

  • Grissom: So the kid denies jacking the Hummer. Says he's never even been in one. Grissom: We matched his blood on the gearshift and on the headband I found in the alley. Brass: And he's skinny, which matches one of the descriptions. I'm charging him.

  • Grissom: Well, at least we know one thing about the driver. (looks at the airbag, that has blood on it) He's had a face lift.

  • Grissom: Tough shift, huh? Nick: Just another day in paradise.

  • Angela(in bed with a body builder who had been overusing steroids): Oh, baby, looks like you have one muscle that isn't hard.

  • Warrick: She's 29 and already over the hill. Jacqui: Please tell me that you're kidding. Warrick: This town has different standards.

  • Catherine: I heard you were looking for the student directory for Butterfield Academy. (She gives the Student Directory to Nick) Nick: Yeah. Yeah. How'd you get this? I talked to the headmaster. He wouldn't give me jack. Catherine: I pay tuition. Nick: Your daughter goes to Butterfield? Catherine: Mm-hmm. Nick: Wow. That's a little pricey. Catherine: She was at a crossroads and I, uh, needed to put her in a school with tighter reins. You know, when it comes to your kids, you, uh, find the money. Nick: Yeah. Catherine: You looking for a prom date? Nick (chuckles): No. I'm trying to I.D. A victim. Thanks for this.

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Notes (2)

  • Music Featured In This Episode: Melon- Home Video

  • This episode was unique in that each of the four acts dealt with a different case (each act had the crime AND the solution) that connected together.

Trivia (4)

  • Sara has a tattoo on the upper part of her left foot.

  • Goof: When Warrick and the young coroner are examining the dead woman in the RV, look closely as you can see her blink.

  • Goof: When Nick is shown passing by Warrick and Catherine for the second time (in a different angle), both Nick and Warrick & Catherine are walking in the opposite directions than they were the first time. Also, Catherine is the one walking by Nick next to him in the first time, while the second time around Warrick is the one next to Nick.

  • Goof: When the bodybuilder is on the autopsy table if you catch it quickly enough he blinked on two occasions.

Allusions (1)

  • Nick (to Hodges): Talk to me, Goose. This is a reference to the 1986 film Top Gun, also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.