CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ending Happy

Season 7, Ep 21, Aired 4/26/07
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  • Episode Description
  • When a has-been boxer is killed, the CSIs must establish which of several life-threatening acts actually killed him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric Szmanda

    Greg Sanders

  • Gary Dourdan

    Warrick Brown

  • George Eads

    Nick Stokes

  • Jorja Fox

    Sara Sidle

  • Marg Helgenberger

    Catherine Willows

  • Fan Reviews (48)
  • Hi. K Where to start! Hmm. This Sara and Grissom thing is getting a bit much sorry to all you GSR fans but AHHH. All we ever see is Sara And Grissom scenes you know there are other characters. It is getting outta hand.I want more Catherine.It's too much.

    By julz_hutchie, Apr 30, 2007

  • For starters the episode is very funny...

    By grissomsidle, Apr 28, 2007

  • The comedy here's classic, and I love it.

    By pseudelight, Apr 27, 2007

  • An ex-boxer is killed and God knows how he died!

    By Trace_ZBullet, Apr 27, 2007

  • Who DIDN'T try to kill Happy Morales?

    By Coldtoes, Apr 27, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (17)

    • Catherine: Smashed with a crowbar, shot by a crossbow, poisoned by shrimp, and now bitten by a snake.

    • Brass (about a suspect singing in interrogation): Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?

    • Nick: Hey, Catherine called and said that we might not be lookin' for a bullet no more. Sara: Did she happen to say what we are looking for? Nick: Not a bullet.

    • Sara (looking in the pool's filter): Beer caps, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, used condoms. This is one pool that I'm not feeling a pressing need to take a dip in. Nick: Me neither.

    • Greg: You know, I kind of feel bad for these girls. Hodges: Don't feel too bad. They have health benefits, good pay. The women get regular check-ups. The industry is well-regulated. As opposed to picking a hooker up off the street. Does she have a disease? Multiple diseases? Is she crazy? Is she gonna roll you? Where do you go? Do you do it in your car, behind a building, down a dark alley? So you drive around, scared out of your mind, finally get the nerve up, pick one you like, call her over, she gets in. Next thing you know, you're down on the pavement, cuffed, because she's an undercover cop, but luckily you were three months shy of your eighteenth birthday so when you call your mom to come get you, it doesn't go on my permanent record. Greg (momentarily speechless): ... Okay.

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    Notes (5)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Konec Štístka (The End of Happy)

    • Luis Antonio Ramos (Happy) previously guest starred as a different character in the Season 3 episode "Play with Fire."

    • Original International Air Dates: Denmark: May 25, 2007 on Kanal 5 Finland: June 18, 2008 on MTV3 Czech Republic: January 29, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Music Featured In This Episode: Dead Funny- Archie Bronson Outfit In Two, The Weakly- Yppah New Song- The Who

    • Although listed in the opening credits, Louise Lombard does not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (1)

    • Goof: The "arrows" which were shot are clearly arrows. Arrows are shot from bows. The shooter is clearly using a crossbow, however. The similar objects shot by crossbows are bolts, or quarrels, and are shorter and generally much thicker through the shaft, partly to take the extra stress of the force used by a crossbow. They also would not have made a narrow hole through the throat as a result of this.

    Allusions (3)

    • Grissom said that the victim (Happy Morales) once fought Leroy Steel. This was one of the victims in the Season 3 episode "Fight Night."

    • Happy's death has many parallels with that of Rasputin. Happy is shot, hit with a crow bar, suffers an allergic reaction, poisoned then ends up in the swimming pool. Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, shot then thrown in a river. He also had an allergy to sugar, but it isn't known if that contributed to his death. He also had an enormous sexual appetite, and was rumoured to have a relationship with the wife of the Tsar. Similarities again with Happy's use of the cat house and Binky's wife.

    • (the suspect sings a song to Brass) Brass: Do I look like Paula Abdul to you? This is a reference to the reality-competition show American Idol in which three judges, one of which is Paula Abdul, get sung to on a regular basis.

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