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    A gang terrorise Vegas and Greg is attacked by them.

    By 7dixob, Aug 22, 2012

    This is one of the best all time CSI episodes when its not just one killer its a whole gang of them beating people up and killing them.It proves to be no longer safe to go outside in Vegas when Greg runs into the gang beating someone up but in trying to save him he runs over one of the thugs and the rest pull him out the car and brutally beat him up and they would have killed him if it wasn't for the police showing up.Greg very badly wounded saved the man's life.The CSI's knew it was a dangerous case but in they end they did well to catch all the gang and shockingly the youngest member was 14.moreless

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    A gang of thugs are out on the streets of Vegas robbing and brutally beating tourists at random. By chance Greg Sanders witnesses one such assault and rushes to help. In the process he becomes the gang's next victim.

    By meathead704, Oct 06, 2011

    Definitely one of the best episodes of CSI ever. You will see both how good and how evil humanity can get in this great episode and that will make emotions run wild for the viewer. Seeing how Grissom and his team put together the pieces to bring the gang to justice is another reason to enjoy it. The only negative thing about this episode is Kevin Federline's absolutely abysmal performance. It can be safely said that he has no talent as a rapper or an actor. Go home Kevin!moreless

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  • 7.9

    The CSI team investigate the case of large gangs going around and beating up tourists, killing one and severly injuring others, including Greg, when he heroically tries to save a beating he witnesses.

    By ---Els---, Oct 02, 2011

    I thought this episode of CSI was one of the best of the 7th series so far. Gangs of mostly teenagers who were "fannysmakin", ambushing tourists in alleys and beating them.

    One man is dead and one woman is in a very critical condition. The story becomes very interesting when Greg is sent out to process some of the evidence on his own. He comes across the gang beating up a man. Greg is unarmed and backup is taking too long. He must make a decision, watch and let a man die, or act.

    You could see the conflict in Greg's mind and it was definitely the best moment of the episode. Greg decides to drive at them to try and break up the gang, there is one attacker left. The attacker picks up a stone and is charging at Greg, who instinctively presses the accelerator and runs the attacker over. Greg is then very badly beaten and left in a critical condition in hospital.

    The episode was interesting, exciting and enthralling. The plot was realistic and quite relevant. We got to know more about Greg and his history and I think the character will really grow after his attack.

    I thought the only weak part of the episode was the scene between Sarah Sidle and Greg when Sarah came and saw Greg on the ground after his attack. When he tells her to process the scene she tears up and tells him she came for him. I thought the scene didn't really fit and raised questions about Sarah's feelings for Greg when there were no indicators previously that she had any romantic feelings for him. I also thought the acting wasn't good in this particular scene.moreless

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    The unpunished gratuitous violence and the emerging storyline involving Greg's legal troubles are too unpleasant to watch and shift the emphasis from the show's unique focus on solving crimes through the use of scientific logic and modern technology.

    By CovinaBob, May 11, 2011

    Gratuitous violence that essentially goes unpunished is unacceptable. The new storyline involving Greg and his legal troubles is discomforting. I love the series, but this episode and resulting storyline are too unpleasant to watch. Additionally, my fascination with this show has always been with the trajectory of the plot lines, specifically how they ricochet unexpectedly along the path from crime to solution. The personal lives and relationships of the main characters are most satisfactory when they are only hinted at (e.g., with a glance, raised eyebrow, or multilayered line of dialog). Shifting the balance from crime scene investigations to the trials and tribulations of the characters submerges the uniqueness of the series and makes this just another 60 minute television drama.moreless

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    A masked gang terrorize Vegas! Poor Greg!!

    By RockyBoc, Apr 07, 2011

    This episode was very different to the usual murder cases investigated by the CSI team and i loved it.

    The fact that the writers actually gave Greg the lead role in the episode was brilliant in itself (I feel he is very underused).

    When Greg himself became the victim I was horrified, a real nerve-wracking moment for a Greg fan. Overall the case was brilliant and the gang themselves were rather scary, it was great to see Greg take centre stage and i really hope there are more episodes that allow Greg to take the lead. Well done to CSI for this episode possibly my favourite of the season.moreless

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    Greggo gets hurt and I just wanna hug him! Then K-Fed gets hit by Nicky and it makes thing a little better.

    By moggiye16, Nov 18, 2010

    Well, this episode starts out like many of the others. Guy\'s getting off work, telling the wife he\'ll be home soon. Then he get fannysmacked and dies. Same with that tourist lady. When Greggo comes into the scene, he\'s dressed all snazzy in his suit and on top of the world. And it gets better when he gets to go on a solo robbery case. But, it all goes down hill when he witnesses that group fannysmackin\' another tourist. I can totally see his reasoning for going in asfter reporting it to save that guy\'s life. When he hits Demetrius James with his Tahoe, I feel really bad for Greg. Then he\'s literally pulled out of his vehicled and beaten. At least he had the concious thought to get DNA off one of the guys who hurt him.

    Hands off Sara!! When Sara was doing tests with the shoe prints found on the victims\' clothing, Grissom comes in and they clearly eat each other with their eyes. then, when Sara goes to the crime scene Greg\'s at, she get all touchy feely! This isn\'t Sandle this is suppose to be GSR (not that I support either pairing).

    GO NICKY!!!!

    When Nicky hit K-Fed I was doing a happy dance in my seat. I\'m glad Nicky wasn\'t going to get charged for hitting that wannabe. The hospital scene al most had me crying. The way Greg didn\'t want his parents finding out about him was really sad. I wonder if Papa Olaf will make some sort of appearance this season.

    The second hospital scene had me really feeling sorry for Greg. He\'s going to be so riddled with guilt it ain\'t gonna be funny. At least he has friends there to help him through it. Especially Nicky.

    Grissom\'s talk about the way Las Vegas works and how it\'s all about \"what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas\" really makes perfect sense. Where I come from, we don\'t do that (not yet, sadly). Another comment I\'d like to say is that they really did a fan-fricking-tastic with the camera shots and how they had the camera imitating one of the assailant’s fists.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Poor Greg...

    By Fitzycent, Jan 13, 2008

    As close to a very special episode as CSI will get. It has all the major elements. One character in danger, the friends do their best to help him out, and at the end we have several speeches from all the Characters.

    It's as "Saved by the Bell" as CSI has ever gone. Not saying I didn't like the episode. Greg being a hero was really cool, he went from wearing a suit to being a victim of a beat-down. The scence wear the Tennessee man shook his hand and called him a hero was really cool. Then Greg watches the guy he ran over flatline was freaky too. Heck K-Fed didn't even suck in this episode.moreless

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    Greg gets badly beaten up by a gang of juvenile delinquents...

    By swassy, Jun 30, 2007

    A group of juvenile delinquents finds a hobby in beating and kicking tourists coming to Las Vegas. The first victim is a Hispanic hotel employer who is beaten to death. The second victim, Jessica, is also beaten but is still alive. The delinquents continue their Fannysmackin' and this time their victim is an aged man. Greg was on his way back to the lab when he witnesses the brutal attack on the third victim. In an attempt to disperse the gang, Greg put on his siren and honked in his SUV. The mob ran away except for one, who picked up a rock and threw it at Greg’s car. The other members came back and pulled Greg out of his car before beating him and spitting on him. When she heard what happened to Greg, Sara rushes to his side to comfort him and later on, Grissom visits Greg in the hospital.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Excellent Greg episode.

    By willow_powered, Jun 27, 2007

    I'm loving this season so far and I really enjoyed this episode. It was good to see Greg in the middle of things, I like the way his character has developed throughout the show. It was so cute how excited he got to be "going solo".

    The episode was well written and as I've come to expect from the cast the acting was top notch (although I'm not too sure why all the hype about K-Fed!!!!)

    I love, love, loved the scene between Greg and Sara. It not only highlighted the fact that the two characters are close but also showed yet again how the team is like a family.

    Jorja and Eric always play well together in scenes - actually all of the cast do which is probably part of the reason the show is so good.moreless

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