CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Grave Danger (1)

Season 5, Ep 24, Aired 5/19/05
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  • Episode Description
  • The CSI teams come together to save one of their own when they learn one team member has been kidnapped and buried alive, and now they must find him before he suffocates under 5 feet of dirt.

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Petersen

    Gil Grissom

  • Marg Helgenberger

    Catherine Willows

  • Gary Dourdan

    Warrick Brown

  • George Eads

    Nick Stokes

  • Paul Guilfoyle

    Captain Jim Brass

  • Fan Reviews (49)
  • The best ones!!! I cant separate I and II, talking about both. It was really painful to watch, George Eads - Nick, was great in both episodes. He played so well that I could feel his pain!!!

    By Cotossul, Oct 19, 2008

  • It's the beginning of the end of the fifth season with part one of the two part season finale. While working on a case Nick Stokes is kidnapped and buried alive. The kidnapper sends a live video feed of Stokes in his grave with a ransom demand.

    By meathead704, Nov 12, 2009

  • A good episode, but not the best.

    By Philology, Jun 19, 2009

  • Nick is kidnapped and buried alive, and the CSI must find him before he runs out of air.

    By Danny2312, Feb 14, 2008

  • Nick's in "grave danger" and all the CSI's have to race the clock to save him.

    By ejsantoni, Jul 22, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (14)

    • Warrick: You know, Tina doesn't like me carrying a gun. I play down the fact that I'm a cop when I'm with her anyway. Nick: Yeah, yeah, you play the scientist card. You're a "copologist." (they laugh)

    • Archie: Aw, come on, you can't unfund me now. I ... I'm committed to presenting the paper at SWAFS next month. Ecklie: If it means that much to you, pay your own way. Show a little dedication to your discipline. Archie: Oh, yeah. Tragically, my banking account isn't as dedicated as I am. Ecklie: One word: Plastic. Archie: Wait. How 'bout you kick me a little overtime under the table, huh? Ecklie: Over my dead body. Have you been to Grissom's office? You think the City of Las Vegas pays for his etymology library, his insect collection, his shrunken head collection? No. Take initiative. People notice.

    • Sara: What's this? (picks up a framed certificate) Grissom (excited): I just got it. It's a certificate of honorary ownership of Trigger, "The Smartest Horse in the Movies," issued by Roy Rogers to the Children of America. Roy felt that the children of America were the true owners of Trigger, so any kid that would write him, he'd send 'em one of those. Sara: And where did you get it? Grissom: The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, which used to be in Victorville,California, and is now in Branson, Missouri. Sara: Roy Rogers, the cowboy? Grissom: King of the cowboys. (Sara nods) I wrote to him when I was four. He sent me one of those. I lost it, so I thought I'd replace it. Sara (amused): And then you thought you would frame it. Grissom (smiles): Yeah.

    • Catherine: Why'd you bag that? Grissom: I didn't. (Catherine kneels down next to Grissom and looks at the bag) Catherine: It's the wrong color tape. No initials on the seal. That's not Nick's evidence. Grissom: Maybe it's a message.

    • Nick: What's going on out here? Officer: Well, an anonymous 911 caller reported body parts in this area. I rolled, and found this. (shines flashlight on a pile of intestines) Nick: Mmm, tasty.

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    Notes (9)

    • This episode of CSI along with "Grave Digger (2)" made 'T.V. Guide's: Top 100 Episodes of All Time List' coming in at #47 in the June 15-28 2009 issue.

    • Channel 9 (Australia) showed Grave Danger Part 1 at the end of the fifth season, but didn't show Part 2 until the beginning of the sixth season meaning Australian viewers had to wait until after summer to see the conclusion of this episode.

    • This episode was postponed by Channel Five when it was due to be shown in the United Kingdom as it featured a suicide bomber. The episode was planned to be shown on 12 July 2005, just days after the London Bombings. However, the day it was planned to be shown, it was revealed suicide bombers committed the atrocities in London. Five quickly pulled it from schedules and showed it the next week instead.

    • Hollywood mogul Quentin Tarantino received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for this two-hour episode. In addition, the two-part episode is credited as Vol: 1 & 2 like his films Kill Bill Vol: 1 & 2.

    • Music Featured In This Episode: Turtles- Outside Chance Bob Neuwirth- Lucky Too Christmas in Las Vegas- Los Straightjackets Come Into Our Room- Clinic Corazon, Corazon- Mario Luis Don't Pay The Ransom- Studio Group Melon- Home Video One Million Faces- Sean McConnel Running Battle- Kasabian

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    Trivia (7)

    • Voted number 2 in a CSI top 10 poll on the New Zealand TV3 website. The top ten episodes were played on TV as they were voted for.

    • Nick has a nickname used by his dad: Poncho

    • Goof: In the opening scene when Nick is photographing the evidence, the labelling (or film editing!) is out of sync. He puts down the red numbering cones, all the time moving forward - 1 for the entrails (photo still), we don't see 2, then it's 4 for the cigarette (another photo still) and finally 3 for the tyre marks (another photo still).

    • Warrick mentions his girlfriend Tina in this episode. Later in the sixth season Tina would become Warrick's wife.

    • Nick’s father is a Judge.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Among the possibilities for Nick's kidnapper, Grissom mentions the stalker from the Season 2 episode "Stalker."

    • Delivery Man: It was a hundred bucks. If you want it back, you're gonna have to ask Steve Wynn. Steve Wynn is an American casino resort developer who is credited with spearheading the dramatic resurgence and expansion of the Las Vegas, Nevada, Strip in the 1990s. His companies refurbished or built some of the most currently widely recognized resorts in Las Vegas such as the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn, and Encore.

    • When Brass and the LVPD Swat team kick in the door at the residence where the "ransom package" had originated, a poster for the 2002 film Cabin Fever can be seen on the front wall. Cabin Fever was directed by Eli Roth who was subsequently given "special thanks" by Quentin Tarantino in the credits of 2004 film Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

    • Catherine: You're sitting here like Jack Handy with all your deep thoughts staring at a coffee cup. This is a reference to an old recurring Saturday Night Live sketch about an unseen author named Jack Handy who would always share his insight and memories about life, love, and other things. But of course, none of them ever made any sense.

    • Nick and his father Judge Stokes have called each other Pancho and Cisco. This is a reference to the old TV western, The Cisco Kid. At the end of almost every episode, the two characters would laugh about something and say to each other "Oh, Cisco!" "Oh, Pancho!" followed by laughter.

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