CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Gum Drops

Season 6, Ep 5, Aired 10/20/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Nick takes the lead on a case where in the house a family of four, three pools of blood are found. Nick thinks that the little girl may still be alive, but Sara is doubtful, thinking that Nick's recent near-death experience is affecting his judgement.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric Szmanda

    Greg Sanders

  • Gary Dourdan

    Warrick Brown

  • George Eads

    Nick Stokes

  • Jorja Fox

    Sara Sidle

  • Marg Helgenberger

    Catherine Willows

  • Fan Reviews (52)
  • Very good episode - BUT! -

    By jinxstarr, Jun 17, 2015

  • Nick determined to find a girl

    By 7dixob, Aug 17, 2012

  • Nick, you're the hero!

    By Danny2312, Mar 19, 2008

  • A wonderful story

    By moonlightenvy, Jun 22, 2009

  • Amazing!!! I wish I could rate it higher than 10!!!

    By robosquid, Feb 01, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Sara: Can I talk to you for a minute? Nick: Sure, what's up? Sara: I-I think I need to talk about what happened at the station. Nick: Oh, yeah. Sara: I'm slightly concerned about its effect on the case, but more than that, I'm concerned about the case's effect on you, Nick, and I'm absolutely sure that, six months ago, you wouldn't have lost it like that. Nick: I know, I'm sorry. I apologize for that.

    • Nick: What do you know about the family? Sheriff Dennis Brackett: Jude McBride - great guy, stay-at-home dad. Nina owns a local coffee shop. Jeremy's a junior in high school, smart kid. Ten-year-old daughter, Cassie. Pip-squeak. Nick: Sounds like all that's missing is the white picket fence, huh? Sheriff Dennis Brackett: Yeah. We don't even know where to start looking. Nick: Begin at the beginning.

    • Greg (after finding a lot of marjiuana): Don't you think it's weird that the McBride's did all this with two kids in the house? Nick: Yeah. If they didn't care before, I bet they do now.

    • Warrick: He's trafficking term papers. Nick: Man, whatever happened to just flippin' burgers?

    • Sara: Everything in our experience tells us they're dead.. all four of them. Nick: Doesn't mean we just give up. Sara: No one's giving up. It's just that... you're acting like you're gonna rescue a person, not recover a body. And on this job that's not usually the case. Nick: I was rescued. Sara: It was not your day to die. When it's your day, it's your day. You know? Nick: I don't think it was Cassie's day.

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    Notes (10)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Drobečky (Crumbs)

    • The dvd commentary on this epidode is done by Sarah Goldfinger and Richard J. Lewis.

    • Original story line had these bits included: The entire team was to be working in the town of Pioche, Nevada. Ecklie is ordering them to stop working. He doesn’t want to pay for any more overtime. Given that every second may count in finding the family, they decide to stay overnight in the town at a motel. The Dew Drop Inn is a bare bones place, which Nick notes is far less than they deserve after working 24 hours straight. They have three rooms, Warrick and Nick take one, Sara has one to herself (lab policy in a situation like this) and that leaves...Grissom and Greg. Greg tries to make a joke about their sharing space, Grissom is not amused. Greg later goes on to warn Grissom off of his towels to avoid catching any “BugMan” DNA cooties. Greg also turns out to be a ferocious snorer. He’s so bad that he drives Grissom to seek a bed elsewhere, which leads Griss to knock on Sara’s door. Sara and Grissom were to later have a case-related conversation while alone in Grissom’s room as well. Warrick talks to Tina, his new wife on the phone about her fashion choices (and a few other things) while Nick lies nearby. Due to the death in the family that took William Petersen out of town, The focus of this episode was changed to spotlight Nick working the case.

    • Featured Music: Mr. Buul Gum - Neely Palestine Texas - The Poppy Rocks

    • Michael Slovis, director of photography, received an Emmy Award in Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series for this episode.

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    Trivia (10)

    • Goof: While processing the student's car, just after finding the gum wrapper, Eric Szmanda cracks the back of his head against the door frame as he stands up. Like a pro, he just carries on, even though you can see him wince as he does it.

    • Originally, it was to be Grissom who insisted on continuing to search for Cassie and would not believe she was dead. However, William Petersen did not appear in this ep as he was attending a funeral, and the episode was rewritten with Nick in the key role.

    • Cassie's handmade card to Nick reads, Thanks for finding me. From: Cassie To: Good Guys About: Bad Guys

    • The gum Cassie uses to make the trail is the same brand Nick uses to cover his ears in the two-part Season 5 finale " Grave Danger (1) & (2)" when he shoots the light in the coffin.

    • Goof: When Nick has an altercation in the interrogation room, a single tear falls down from the boy's left eye. When the shot changes to a different angle, the tear is coming down from his right eye.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Greg (coughs): Yoko Ono. Yoko Ono Lennon is a Japanese-born American musician and artist. She was married to John Lennon and is often accused by Beatles fans of breaking up the band (although many other Beatles fans argue that she did not). To this day, women who have (intentionally or not) come between high-profile musicians and their bandmates are compared to Ono, Nancy Spungen and Courtney Love being just two examples. In a 2003 interview with Ono described the disappointment she felt by the breakup of the Beatles and how it affected the lifestyle that she was used to.

    • "Grissom's teaching a class... at the Body Farm" "The Body Farm" is the Forensic Anthropology Center at the University of Tennessee. Much of what is known about the process of decomposition has been learned from studies conducted there. Dr. Bill Bass, the founder, has written a book entitled "Death's Acre" that describes some of his work.

    • Gum Drops also makes reference to Hansel & Gretel, a Grimm's fairy tale where Gretel uses bread crumbs to find their way out of the forest.

    • This episode shares some similarities to that of the episode, Blood Drops. They both have a family in which almost all of them were killed, and the episode names are also similar.

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