CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

If I Had A Hammer...

Season 9, Ep 21, Aired 4/23/09
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  • Catherine looks into one of her first cases as a CSI when a man claims that the verdict was influenced by faulty forensics.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Laurence Fishburne

    Dr. Raymond Langston

  • Marg Helgenberger

    Catherine Willows

  • George Eads

    Nick Stokes

  • Paul Guilfoyle

    Captain Jim Brass

  • Robert David Hall

    Dr. Al Robbins

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  • Finally

    By lannister-, Sep 22, 2012

  • Catherine has to look at an old case, which brings up things from her past.

    By vicky24c, May 19, 2009

  • Time will not help..

    By Parricida, Apr 30, 2009

  • Catherine is forced to look into one of her first cases. A man Catherine helped put away for life for first degree murder in 1991 demands a new trial claiming that the evidence collected in the case was unlawful.

    By meathead704, Apr 26, 2009

  • Being Responsible...

    By saleblanc, Apr 24, 2009

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    • Catherine: Let me lay our case that we have against you and your accomplice. Due to the granting of your new trial, the lab reopened your case. We found the murder weapon. A claw hammer, and we found your print on the base handle of that hammer, and we found your accomplice's print in blood on the body of that handle. We've identified your accomplice as Sabrina Owen, formerly Sabrina Latay, your girlfriend at the time of the murder. And she's made a full statement implicating you as the killer of Thomas Harrit. Jeremy: You're frickin' lying to me. Catherine: These are copies of all pertinent documents as well as a transcript of Ms. Owen's sworn confession. Jeremy (reading from the confession): 'I saw the old man on the floor, Jeremy was standing over him, holding a hammer, he was already dead.' I can't believe that she would do this to me. Catherine: Yeah, you protected her for 18 years and she sold you out in five minutes. Jeremy: I kept my mouth shut so my kid would have a mother. Everything I've done, I did for them. Catherine: Why did you ask for a new trial? You had to have known that we might find out about Sabrina. Jeremy: No, I didn't, not after all this time. Catherine: Then why? Jeremy: Because I'm entitled to a fair trial! Catherine: But you're still guilty. ... There's more than that, I mean, you've been in here for 18 years, she's been out there with your kid, living a normal life. I think you just got tired of having to pay for the crime all by yourself. Jeremy: All I think about in here is that kid who has no idea I even exist. Sabrina never visited me once, she never wrote, she never sent a photo of my... girl or boy, I don't even-- I don't even know a name! Catherine: Your son's name is Tyler. Jeremy: Did Sabrina cut a deal? Catherine: No deal. She's been charged, she'll stand trial. Jeremy: So she'll testify against me? Catherine: That's up to the DA. Jeremy: Well, you tell the DA to make sure that happens. Catherine: ... You're hoping that your son will be there. Jeremy: It might be the only chance in my life that I have to see him. That's not right. Catherine: Maybe not. ... But, you had a choice, Thomas Harrit didn't. I'm saving my sympathy for him.

    • Catherine: If there was an accomplice, why didn't Kent give him up? Greg: Because sometimes there's honor amoung thieves. If he knew he was going down, why drag someone else down with him? Nick: Ah, I don't know about that. If any of these guys thought that they could cut a deal, they'd roll over on their mother. Langston: I think you're both right. People are motivated by self-interest. But there are certain human bonds that trump even or most basic instincts. Love. Blood. Fear. Riley: Right, there's people I love but, I wouldn't go to prison for any of them. My money's on fear. Greg: So what would Kent have to be afraid of? He wasn't connected to a gang or organized crime. Nick: What about his family? Catherine: He was living on his own. His closest relative was his uncle. Langston: Sometimes your friends are your family. Did you check the prison visitor log? Catherine: The DA said that he's never had any visitors. Greg: Kent never made it to college, most of his friends are probably from high school. Riley: Okay, I'll call the high school, get his yearbook, see if any of his old teachers still work there. Nick: We find the accomplice, we find the truth.

    • Catherine: Jim. Thanks for coming by. Brass: Sure, you bet. ... So, we're all just passengers on the time train. Catherine (laughs): Boy, you got that right. Brass: So, you hit a snag. Catherine: Well, Jeremy Kent now admits that he was at the Harrit house. Brass: And when he got there the old man was already dead? I call that perp-fiction. Catherine: The problem is that his story is consistent with the new evidence, I have yet to disclose. Brass: Oh, come on, Catherine. You know, I had this guy pegged as the bad guy the minute I laid eyes on him 18 years ago, and so did you. Catherine (sighs): What if he's telling the truth? Wrong place, wrong time. Brass: Oh, you gotta tune that out. That's all bull. All that matters is what you got on him. Now, these guys lie, because what? Because they're good at it, and because they're hiding something and the thing they're hiding is usually the thing that makes them guilty. Catherine: A million years ago, back when Eddie and I first started dating, we uh, went to a party and um... we drank our fair share, and it was time to leave, and he tosses me the keys because I'm the responsible one. So, you know, I'm driving and he starts singing this stupid song, which I've completely blanked from my memory, and one moment I'm just laughing hysterically and... the next he grabbed the wheel from my hands because I almost ran over a man. And... In that moment, my life would've changed completely, because of a bad decision. So, I... What makes me any different than Jeremy Kent? Brass: You know, Eddie was right. You are the responsible one, and if you had hit that guy, you would've called the cops because you would've taken responsibility for your actions. Now, Jeremy Kent is a jailhouse lawyer, he's a scumbag. His freedom, his whole life depends on getting you to doubt yourself. Don't let him live rent free in your head. (Catherine smiles)

    • Catherine: I re-examined the rock, enhanced the fingerprint and photoed it, and this time around I found several, highly unique points of comparison, including this happy face pattern, which is an exact match to your print. D.A: And that print puts you at the crime scene. You were there. You killed Thomas Harrit. Catherine: Mr. Kent, if there's another explanation, other than the obvious, now would be a good time to come clean. Jeremy (motions to his prison outfit): Once you're wearing these, nobody believes anything that you have to say. Catherine: Try me. Jeremy: I was there, but I didn't kill the guy. I needed to make some fast money, I broke into those other two houses. I picked them because it looked like nobody was at home. The old man's house was my third stop, when I went inside, there was a body on the floor, I got the hell out of there. D.A: Well, why not just call 911? Jeremy: Uh, yeah 'Hello, I just broke into a house, and I found a dead body on the floor. Oh, yeah, yeah I'll just wait right here for you.' I-I was a reckless punk and I messed up, big time, I broke the law, but I did not kill that old man. Somebody else did that. D.A: Why didn't you mention this 18 years ago? Jeremy: Because my lawyer advised me not to admit that I was at the scene of the crime. It was the only honest piece of advice he gave me. Catherine: You know what would give your story more crediblity? If you could ID the other suspect. Jeremy: Lady, if I would've seen them, that woulda been the first thing out of my mouth. But whoever killed Harrit was long gone by the time I got there. Catherine: We're done here. Jeremy: Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, why would you admit to a mistake that cost me the last 18 years of my life? ... All I wanted is my life back. Is that asking too much?

    • Ecklie: When Kent discovers that you found the murder weapon with someone else's print's on it, he's gonna fast-track himself to an acquittal. Catherine: We have the print on the rock. Which still puts him at the scene. Ecklie: But Kent's print aren't on the hammer. Catherine: Well, clearly there's an accomplice, who probably committed the murder. Ecklie: Yeah, who we still need to identify. Catherine: Obviously. Ecklie: Well, pre-trial's in 48 hours, and you're gonna have to reveal the prints. It would be nice if Kent gave us a name. Catherine: Yeah, well why would he? He's kept a secret for 18 years. Ecklie: Then ask without asking. Sweat him with the rock evidence.

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    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Kladivo na kriminalisty (Hammer On Criminalists)

    • Original International Air Dates: Australia: June 14, 2009 on Channel 9 Norway: June 16, 2009 on TVNorge Slovakia: August 9, 2009 on JOJ Sweden: October 26, 2009 on Kanal 5 Finland: January 6, 2010 on MTV3 Spain: February 9, 2010 on AXN Germany: May 20, 2010 on RTL Czech Republic: May 27, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Pre-production title name of Case of the Mistaken Identity.

    Trivia (2)

    • Goof: "The Rampart Casino fire" is mentioned as happening on the same night in 1991 as the crime in this episode. The Rampart actually opened in July of 1999, or eight years later.

    • Catherine was pregnant while processing the crime scene back in '91. Which suggests that Lindsey was either born in 1991 or 1992, making her about 17ish now.

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    • Episode Title: If I Had a Hammer If I Had a Hammer is a folk song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays.

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