CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Recipe for Murder

Season 3, Ep 11, Aired 1/9/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Grissom and Catherine investigate the grisly meat grinder murder at a slaughterhouse. Warrick and Sara look into the apparent suicide of a troubled young woman.

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Petersen

    Gil Grissom

  • Marg Helgenberger

    Catherine Willows

  • Gary Dourdan

    Warrick Brown

  • George Eads

    Nick Stokes

  • Paul Guilfoyle

    Captain Jim Brass

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (22)

    • Grissom: Did you know that to a geologist there's no such thing as sand? Each grain is its own tiny rock. Fine, glassy crystals ... dark. Obsidian, I bet. Catherine: Volcanic sand. Long way from home. Grissom: Japanese call it singing sand. If you walk on certain beaches in Japan it'll make a musical sound. Catherine: Never been to Japan, but I've seen this sand before ... on the blood clot. (Grissom looks at the knife hole where he finds some blood) Grissom: Well. "Let us carve him as a dish fit for the gods." Catherine: I'm going to guess Shakespeare. Grissom: Julius Caesar.

    • Hodges: Wools are worsted. 12-ounce weight. Grissom: That's heavy? Hodges: Light ... weave. Mostly for season spanners. Grissom: We're talking about clothes? Hodges: Worsted is predominately used in the manufacturing of suits and light overcoats. The finish on this is trademark coating in high-end suits. Grissom: Okay, good. Thanks. (turns to leave) Hodges: Mmm. I'm not done. There was also blood present on the burnt wool. Grissom: Did we get a DNA test? Hodges: It's victim's blood, from your chef. I know what you're thinking. Couldn't possibly be his suit. Chefs wear checks and white shirts. But somebody did burn a bloody suit in the restaurant kitchen. A high-end suit. (beat) You have a candidate. Grissom: You're the new guy. Hodges: Yeah. Uh, David Hodges. Transferred from LAPD. (scoffs) They said I had an attitude problem. Said that I thought I was entitled.

    • Grissom: We're going to need to see all your knives. (to Chef Ross) Starting with yours. Chef Ross: I need them back by the next shift. Catherine: Well, that depends on what we find.

    • Grissom: Petrov Samsko. Non-gaming sheriff's permit, head chef, Debreff Restaurant. (he pronounces it "doo-breff") Chef-- that would explain the burn scar tissue on his palm. Catherine: It's "Debreff." (pronounces it "dough-breff") It's a five-star restaurant. I've eaten there. Grissom: Good, maybe you can get us a table.

    • Grissom: Tips of the fingers look like they're worn to the bone. Doc Robbins: Can you get a partial? Grissom (picks up a little bottle): Much more than that. Lansberry's Ridge Builder. One application to the bulbs of the fingers and the ridges plump out temporarily like a chia pet on steroids.

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    Notes (2)

    • George Eads (Nick Stokes) appears for only one short scene in this episode.

    • Wallace Langham makes his first appearance as David Hodges.

    Trivia (3)

    • Goof: When Grissom first opens the knife with sand in it, there is no blood at all. However, he later looks at it and almost all the part from which the sand got out of the knife is covered in blood.

    • Goof: Catherine says that the ulna is one of the strongest bones in the body when it is in fact quite weak. If nothing else, the radial bone next to it is stronger.

    • Catherine: It's like that Morrissey album - Meat is Murder ... In actuality, Meat Is Murder is an album by Morrissey's ex-band, The Smiths.

    Allusions (1)

    • This episode is ripped from the headlines of Anthony Bourdain's autobiography "Kitchen Confidential", such as the flicking of blood around the kitchen after cutting oneself and the phrase "don't touch my knife, don't touch my johnson". The notion of someone being murdered in the kitchen and a chef butchering the corpse for disposal had previously been featured in Bourdain's first novel "Bone in the Throat".

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