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    Nick has a stalker

    By 7dixob, Aug 14, 2012

    In one of the best episodes of the season Nick gets a stalker but is starts off with a women getting stalked and killed and the CSI's find out he was hiding in the loft and the only way he got in is if the women let him in.Later they find another victim is Nick and the CSI's have to get back to his house before the Stalker decides to kill him.I rated this a 10 with Identity Crisis because they are both perfect episodes but couldn't decide which one is better.moreless

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    A young women is being stalked but it eveantually turns out that they have a CSI in mind.

    By major_csi_fan, Feb 20, 2011

    This i belive is one of the best episodes of CSI ever it has great acting, fantastic story and also can be considored creepy but overall it is just wow. I have watched this episode at least 2 times during the past fortnight and each time i still feel the same shiver and excitment while watching it. Also the acting portraid by George Eads is just amazing and also the acting who plays the stalker he just fits the bill perfectly knowing all about Nick and about his life and acts in everyway a good CSI preprator should. Overall this episode is a must watch you won't regret it.moreless

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    This episode is crazy!

    By sid1157, Feb 20, 2011

    Ok this episode starts with a girl who is scared to death because someone is stalking her. Then you figure out that she was posed because the guy wanted to be like nick. I liked the crime stopper artical and how they had it all plotted out so Nick would be freaking out when he saw the e-mail with his prom date. The clarivoint guy was just brilliant that just added a whole nother level of weird to the episode. The ending i didnt like so much with him getting caught and brought into police custody and arrested i would have rather him got away and been in a few more episodes.moreless

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    This is a fine example of great Direction and writting

    By jdmedina17, Jun 11, 2010

    So, this is my first review of CSI Las Vegas. I loved this episode specially because of the keen details one often overlooks. The choice of music and sound was perfect, theis episode even has perfect thriller meterial in it with lots of suspense. It kept me on the enge numerous times and I gotta say it's all because of a great direction. The only flaw that I see is that the story of the phsychic was left in thin air. Did he die when Crane threw him out? He was a key element in the whole episode and I think is not fair to just leave him out like that.moreless

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    A woman is killed in her apartment by a stalker who had an interesting way of getting close to his victim.

    By l35l13, Jun 25, 2007

    Fantastic. This is one of the first episodes I ever saw of CSI. It's such a great reason why I watch the show. It had lots of suspense without it being predictable. I enjoy the show when it involves the CSI field investigators into the storyline. I'm now watching the show from the beginning and this episode is where I am currently at. This episode and the episode "The Finger" have been my favorites so far. As I said before, this episode isn't as predictable as some of the CSI episodes prior. And last but not least, I heart Greg. :)moreless

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    Kept me biting my nails the whole hour!

    By Lenxcer, May 30, 2007

    I liked much this episode. One of my favorites. Everything starts with the short article about Nick being the "Crime Stopper", in which mentions Nick builds toys in his free hours. Of course, as Sara makes it to appear, no one knew about this. Here is where you get the idea, (other than the episode's name), that Nick is being stalked. When they finnaly disvover this, is when they reach Nigel Crane's house, in which they discover that he lives in his attic. Grissom takes some video tapes to the lab, and while Archie is analyzing them, Catherine notes a boared in the backgound. After enhancing the picture, we see the article about Nick. It was now just a matter of time for Brass to come, and arrest Nigel Crane at Nick's appartment.moreless

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    Oh my freaking God!!

    By swede85, Mar 10, 2007

    This was a a really intense episode!

    When the team finds a woman dead it turns out she was being stalked and one of the team is in danger as well.

    This kept me on the edge of my seat the intire hour.

    George Eads really brought out Nicks emotion in this episodes and it shows us how a small thing can affect your life.

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    This episode scared the be-jesus out of me.

    By seani1984, Mar 06, 2007

    This episode scared the be-jesus out of me. Genuinely thrilling, with an interesting villain who develops through the episode from an innocent, if slightly odd, cable guy, to a stalker, and eventually a killer. Right from the opening sequence I was on edge, a stalker breaches the sanctuary of a young woman, and spies on her from her own attic. She runs to hide in her cupboard, her yapping dog barking at her side, only to be grabbed from behind out of the darkness by an unseen villain. Awesome.

    We also get a glimpse of Nick Stokes life outside of work as a luna cable loving sports fan, and a dedicated crimestopper. This episode also introduces a selfless psychihc, who 'helps' the investigation, but ultimately puts himself in peril when trying to warn Nick.

    Overall this was a very original episode, well acted and thrillingly directed. 10 on 10.moreless

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    Leave the lights on for this one. Trust me, your going to need them.

    By hotpinkcons21, Feb 26, 2007

    Good Lord. I will admit I'm not great with scary stuff, but even my dad was freaked out watching this!

    I was fine until the scene where Nick is looking through the stuff under Nigels sink- and you see a pair of legs appearing from out of the ceiling!!I nearly fell off my sofa!! And the part where the psychic says that the little dog didn't make it-what kind of twisted sicko kills a sweet little dog!!

    I gotta say, Nick really has gone up in my estimations- his job has gotten him stalked, kidnapped and buried alive and he hasn't even quit yet!! Fair play to him, cause I would have quit the second the guy through me out the window!! Excellent episode, one of the scariest CSI has ever done.moreless

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    Oh. My. God. Seriously creepy.

    By BeautifulDay13, Feb 16, 2007

    This was the first ever episode of CSI I watched. The impact was huge. It got me completely hooked. I still get shivers whenever I think about "Stalker".

    The first thing I remembered about this episode was when Nigel was up in the girl's attic and her called her and said "Didn't I tell you to stop biting your fingernails?" Can I just say that I always used to bite my nails. After this episode I pretty much never bit them again.

    I swear. Everyone delivers such a great performance in this ep. Especially Doug Hutchinson. I don't think I've seen a guest star that created such an impact.

    Perfect, thrilling episode. 10/10moreless

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