The Fallen

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  • 2.0

    csi is becoming a hit and miss show.

    By ltcomstella, Apr 03, 2014

    some episodes are watchable some downright suck,

    this ..

    so much could've been done to make it worth watching but in the end, we get jumping the shark..

    1) kid walks into police station IS NOT SEARCHED OR GOES THROUGH METAL DETECTOR

    2) After the first shot surely someone would've nailed his punk ass with a 9mm ? i mean it's a police station full of cops ffs and most carry a gun ??

    3) they had to get the prints off a bottle ? what about the gun he dropped ?

    4) the kid then gets all wimpy and crying when he realises he was set up... but he still went through all of the bs in the end getting shot..

    5) the swat guy would've been a much much better guy to blame..

    6) the female cop was getting abused by her hubby ? WTAF... now you'd think if that was going on you wouldn't be that civil at work or anywhere right ??

    7) utter garbage/ shite episode.moreless

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  • 1.0

    what the hell?

    By water12, Apr 03, 2014

    why oh why do I still watch this show? Sucker for punishment? Perhaps...

    The episodes just get dumber and more unbelievable .... whatever happened to the csi people doing csi stuff? Now they're mostly doing police stuff. And the bit about getting the bloody finger print off the bottle thru the cam .... pulease!

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  • 4.5


    By MsOrange1, Apr 03, 2014

    This episode was horrible. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Not only that, but the title was bad, too.

    The only good thing about it was that it had Matt Shively in it.

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  • 5.0

    the failed

    By brutek, Apr 03, 2014

    so many opportunities in this story, and they made soap opera of it... not to mention usual explanation for dummies

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