Clue: SI

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    Mac and the team investigate a series of murders that seem to be reenactments murder scenarios from the classic board game Clue.

    By meathead704, Nov 17, 2012

    "Clue: SI" is not a bad episode but at the same time it is not one of the better episodes of the season. I played Clue a lot as a kid and think it's one of the all time classic board games. However I'm sure it worked well here. I just had a little trouble with the fact that the killer was able to pull of the murders with such relative ease. Especially tracking down the vintage revolver. I know it's not too difficult to track down such things in the internet age, but it just seemed to contrived for me that he did so easily. The part of the story considering that deals with Mac's personal struggles is getting to be a liability. I find it hard to believe that a guy like Mac Taylor still refuses to acknowledge his physical and psychological scars. "CSI: NY" is definitely still worth watching. I will tune in for the next episode and you should too!moreless

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    the crime drama

    By KimSpain, Nov 10, 2012

    the storyline was awesome the game of clue made it very interesting to watch what didn't was the christine thing, its a crime drama not a soap opera love affair. It made me sick, ruined the show

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    By CharmayneCroy, Nov 10, 2012

    I know they have reformatted the musical aspects of the show. We hear more music when they are investigating and during lab work ups. I am enjoying the beautiful piano music tonight!

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