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  • 6.5

    What a poor episode!

    By CatwomanXXI, Aug 30, 2011

    What a poor episode! I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that but please, the stalker girl who died preparing a romantic night for her ‘lover’ and taking a bath while she waited! Common if she was a stalker then she knew that he was away, right? And ending up dying electrocuted because of a missed bullet…Lame!!!!

    And the glass that injured Stella. It’s just me or anyone thinks that a glass that teak is a little hard to brake just by handling it. Maybe I’m wrong. But this looked like a lame excuse to introduce the dilemma of a Stella HIV storyline.

    The only interesting parts of this episode was the look on Danny’s face when he realized Mac and Peyton where dating. That was hilarious and very Danny like. And the husband who tried to kill his wife at point blank range and misses, what a loser but lucky for the wife! I liked the sister that had the brain injury and end up being the killer but it was predictable, I saw that coming miles away!

    Overall it was an average episode with to little imagination!moreless

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    How the chick in the tub died totally caught me off guard.

    By moggiye16, Nov 18, 2010

    Yet again, another great installment. The beginning of the episode was cool, seeing what everyone was doing in their apartment. The flashing lights totally tippd me off that someone was firing their gun. The bathtub vic was really skinny, in my opinion, I think she needs to have a steak or something. Put some more muscle onto that body of hers, but she's dead so it really doesn't matter! :P

    Peyton's back! Wow, Mac is so hot with that leather jacket. It's probably for the best that he doesn't wear that kind of outfit to crime scenes otherwise strange girls would come trampling over and then nothing would get processed! When Danny took that lady down to the morgue, I had no idea what he was doing (mostly because I was babysitting while watching CSI NY, so I was distracted). Then to find out she had a bulet in her head, really shocked me. I'm amazed she missed that. Stupid husband.

    Crime #2: I feel honestly bad for Kennedy. Being afraid of her own refection and in the process accidentally killing her own brother. This crime, or rather, accident is very creative in a sad way. I hope Stella's blood work comes back negative. Man, that's very original to potentially give a CSI AIDS.moreless

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    Two deaths, two murders. Neither is what it appears to be.

    By Liria, May 25, 2007

    Woah! Did not see that one coming... Both mysteries were interestingly laid out, both in terms of victims, evidence and suspects. The woman dead in the bathtub, with the romantic evening and no apparent cause of death, while having a bullet that never went into her... That was a good one, and the way the guilty husband was acting was so suspicious. The entire mistaken identity thing was just great. It was really a good mystery, and Danny bringing the man's wife to the morgue was funny. On the second murder, the polygraph thing was a nice touch, and again the story was played out in an interesting way, and in the end, you just didn't really see that specific explanation coming... Oh, and Stella might have gotten HIV. She should've told someone though. Great episode!moreless

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  • 8.2

    Any time Danny runs, it's a good episode.

    By sugah66, Feb 19, 2007

    "I love you, DL!" I love that Danny said it first, because when I saw the mirror, that did not look like an "L" to me. But as soon as Danny said that, I made a noise of surprise. I also giggled. It was cute.

    So apparently Lindsay is nonexistent, because we can't think to mention her at all. I'll reiterate what I said last week - someone, I don't even care who at this point, telling someone else that they heard from Lindsay is enough for me. So long as they acknowledge the fact that, yes, Lindsay is alive and yes, she is coming back. After that conversation with her, Mac, and Stella, you would think that one of those two would want to know how the trial is going! Sheesh!

    Here is what I have learned from watching this episode:

    a) Double glove. I love how they made a big deal of showing how Adam double-gloved when he was working with the glass. Even Adam knew to do that. (Mia on CSI always did that, too, but it's because she was a germ-o-phobe.)

    b) Never pick up a big honking shard of glass and just hold it upright, staring at it.

    When Stella went to get her blood tested, the lady said that it would take at least three months to determine whether or not she was HIV+. How much do you want to bet that next week's reference, when Stella tells Mac, is all we get I've heard that this storyline is supposed to last 11 weeks (to the end of the season, I'm guessing). Let's hope it does, and that they do it well, rather than just half-assing it or making it look like a soap opera. Because right now, it seems like the sort of thing that should be on General Hospital. Only they already did it, and they did it better.

    Boy... That guy was a terrible shot. He shoots his wife at point blank range and not only misses, but hits and doesn't even manage to kill her!

    Danny was so adorable in this episode, all upset because he was the last person to find out. His stunned face after Mac's 'confession'? Priceless. And he seemed a little relieved to find out that Mac was dating a coworker. If the boss can do it, so can he!

    "Flack knows?" He's probably pissed that Flack didn't tell him! And later on, when he was teasing Peyton about it, and she gave him that death glare, and he kind of just shut up and looked all sheepish. So cute.

    Danny tackling a suspect. Dear me. I think I had a heart attack. Any episode where Danny runs is a good episode.

    The whole case where the sister accidentally killed the brother because she thought her reflection was real? I actually liked that. She didn't intend to do it, she didn't plan on it. Makes it less cliche than 'the sister killed the brother for the insurance money'. I liked how they kept referring to the car accident, so you knew it was important.

    Whoever said that Danny and Angell have chemistry is not watching the same show that I am. There is absolutely nothing between the two of them. Just air.

    Where the hell was Hawkes? He had, like, 5 minutes of screen time. Hawkes must be the new Lindsay, so we can make room for Adam. Heaven forbid we not have enough Adam. Adam got more screen time than both Hawkes and Flack, who are contract cast members!

    Overall, this episode was okay. Of course, it isn't one of my favorites, but I liked it better than 315. I thought the cases were more interesting.moreless

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  • 9.5

    An amazing episode; great cases and of course, the beginning of Stella's HIV storyline.

    By -hanna-, Feb 18, 2007

    I'd been looking forward to "Heart of Glass" for ages, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The first case, with the girl in the bathtub, kept me guessing right up until the end. It was really cleverly done, and it was certainly an original way for the girl to die. I also loved (as did many) the whole "DL" thing on the mirror. If they're not even going to bother to mention Lindsay (which is really annoying) then minor allusions are the next best thing. With the second case, I loved how the sister was at first believable as a sane person; she did just seem shaken up about her brother's death. I must admit, the first time I started mentally implicating her was after the passed the lie detector test. Something about that made me think she was guilty, the way the questions were phrased and answered could have been truthful but not really turthful, if that makes sense (which it doesn't.)

    Being a Mac/Stella shipper, I didn't like all the Mac/Peyton moments. It's good that they finally showed the relationship to the others, because I think it's more relaistic (and I laughed at the expression on Danny's face!) but I still think the chemistry between them is off.

    I really hope Stella is not HIV+! I think it was done quite well, showing Stella's panic and her determination not to let Sheldon touch her, but I really hope we get some continuity in the months util we get the results. And she should tell Mac, for sure. Actually she should have told him in the first place.

    All in all, great episode!moreless

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  • 8.4

    "Breathtaking Episode"

    By vexus01, Feb 18, 2007

    "Heart of Glass" was a captivating episode.The episode was better than I expected. The A case involving the dead woman in the rose petal filled was the most interesting case. The case was perplexing at first with the confusion of how the woman died. But what was most interesting was that she was not the primary target. She was shocked to death but it was because of a bullet that was fired to kill Mrs. Ballard, in the apartment above the woman in the bathtub. Mrs. Ballard's husband tried to kill her but missed and the bullet got lodged in the brain of Mrs. Ballard. Interesting Plot. The most amusing part of the case: Danny finding out that Mac and Peyton were dating. The B case was to me, interesting. Stella's troubles continue as she was cut on the glass that was at the crime scene. The glass contained the blood of the victim, who was HIV positive. All throughout the episode , Stella hid her accident from Mac and her colleagues. This will be interestin as she has to wait for 3 months for the results of the blood test. Over all, great episode!


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  • 9.7

    That was so scary. I hope Stella will be ok. She adds such depth to the show.

    Danny continues to make me laugh like a lunatic. Love him more each week.

    By kitty-kat-kate, Feb 17, 2007

    Voyeurs can observe many things when looking into the windows of New York City apartments, but sometimes what they see in one is worse than in others. At first the scene is innocuous; a beautiful girl spreads rose petals around an apartment and settles into a luxurious bubble bath. Later, she lies dead in the water, surrounded by those same rose petals.

    Danny photographs the scene, surprised to see Mac accompany Peyton on the job even though he has the night off. Looks like Danny's the last to know about his boss's new relationship. He moves on quickly, describing how a neighbor heard screams and called the cops. As Peyton and Danny discuss possible ways the victim, Diane Langston, could have died, Mac develops a theory. Could Diane have used the credit card on the corner table to jimmy the lock on the door?moreless

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  • 9.0

    A homicide turns out to be an accident, and Stella is in danger of contracting HIV.

    By keipots, Feb 17, 2007

    Now this episode I liked. The case with the dead girl in the bathtub was a surprise, I didn't quite expect how that turned out. It was a classic case of being in the "wrong place at the wrong time". And to think she only wanted to take a bath at her ex-boyfriend's tub.

    It's nice to see Mac finally getting comfortable with his relationship with Peyton. I'd like to think they're both professional enough to keep their personal lives from interfering with their work. Mac deserves to be happy.

    Danny was pretty funny this episode. The way he reacted when he found out about Mac and Peyton, and that comment he made to Peyton about grandchildren had me laughing. I also like it when he chases and tackles a perp. I was impressed with him back in season 2's "Summer in the City" when he tackled that bodyguard during a rooftop chase, and I've become a fan of his running and leaping since then. It's just so fun to watch.

    As for Stella, I liked how they left the whole HIV thing hanging. It's apparent she didn't tell anybody about the cut she got from the glass, and it kind of made me wonder why her DNA didn't show up when they tested the blood on the scene. When she got injured, I thought it would be one of those story lines where she would be a suspect, and then the HIV came up. It was a great twist, IMO, and I do hope Stella will be alright.

    I hope I get to see more of these kinds of episodes. :)moreless

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    am a tv addict and this is how i get high..

    By fourza, Feb 16, 2007

    wow .. this episode sure proved me wrong ..i thought that csi:ny was starting to get boring .. but after this episode i dont think it ever can be .. 1st mac finally lets his team know about him and payton ..great character growth here .. a final step of letting go of his late wife .. then comes the amazing scene where stella is processig evidence and then the unexpected.. she cuts herself with the glass which is contamintaed with the victims HIV+ blood ..how cool is that completely caught me by surprise. heartbreaking really! though shows you how strong stella is that she's still able to work the case properly inspite of the fact that she might be HIV+ (i hope not).. and the murder danny was working on, that's definitly a new approch to crime on tv ..absolutely loved it ..and finally wooohooo the chase in the middle of broadway street and of course our great danny once again catches the stupid culprit..who has a very lucky wife..not anymore i guess..

    looking forward to more of those thrill packed episodes :Dmoreless

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    Things are not always as they seem, as everyone learns, as Mac and Stella deal with a possible home-invasion murder and Danny deals with a beauty dead in her bathtub.

    By rainbow_roses23, Feb 16, 2007

    So the cat's out of the bag, huh, Mac? He's clearly getting more comfortable admitting to his friends that, yes, he is seeing someone again, more specifically Peyton. It was cute when Danny was a bit indignant of the fact that he was the last to know about Mac's new love. And the flirting between Mac and Peyton was also cute, showing that Mac was learning to relax.

    There were quite a fair number of interesting twists and turns in these cases, the best being that the murder victim was murdered by the very person who blamed someone else, honestly believing her reflection to be the intruder.

    And, of course, Stella's possible HIV infection. It will be interesting in subsequent episodes to see how she and her friends handle the news, especially once she starts getting sick from the antiviral medication. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna cast my vote.

    As for this episode, another fine one.moreless

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