Nothing For Something

Season 7, Ep 20, Aired 4/29/11
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  • Episode Description
  • The team has to figure out if they have a killing spree going on after two women are found dead and a third one has gone missing.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sela Ward

    Josephine 'Jo' Danville

  • Gary Sinise

    Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

  • Carmine Giovinazzo

    Danny Messer

  • Anna Belknap

    Lindsay Monroe

  • Robert Joy

    Dr. Sid Hammerback

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  • SHOCKER: A body is found in a forest! And...Jets head coach Rex Ryan? And...Peter Fonda????

    By skostur082591, May 03, 2011

  • Oh, yeah, baby, let's have hot sex with our underwear on!

    By IgnatzNiemand, Aug 08, 2011

  • a so so episode

    By SarahFuller1, May 10, 2011

  • 720

    By thefanof, May 01, 2011

  • Busy cops

    By greysncis2010, Apr 30, 2011

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (38)

    • Lindsay: What wrong turn did she take to wind up here? Mac: Sometimes evil finds you... on the road you take to avoid it.

    • Jo: That's the same suit you had on yesterday, if not the day before. You haven't even been home in two days. Mac: This isn't the first time one case has rolled over into another. I'll be fine. Jo: When's the last time you had something to eat? I don't want to hear about that trail mix from the vending machine last night. Mac: It was a Granola bar.

    • Jo: Boss of the crime lab or not, you're no good to anyone if you're running on fumes. Mac: Look, I am not walking out of a homicide investigation. Jo: No, Don is driving you out. Flack: Yo. Jo: It's all been arranged. You're going to go home and get a couple hours' sleep. And if you're lucky, a toothbrush and a shower might make it feel like eight.

    • Hawkes: That's pretty impressive you got Mac to go home. He's not used to being told what to do. Jo: No, he's not.

    • Mac: You know, this diner is one of the last places in the city you can still get an egg cream. Flack: So no more milk and cookies?

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    Notes (5)

    • Josh Randall, who plays Charles Martin, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode After The Fall. Troy Ruptash, who plays Vincent Marino, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Toe Tags. Ronnie Gene Blevins, who plays Mark Fields, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Hog Heaven.

    • Despite featured in the opening credits, Robert Joy (Sid Hammerback) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music Featured: New York, New York by Digital Daggers (Playing at the beginning of the episode). Procession by The Duke Spirit.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 29, 2011 on CTV.
      Turkey: May 16, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      United Kingdom: May 21, 2011 on Five/Five HD.
      Czech Republic: July 13, 2011 on AXN.
      Norway: July 13, 2011 on TVNorge.
      Spain: July 19, 2011 on AXN.
      Slovakia: February 7, 2012 on JOJ.
      Germany: February 13, 2012 on Vox.
      Finland: August 8, 2012 on MTV3.

    • New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum make cameo appearances in this episode. At first they didn't know they would get some lines and they defined the experience as being a lot of fun and really great to share the screen with talented actors.

    Trivia (12)

    • Macy Martinez's case was one of the last cases Stella was working on. Not taking into account episode 7x01 The 34th Floor where her disappearance was addressed, it is the first time she's been mentioned since she left the NY lab to take over the crime lab at New Orleans.

    • William 'Wild Bill' Hunt was Mac's first partner.

    • Adam has started taking a theatre class.

    • Mac is gonna take part on a Widows and Orphans charity event.

    • Goof: When the team discovers the body of Christina Marino in the leopard skin suitcase, the victim appears to have no brusing on her left side of the neck yet Mac said that the arterial spray came from a wound from the left side of her neck.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Flack: But three words on the draft: Baylor, pass rusher. Flack is referring to the 2011 National Football League draft, which took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York on the weekend this episode aired. The first round was held on Thursday, April 28 (the day before the show aired), the second and third rounds on Friday, April 29 and the fourth to seventh rounds on Saturday, April 30. His specific comment on the draft is likely a reference to Baylor Defensive Tackle Phil Taylor, who was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns with the 21st overall pick. The Jets were picking 30th and could not take Taylor, but they did draft a pass rusher: Defensive Tackle Muhammad Wilkerson from Temple.

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