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    Shane Casey is back and still targeting Hawkes

    By 7dixob, Aug 15, 2012

    This episode shows the return of Shane Casey after he escaped from prison.It was even better than the first Shane Casey episode.Hawkes finds himself in trouble when he gets framed for a robbery and a murder and everything points to it been him so Mac and the team are pulled off the case with nothing to go off.A part of me actually thought that Hawkes was guilty because I couldn't see how it couldn't of been him until Mac finds out that Shane Casey is involved and he wants Hawkes to go to jail like his brother.Shane agrees he will give them the gun that will clear Hawkes only if they can prove that his brother didn't commit the murder he was arrested for.This was a very entertaining episode.moreless

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    OMG It's the CSI-is-the-suspect plot that isn't clichéd!!

    By moggiye16, Nov 18, 2010

    CSI: NY fricking rules, man. When I first read that Hawkes was a suspect in a murder, I thought that it was going to be a clichéd plot. Well, when you think about it it was, but the way they delivered it was fricking AWESOME!! Lol I love what danny said to the Chief, "Bring it on, Grandpa, I'll show a thing or two about what this science geek can do!"

    Then Mac locking the door to talk to Hawkes was so naughty. I don't know if I've said this before but Mac seems to be taking his old anger from Danny to Hawkes. I think he needs to see a counsellor or something to take about his dating situation, or lack there of now, so he and Peyton can get back together and get can get his frustration out.

    Poor Danny, Shane really struck a cord when he mentioned Danny bro, Louie. I wouldn't have been surprised if he shot Shane for what he said. But luckily, he kept his head of straight and made Shane realize his bro was guilty, which I'm glad he was otherwise this plot wouldn't have been great.moreless

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    “What happens when one of this happens to one of your own? The answer: An emotional rollercoaster.”

    By coolceruleanblu, Oct 16, 2010

    The return of Shane Casey. It’s unbelievable. We knew he’d be back as we can all remember when As the episode goes on, we KNOW Hawkes couldn’t have done it. But how is the evidence pointing in this direction? There is nothing else we can think of. We grasp at straws, hoping it’s a mistake or that he was framed. But as gunshot residue is found on his sleeves we worry. How will they reveal his innocence? It is until the CSIs show us step by step by “interrogating” an invisible Hawkes that we realize it, right before they say it, for ourselves. “He was framed.” And the way? It’s exactly like a case in the not so distant past. The case of Shane Casey’s brother. Now that they have got it under control, it’s only a matter of time until they figure out who did it.

    Now, while we are positive in our minds that Hawkes will get off. He WAS framed after all, the question remains, what will happen to Shane Casey? Will they catch them? The situation isn’t helped by the CSI: Q they ask. The mystery intensifies.

    This episode has all the classic elements of a mystery. There is a case of mistaken identity; there is a case of whodunit. But in this case, we know whodunit, we know who didn’t do it. What we don’t know is how they can prove the truth. The case B of this episode is almost entirely forgotten between the drama of Shane Casey. You even forget for a moment of Tom and his showgirls (yes those places still exist- Giuliani didn’t get rid of all of them.) Then we find out for sure what we’ve been thinking all along, Shane was somehow involved with this one as well.

    The moment we get the message, “Send Messer. Alone.” Is when I freak out. We know how Danny can be. Last week Lindsay got bitten, we don’t need Danny shot this week. And through the quake of Danny’s voice we hope he can get Shane to see the truth about his brother. The ring on the bartender’s finger proves it (A great way to damn a man. Like the handkerchief in Othello, we have the ring in Raising Shane- it proves BOTH brothers’ guilt.)

    All throughout the season we've had tiny little explosions from the characters, when emotions ran a little high. But here, we got to see what happened when it was one of their own. The Vegas series has always shown rather calm waters with occasional (and may I add hot) outbursts- from the guys, Warrick, Nick and even Grissom. (Yes Grissom has had his non-cool days) And while there have been outburst episodes on CSI: NY I don't believe any could hold a match to this one.

    It shows how much everyone is on needle points. It also shows the very essence of being a CSI- you can't HELP but help. No matter if you've been called off the case or not, or whether you have to keep the name of the lab clean (Mac) or not, you try your damndest to help. The scene with Mac in the interrogation room with Hawkes, one of the best I have seen. The EXPLOSIONS from all of them when he gets in there was amazing. It was a cacophony of words and yelling. It was wonderful to see them so emotional. There was so much care taken to save the name of one of their own. The end where Stella comes and takes a hold of Hawkes as he is let out, is one of the most heartwarming I have seen. Halfway through the season, we can only hope the other half will be this good. So far, it has proven to be so.

    On a side shipper note- Danny and Lindsay had a moment together!!!! SEVERAL!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    The return of Shane Casey.

    By -renn-, Jun 07, 2009

    This is not one of my favourite episodes, although it has several scenes I love. I don't like the way everyone in the force seems to be against Hawkes from the beginning. It also strike me as forced the way everyone in the lab keeps bristling against being ordered out of the case, when they know very well they couldn't work on it. It seems the writers want it to look like it's personal, some kind of grudge inside the force against Hawkes or Mac's team. To me, it just sounded over. Shane Casey is back, and he's crazy as ever. That's a given. Did we have to have a scene like the one in which Shane Casey wants to meet Mac in a busy building, and all of the cops in NY won't be able to catch him? Such a cliché! They could have had their little conversation by phone without the field expedition, but it's important to make viewers remember how cunning and smart and impossible to arrest Shane Casey is. Another overdone part, for me. And it is also a bit tiresome that all the crazy psycho killers have this insurmountable wish to meet the cops face to face, and so many crazy psycho killers are committing their heinous crimes in order to clear someone else's name. On the other hand, this episode portrays the friendship and loyalty among the CSIs, the way they stand for each other in their time of need and never give up trying to prove what's right, and the way they work together, each one's work complementing the others'. This episode also has some first quality scenes with some characters. Danny gets several, first getting all indignant and angry at the crime scene, facing off Gerrard, then going against the rules with the witness, in a scene where he actually has a point in what he says, for once, and is not just going with his gut feeling. In another perfect moment, Danny defines himself: "I didn't break any rules, all right? I just bent them a little bit, but I didn't break them."

    Stella gets her share of perfect scenes, a serious one, where she faces off Gerrard and gets all protective of her team, and a funny one with the peep show owner. Mac is another character who gets memorable scenes. One is his reaction in regard to Peyton when Stella comes in; I love the guy, but right then I could slap him. Another is the almost scary way he remembers everything from the other case, remembering how every detail of each case match, was almost scary. The moments when I sighed and thought "here we go again" were more frequent than the ones when I smiled and thought "yeah, great scene". But all in all, it was good watching it again.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Shane casey is baaaack!!

    By jordinajamaica, Jun 04, 2009

    *I love Mac, Flack and Stella's face when they saw that the guy identified Hawkes as the shooter!

    *Gerrard being a pain in the a**. I love Danny's comeback 'Why don't we step outside, Grandpa, and I show you what kind of Geek I am'... Stella puting order and defending her team and Flack trying to fight an smile!

    *I miss wisea** Danny... at the dialogue with Stella about the porn movie!!

    *Tom and Stella moment is hilarious too!!


    * at Danny putting the 50cents to see the talk to the dancing girl... I loved the 'How ya doing?" bit...

    *Hawkes interview with the lawyer was awesome!

    *MAc sneeking out to talk to Hawkes was great too. And Flack defending him, amazing.... *OMG, Flack's tie is awful again!!

    *Peyton and Stella banter is intense... In fight Stella would win...

    *Danny calling Lindsay Montana.... I miss that.... And they are standing really close and..... SQUEE!!!

    *Danny being a wisea** again with the bouncer... But he looks incredibly hot with that jacket and his eyes are sooooo blue.....*sighs*

    *Mac pulling Peyton hand away when Stella appears....

    *Mac-Stella-Danny moment....Great!

    *Shane visiting Hawkes in jail...

    *Never call your gf your dead-wife's name.... It's not gonna help the relationship a lot...

    *2nd visit to Tom.... I love Danny laughing....

    *Stella and Flack totally look like cops... they should hide better... I can imagine Flack wearing a cowboy hat for the ocasion!

    *Another great team moment : Mac, Stella, Danny and Lindsay connecting the cases... *Danny with a gun... and looking REALLY nervous^

    *Shane is really crazy but the actor did an AMAZING job!!

    *Danny's arms when he is arresting Shane are HUGE!!!

    *Stella picking up Hawkes is a really sweet moment...

    All in all an amazing chapter...moreless

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    An awesome episode.

    I loved it from the beginning to the end.

    By Susi1007, Apr 10, 2008

    The two cases (well in fact it was only one) were really interesting.

    Even though I already knew that Shane would be part of this Episode (thanks to my TV Guide) the story was thrilling. The whole time the evidence pointed against Hawkes and I had no idea how they manage to proof his innocence. Well luckily Shane had, even though there was his condition. I was surprised that his brother really committed the crime he was arrested for and wasn't innocent like Shane was persuaded he was. It was quite interesting to see how everyone in the team handled the situation. I loved Danny trying to help Hawkes by talking to the eyewitness. Mac becoming enraged while talking to Hawkes and being lead away by an officer was good, too. And he calling Peyton Claire was kind of funny (Well not for her). Stella meeting Hawkes when he was checked out was a great ending.moreless

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    Shane Casey returns!

    By Danny2312, Jan 25, 2008

    When I first watch the episode "Hung Out to Dry", I find really hard to understand the episode (probably because I'm Chinese?). As more investigaton goes on, they found their killer-Shane Casey. But he escapes in the end. However, he returns and framed Hawkes for murdering a woman.

    This episode is so MUCH better than "Hung Out to Dry" (I can understand this episode better). This is one of the best episode in this season. The scene where Casey and Mac are at the elavator is my favourite in this episode. I LOVE this episode. I just love it. This is one of the best episode so far after the episode "Not What It Looks Like".

    I realize something, both of this episode (with "Not What It Looks Like") is written by Pam Veasey. Clearly she is a talented writer.moreless

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    Really AWESOME episode. Loved watching it.

    By kcas121, Oct 21, 2007

    I knew it!! When I first read what the title of this episode was, I knew it was going to be something about Shane Casey so when they tried to pin Hawkes, I knew who was really behind it all. I absolutely loved Danny in this episode. He was trying to protect Hawkes and get him out of jail because he is totally awesome. And I really dislike that Captain Gerard guy, he was so rude. Don was very awesome in this episode as well. I liked how they didn't reveal that it was Shane until around the middle of the episode and how they revealed him. I also liked how it wasn't just Mac that interacted with Shane, but Danny as well. The whole "battin' for your brother" thing was really cool.moreless

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    An amazing episode!

    By lioncore, Apr 06, 2007

    A surprised Sheldon gets arrested for murder while out for a late night jog. He vows that he's innocent but the evidence is all against him. The whole group are certain that he's innocent but there is nothing they can do but wait and see because they are pulled of the case. Then, an old "friend" shows up and reveals the truth...

    Amazing episode! The moment the cops pull Sheldon's hood back and we find out that it's him was so shocking! I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. I think that the acting in the episode was great too. Two thumds up guys!moreless

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