The Lady in the Lake

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  • 9.0

    Great great

    By bms29bms, Nov 27, 2012

    Loved this show. Did not end as I thought it would - a rich mom killing her son's girlfriend...

    But I really did not think the male telling a 'story' to the two young girls made any sense. Did not need it in the show.....

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  • 10


    By Dec1964, Nov 03, 2012

    Really a great episode, the storyline was well written. Never thought that his mother

    had murdered that poor girl. These last 3 episode's has been the best so far this season. Love this show.

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  • 8.5

    Great episode. slight cast error

    By DannyJohnson, Nov 03, 2012

    good episode. I do enjoy the way they occasionally bring in different viewpoints to tell the story from different viewpoints. I appreciate it was halloween week but I'm sure cant expect us to believe that the afro-american suspect being chased at the start is the white singer from Stoke. Robbie Williams really cant act that well.

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    great episode lady in the lake

    By KimSpain, Nov 03, 2012

    I thought the lady in the lake was great episode, lots crime solving, little humor with the car impounding, and telling the kids a story. And I have to say i really liked that Christine was not in it, mac was solving a crime, thats why people watch it.

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