The Party's Over

Season 5, Ep 15, Aired 2/18/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Stella attends a fund raising event and a crime scene at the same time. Mac meets a new foe.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gary Sinise

    Detective Mack 'Mac' Taylor

  • Melina Kanakaredes

    Detective Stella Bonasera

  • Carmine Giovinazzo

    Danny Messer

  • Anna Belknap

    Lindsay Monroe

  • Robert Joy

    Dr. Sid Hammerback

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  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Another Great Episode.

    By XooKey, Jul 16, 2009

  • OMG great twist!!

    By RockyBoc, Apr 22, 2009

  • Character Development on multiple levels. This episode gave us a deeper insight into the life experiences that form and affect the motivations of several characters.

    By pso5004, Feb 23, 2009

  • Many members of the NYPD have staged a walk-out in protest of the Deputy Mayor's decision to delay their paychecks in order to deal with the city's budget crisis. Things escalate when the Deputy Mayor turns up dead at one of his fundraisers.

    By meathead704, Feb 21, 2009

  • Mac may have met his match!

    By JPPT1974, Feb 20, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (19)

    • Radio host: No traffic cops anywhere, no cops anywhere.

    • Hawkes: New case came in this morning. Danny: Can I give you some help? Hawkes: (Smiles) Sure!

    • Stella: You did the unpopular thing. Danny: (Ironically) Me? That's my MO, right?

    • Jake Kaplan: I... I thought I was... Adam: That you're a freak? Yeah, it's not your fault, Jake. Ok? It's your brain and it's just playing tricks on you. Its called OCD and a lot of people have it. Jake Kaplan: How do you know so much?

    • Stella: I'm old school, Danny. You know? I took an oath and I take it literally. My responsibility is first and foremost to the people of this city and the job that I do. Danny: That's exactly what I'm holding out for a little respect.

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    Notes (7)

    • Recurring actor Craig T. Nelson has a well established connection to this series. His son Noah serves a writer on the show. He also costarred in the 2000 thriller The Skulls with series lead Hill Harper and former original C.S.I. star William Peterson. Nelson is known for his role as Washington, D.C. Police chief Jack Mannion on The District where C.S.I. New York staff writer Peter Lenkov served as a scribe on that series. Noah Nelson in his other capacity as an actor, played Mannion in scenes depicting Mannion's youth.

    • French episode title: La Grippe Bleue, meaning The Blue Flu.

    • According to executive producer Peter Lenkov, the Blue Flu plot was written into the episode because of the writers' strike in 2007 and 2008.

    • Original International Air Dates: Turkey: April 27, 2009 on CNBC-e. Spain: April 28, 2009 on AXN. Czech Republic: June 10, 2009 on AXN. Sweden: August 31, 2009 on Kanal 5. The Netherlands: September 21, 2009 on RTL4. Norway: September 23, 2009 on TVNorge. New Zealand: December 1, 2009 on TV3. Germany: December 14, 2009 on Vox. Slovakia: January 16, 2010 on JOJ. Australia: January 14, 2010 on Channel 9. Finland: May 19, 2010 on MTV3.

    • Jack McGee, who plays Officer Marks, also appeared in episode 5x11 Forbidden Fruit.

      Skyler Gisondo, who plays Jake Kaplan, appeared in the C.S.I. episode Leaving Las Vegas.

      Craig Woolson, who plays the defense attorney, also guest-starred in the C.S.I. episode Face Lift.

      Maury Sterling, who plays Neal Weston, appeared in the C.S.I. episode 19 Down and in the CSI: Miami episode Throwing Heat.

      Al Vicente, who plays the bodega owner, appeared in the CSI: Miami episode Killer Date.

      David Chisum, who plays Dep. Mayor Kaplan, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Miami, We Have A Problem and in the C.S.I. one Double Fault.

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    Trivia (23)

    • Goof: The newspaper headline about the deceased deputy mayor says "just desserts" but it should read "just deserts".

    • This is the second time that a dead body is found when Stella attends a party. First time was in 2x14 Stuck on You.

    • The show does a good job at depicting "blue flu" in a smart, reasonable and rational way, risky topic as it is, and neither of both sides is blamed. However, even though everyone respects that Danny decides to take action, he should have been up-front about it preventing that a criminal was put back on the street.

    • Adam has some kind of OCD which fits with the few hints of his past we've known so far. It is praise worthy the way such disorder has been treated, showing one can live with it without being pointed at.

    • Goof: When Stella picks up Hawkes' phone call, Stella's cell phone screen is displaying the main menu as she puts it to her ear, meaning she isn't really talking on it.

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    Allusions (4)

    • The writing on the newspaper article says: 'Follow the money' which is a reference to the 1976 movie All the President's Men. The movie is about the Watergate affair and the same advice to "follow the money" was given to Bob Woodward by his secret contact Deep Throat.

    • Stella: Hey Adam! Are you alright? Adam: Yeah, nothing that a slice and some Guitar Hero can't fix. Guitar Hero is a video game in which a plastic guitar acts as the controller to play the music as seen on screen.

    • The name of Stella's date is Brendon Walsh, which might allude to the main character in the show Beverly Hills, 90210 whose name was Brandon Walsh.

    • Gillian: You know Jerry MacGuire? Jerry MacGuire is a 1996 movie directed by Cameron Crowe, where a sports agent is fired as a result of expressing a moral diatribe.

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