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    Ooh late night

    By anastasia1243, May 25, 2015

    (3 ep, Apr-May 2015) TV Land

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    An OK show

    By Raven77, Dec 18, 2013

    I know that Larry is not perfect but hey, we all ar`nt which is how I can relate to him in a way. The plots do feel decent but at times it feels like the show writers were straining to complete the plots for the more complex episodes. Still, I think it had a good run.

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    the BEST in laughs :)

    By mssharfields, Mar 09, 2013

    Love all the episodes of Larry David and his mishaps. He can get into more trouble, so funny! The best ever! Thank you guys for a fabulous show!!

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    Quite A Rollercoaster

    By procopius, Dec 15, 2012

    I spent a lot of time whilst watching this show simply waiting, patiently, for the good parts. It seems that a considerable amount of intellectual resources are pooled to reach the gem (which are almost invariably reached however awkwardly), which can be torturous. I watched it all though, as I thought the good parts are worth it.

    I think it is important to remember that a disdain for characters is not a criticism of the show's worth. Larry is essentially playing a character he would like to, and acting abilities aside, he seems to be pleased with that. Also, a plot which seems to cover too much, or stray from the story is not a bad plot, but simply a complex one. I feel that Curb manages to avoid going into too much detail in these sub plots but does include them, which is what chaotic events entail.

    Overall I don't regret watching the show but I kind of wonder what I could have done instead...moreless

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    By KhalilKhoury, Mar 22, 2012

    If you watched seinfeld.. u know what this thing is talking about. For all the people that gave it 1 or 2, you can die now and i wouldnt give a shit. this is the best show in the world.. and for those who watch how i met your mother.. these jokes are all made up, but this show is like real life.

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    Painful, contrived, self-absorbed drivel

    By writingcounts, Jan 24, 2012

    After resisting this show for a long time (Didn't like Seinfeld), I just watched "Black Swan" and "...Like to Wear Panties" and I just cannot believe how many people think this is the greatest show ever. Every plot line is contrived, the characters are more one dimensional than Seinfeld, and the only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because there are a few good lines (and it does provide insight into the personalities behind Seinfeld).

    The Panties episode was amazingly dumb. Every single aspect of the whole pants plot was unbelievable.

    So the fire alarm closes the mall for several hours? He's told so by the same cop who appears at his house later? He goes home and leaves his pants there and doesn't go back later that day? He must've put his wallet in the pants he was trying on in the store so he wasn't without it when he did the lemonaid stand bit. He wore the same pants day after day and didn't even take off the tag after he stole them in front of the store employee who let him set off the alarm and walk away with stolen merchandise? What a bizzare chain of events.... all so he can have that officer from another unbelievable plot line demand he give the pants back (...instead of arresting him). It all has the character of a 'shaggy-dog story', where you sit through a long string of contrived events all in the name of a punchline; in this case, Larry dropping his pants to reveal that he's wearing panties.

    I love how his manager's wife walks out of the room and five seconds later he and Larry are yelling at each other about the panty thing (I guess sound doesn't travel in his world). This seems to be a constant for the show. Sound dosen't travel when people yell at each other after another person exits the screen.

    The Black Swan episode had all the unbelievable events (guy who's holding them back on the golf course has a heart attack right then and there but they don't see it?) lead up to the stone mason (who hangs out at country club vigils of course and wears funny foreshadowing hats) erasing and carving out accusations on a dead relative's tombstone.

    I normally don't like to point out plot holes in reviews, and in a show this poorly written, it's almost unfair, but c'mon. He's got enough money he should be able to pay someone who's at least modestly clever to flush out the plot, maybe give the characters a second personality trait.

    I swear there is no effort put into the writing because it's just another show about a bunch of shallow rich people and just how Zaaa-aaa-aaany their crazy lives are. I'd imagine most the people who like this show are avid fans of TMZ and honestly think Seinfeld was the very first 'show about nothing'.

    Larry David is so beloved that he could read a TV Guide and his fans would be rolling about on their backs laughing hysterically at his genius.moreless

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    ucommon genuis

    By bieoh, Jan 01, 2012

    Larry David is at his finest. We are talking about they writer for Sienfield for Heaven's sake. The situations Larry finds himself in are absolutley hilarious without question and he often has me feelin sympathy for him being misunderstood all the time. The plots are relevant to everyday life and don't have to be so crazy and unrealistic. He does meet other c-list celebs and like any other person he come in contact with, he ends up pissing them of. I am black, and the fact that Larry said the n word does not phase me. First of all, Larry means no harm by saying this. His character houses a black person (have no clue if for free). Taking so much offense would be implying the meaning of the word which would actually make the critic rascist. Plus, Larry is'nt the rascist, we alll now Kreimer is. To finalize, its undoubtingly amusing when Larry scrunches up his eyes and his face and gives someone the stare down.moreless

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    Rich guy acting out of necessity to prove he's not just a good writer producer.

    By BorgWarner15, Dec 11, 2011

    I'm sorry but i just don't see how this is anything but painful. I can appreciate and recognize the humour in the scenes but Larry Davids acting is so obvious and forced that i'm sure if they grabbed one of the guys from behind camera and got him to do Larry's lines it would be much funnier. His delivery is laboured and awkward. You can almost see him looking out of the corner of his eye to get some sort of acknowledgement from the crew to reassure him that he is funny. But i guess since he is paying their wages they would tell him what he wants to hear. Dont get me wrong, as i said it is a well scripted and shot show, its just the main characters ability to act that lets the whole thing down. Maybe ill wait another year and watch the DVDs again to see if i have changed and it becomes funnier.moreless

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    Terrible worst show I've ever suffered through watching. Worst acting I have ever seen. It's like he is trying sooooo hard, it's painful.

    By jlphillips24, Dec 11, 2011

    What is this??? I am seriously confused as to if this is a reality show or a sitcom?? I am however positive it's THE worst thing on TV I have ever seen. The comedy is awkward and as far from natural as can be.

    It seems like this really bad blend of all characters from Seinfield into one bad actor who doesn't know where to use it, if that makes since.

    I just had to log on the internet to see if anyone else had noticed this to be the worst show ever aired on HBO, take it off the air!! Please. There are real comedians out there, I'm sure of it.moreless

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