Zero to Sixty Pretty Quick

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Quotes (6)

  • Sam Berger: I'll see what the homeless guys want. Dominic Da Vinci: You know what they want, don't you? They want homes.

  • Lloyd Manning: We're having some problems ... we're having some problems, you know. I know that you really screwed me and I want to set things straight. Dominic Da Vinci: What kind of problems are you having? Lloyd Manning: Well -- Dominic Da Vinci: How could I screw you? I just got elected.

  • Mick Leary: Where's the machete? Where's the weapon? Where's the machete? Officer: Uh, I don't know. Somebody picked it up and bagged it. Mick Leary: Somebody bagged it? Do you want to find out who that was? Where's homicide? They here yet? Officer: I think they just rolled in. Mick Leary: Okay, you want to find out who's got that weapon? For future reference, I'd like to take a good look at the scene before you guys start carting shit away. No I.D.? Who's running the show here? Who's controlling the -- oh, this is just a bit too sloppy.

  • (The on-scene officer attempts to stop Leary from entering the scene.) Officer: Excuse me. Mick Leary: I'm with the coroner's service. Officer: Excuse me? Mick Leary: I'm the coroner.

  • Da Vinci (referring to putting firefighters on the streets of Vancouver, due to lack of police officers): How come we never did this before? Forsythe: Because we never had a mayor with a death wish before.

  • Zack McNab (after walking into Mayor Da Vinci's office): Nice digs.