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    Da Vinci's Inquest

    By CharrCook, Jun 09, 2013

    I have been watching this show for years, but it wasn't in sequence then bam it was off here in it is back on WGN season 7 episode to watch 13 online but can't find it want to watch Brian get busted. an afraid they might pull this before it has a few espisodes but not is a GREAT love to watch it from the beginning.

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    By emeraldcity, May 29, 2013

    Says it its Canadian. Thats no excuse. Life is gritty. Not that gritty. Things can get a bit crunchy. Thats not fun to watch. Thats the way it is. Live with it-its Canadian. All joking aside I do think the show has a tendency to become mired in overly realistic portrayals of just how bunged up things can get out there in the 'real world' -call me a weenie but I like my TV shows to be more of the escapist variety where things look better than they do in real life.moreless

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  • 3.0

    A quirky show that can be good at times when not involved in pushing a political agenda.

    By Glornt, Mar 15, 2011

    I wanted to like this show, tried to like this show, and initially did like it. The frequent weak "non-endings" of episodes were alternately refreshing and disappointing, but what finally put me off of this show was the repeated use of heavy left-wing slants in storylines.

    For example, the police officer who disagrees with Da Vinci's desire to provide free drugs to addicts is a "mere" traffic cop, and therefore narrow minded. Then, Da Vinci apparently suffers no adverse consequences from participating in an illegal drug transaction with a cop watching.

    While this particular episode was the one that finally put me off, as bad as it was it wouldn't have been the final straw without several similar annoyances in previous episodes, including many instances of petty anti-American sniping; it's not so much the sniping that offends me as the pettiness of it, what I guess psychobabblers would call "passive-aggressive" behavior, or what real people call "wimpy".moreless

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    Great show, but not all the Seasons have been released. There is a petition to do so...

    By MaxRavenstone, Jan 05, 2009

    This was a great show. Very well written, with great acting to boot. It is much more realistic than these modern shows like CSI. It can be dark and gritty, and doesn't hold back. It is definitely worth watching if you are into that kind of crime drama. Lots of Canadian guest stars, including Ginger Snaps stars Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins. They have currently only released the first three seasons on DVD. But...

    There is a petition to convince Acorn to release the last four seasons of "Da Vinci's Inquest" on DVD.


    Please sign it, and tell your friends. Thank you.moreless

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    A cop's "cop show" although the lead character is the coroner Dominic Da Vinci. It's gritty, realistic, funny as hell, while being sad on many levels as the coroner & Police Officers make their way through some very dark realities, but always with heart.

    By socr8ive, Jul 28, 2007

    This show has the ability to pull a viewer in, even without a lot of the backstory if you enter during a later season.

    If you're a fan of slick "Hollywood" everything-is-tied-up-neatly-with-a-bow at the end of the show...


    if you think great crime drama is watching cleavage bulging women, wearing $500 pairs of designer shoes on lovely young investigators traipsing around crime scenes... then for God's sake don't watch this show or buy the DVD's!

    DaVinci's Inquest is one of those rare gems that speaks volumes to the viewers. You can't watch this show and not feel something, some emotion.

    The main characters are layer upon layer of actual people, with real people's problems, personalities, stupidity, humor and more.

    The writing and storylines are intricate and complex. But often glaringly basic. Just like any person's daily life. Some issues are resolved over many episodes, some in one, some... ongoing.

    All the while, you just get so immersed in the stories and the characters they make you feel like they could live next door to you!

    The actors; Nicholas Campbell, Donnelly Rhodes, Venus Terzo, Ian Tracy and so many others take the astonishing writing of series creator Chris Haddock and make indelible marks as some of the best character portrayals you could ever hope to see.

    This show has everything that American crime dramas don't... realism, episodes about people who's lives will never be the same, those that will probably never rise any higher than the street life, as well as those that are heading to that level from high up above.

    In a word, this series is "Classic"moreless

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  • 8.8

    A great Canadian show

    By cynicalshoes, Jul 01, 2007

    This is the kind of show that caught my attention and then ran with it. The acting, the writing, the sets, the camera work, are all unlike what I've seen before. It might take some getting used to, it is a drastic change from the other fresh-from-the-mold procedural shows, but it's a welcome change of pace from the rest of the LA-based and produced shows.

    When I first watched Da Vinci's Inquest, I thought for a second, "is this even scripted?". Nicholas Campbell has what is really just an amazingly different style of acting than 'conventional' actors.

    With a host of Canadian actors and filmed right in Vancouver, Da Vinci's Inquest is like nothing you've seen before.moreless

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    By Blanche2, May 07, 2007

    The casting, the direction, the film site, the story lines -- it all works. Just can't get enough of this show. Would like to see it in sequential order. Just placed an order for the first season through Netflix then I'll be hankering to have access to the rest of the show on DVD.

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    I love this program, but for some reason I missed that part where they were supppose to get a warrant on a storage place that Brian the dirty cop, was renting can you please tell me what happened to that, thank you sharon

    By delva311, Apr 22, 2007

    this is a great show love everyone on the show hope it keeps on the air i look forward to it everyday, iam writing because for some reason i missed the part on the eposode that they were going to get a warrant out for Brian, did not know how to get a message through excaept through the review section, my e-mail is jesus-delva@hotmial.com I would appreciate it if someone could get back with me on that, thank you sharon lopezmoreless

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    Give me more like this

    By zichlebee, Jan 16, 2007

    I get this show on DISH network from WGN Chicago. Unfortunately some of the episodes are missing and I have no idea why. I love this show and all the characters. I especially like the camera work which is not jerky and annoying as in some shows. It treats the vouyer with intelligence and the themes are timely and thought provoking. There are some real villians but the heroes are well rounded and have feet of clay. I only regret that I am at the mercy of reruns and not complete ones at that. Wish we could get more Canadian shows in the States. Barry Pepper is another Canadian that I really admire.moreless

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    This is the best tv series I have ever seen and I am OLD.

    I dont understand why the people that made this dont get these characters back together for another one - they have such perfect chemistry.

    By janeladams, Dec 15, 2006

    I look forward to this show every day of my life. Even though its on at a ridiculous time and Ive seen it before, I wouldn\'t miss a single one. This show is so different and brings up subjects you have never seen before on a tv show. That makes it seem almost like a documentary that is frequently funny, sometimes heartbeakingly sad, often jaw dropping shocking. DaVinci can be so testy and irritating and and the next moment so compassionate. Nicholas Campbell is quite possibly the best actor we have in Canada and the USA and he makes my day!moreless

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