Three, Three, Three (2)

Season 13, Ep 27, Aired 5/11/90
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  • Episode Description
  • In the sanitarium, J.R. finally gets Jessica to sign over her Weststar voting rights; Cliff tries to convince Liz to stay in Dallas; Liz and McKay reach a mutual understanding about keeping quiet about their shared past; Cally and James obtain their long-awaited revenge against J.R.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Larry Hagman

    John Ross 'J.R.' Ewing

  • Ken Kercheval

    Cliff Barnes

  • Sasha Mitchell

    James Richard Beaumont

  • George Kennedy

    Carter McKay

  • Leonard Katzman

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    • James: Funny, you look right at home here. J.R.: Well, enjoy it while you can, but I'm gonna destroy both of you. You're gonna regret the day you ever met me, boy. James: No threats, J.R. J.R.: This is not a threat, this is a guarantee. Now, you get me the hell ouf of here, you little bastard! James: No way, Daddy. It's payback time and you're in here for good. J.R.: What?! Orderly: Easy, Mr. Ewing. J.R.: He's got my release papers! James: Not anymore. (James rips up the papers) J.R.: Huh?! What are you?!... Orderly: Get him out of here! (Orderlies take J.R. away) J.R.: I'm not gonna... What you are you doing to me?! James: Enjoy your stay!

    • James: I've got your release papers right here. J.R.: Yeah? What's going on? James: Oh, there's another paper you have to sign first. J.R.: What are you up to, boy? James: Just sign this property settlement and I'll take your release papers to the office. I'll pre-date it, just like you did. J.R.: Why, you little turncoast. You're no son of mine. James: Obviously, I am. I'm doing exactly what you'd do.

    • James: You really think of everything, don't you? J.R.: Well, if you wanna be where I am, you have to. James: Yeah, well, right now, where you are is a high-security sanitarium.

    • Dr. Wexler: You know, we've never really discussed your paranoia? J.R.: What paranoia? Dr. Wexler: This feeling that people are out to get you. Did you feel that way about your wife? J.R.: What the hell are you talking about? Dr. Wexler: What is it that people are trying to do to you? J.R.: They're trying to take Ewing Oil away from me. Hell, they all hate me! Is that paranoid?!

    • Keller: (whispering) I bet you're gonna sneak out again, just like last night. J.R.: You saw me? Keller: Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anybody. But I think you should buy a shawl. J.R.: (sighs) God, blackmailed, even in here.

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    Notes (1)

    • Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie), Charlene Tilton (Lucy), Lesley-Anne Down (Stephanie), Patrick Duffy (Bobby), Kimberly Foster (Michelle), Howard Keel (Clayton), and Sheree J. Wilson (April) do not appear in this episode.

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