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    about the series

    By JordanWelch, Mar 24, 2015

    It had great casting in season 1, acting for Zeljko Ivanek in season 1 and Glenn Close in season 1-2.

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    Why would you work for someone like this?

    By alanrinfret, Jan 05, 2015

    This is response to why would people work for her?

    Obviously written by someone who's never worked in the competitive work environment know as New York.

    You work for people like this because you're being paid at the rate of a renowned neurosurgeon. You're well educated. You're highly competitive and a carrot of more resonsibilty, more power and even greater compensation is being dangled in front of you constantly. You decide to resign and you receive a check for $200,000 to retain you.

    That's why you work for someone like this. So, if you can't deal with this way of life, you choice us obvious. Don't ask why. Just stay in a mundane job for the rest of your life.moreless

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    By mickscoop, Jan 04, 2015

    It's a crying shame some of he best known actors would succumb to acting with 2d rate actors for money and or to exalt themselves above those actors in such a terribly written show MFJ made for jerks and idiots . In my opinion ! In the first episode I thought it would be a good show only to fast realize as Elaine said on Seinfeld about the movie The English Patient Can You say IT SUCKED !!!!! AND DOES DAMAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS IS SO BADLY WRITTEN AND S A HUGE JOKE -DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME... Sorry G C you were great in Fatal Attraction and others but this show IMO hurt you and will follow you along with the other once good actors . .moreless

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    why did people work for her?

    By MyReview, Sep 27, 2014

    I really like the show, but one thing about it made no sense to me.

    Patty Hewes was a bastard to work for. Tom and Ellen worked for her and had other offers from other law firms. SO WHY DIDN'T THEY QUIT AND GO WITH THEM?

    I know it's only a tv show, fiction, but still that part of it made no sense.

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    only one damage

    By anamreachi, Sep 10, 2014

    Casting of the character for Ellen Parsons couldn't have been worse. This girl is utter superficiality no visible talent other than good looks(go figure---literally, lol). The scene where it depicted Ellen may have been dead felt like a relief, but alas, false alarm.

    Patty Hewes played by actor Glenn Close is supposed to be a "bad guy", thing is Close is - as usual brilliant and the depth and richness and humanity she brings to this character is opposite of what was meant.

    Little Ellen is given money, opportunity upon opportunity and after Hewes says yes to her, she backs out of cases where huge amounts of money have been spent?

    Ellen's character is a barbie doll, backstabbing, felt nothing watching her, least of all any sympathy. Surrounded by an excellent cast Rose Byrne stood out like a sore thumb.moreless

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    this show sucks!

    By sirvapesalot, Mar 17, 2014

    I really don't know what planet most of these people are from, but this show literally stunk. I made sure to turn it off halfway through the first episode, and so should you. Hardly any of the performances are believable. At best they're forced and ineffectual. Anyone who wrote a good review must be working for FX. The garbage-lovers are out in full force cuz this one is nothing but junk!

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    Season 1

    By oldspook, Oct 28, 2013

    I started watching season 1 on Amazon Prime. I liked the cast and the show but I cannot stand the way they screw up the time line. After 4 episodes, I quit watching because I got tired of the "4 months earlier". It is impossible to follow the show.

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    Who killed David?

    By Shirly, Jul 17, 2013

    A pair of men working for Frobisher killed David while attempting to find evidence, Gregory's videotape, which David had hidden in the very Statue of Liberty bookend eventually used to kill him. It later ends up in evidence.

    Near the end of the first season, you find out that one of the murderers is a corrupt police detective. In the second season, it is revealed that the other killer is also a police officer, and both murderers moonlight as contractors for a private security firm. 687moreless

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    This is why fx shines

    By nahga1, Mar 24, 2013

    I never watched damage until like 4 or 5 seasons had passed. I shouldve known it was top notch because everything on fx is topnotch. its the best station on cable, and damages is so dark with so much back stabbing,, outmaneuvering and stuff, its like damn, people are so selfish and cruel.

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