Dancing With the Stars

Episode 410A

Season 4, Ep 20, Aired 5/22/07
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  • The winner of the fourth season of Dancing With The Stars is announced. The remaining couple dance one last dance for the judges which will be added to last nights vote to determine the winner. All of the eliminated couples come back for one last spin across the dance floor.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Dedicoat


  • Alec Mazo

    Professional Dancer

  • Apolo Anton Ohno

    Season 4 - Celebrity Dancer

  • Billy Ray Cyrus

    Season 4 - Celebrity Dancer

  • Brian Fortuna

    Professional Dancer

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  • YAY!!! Apolo and Julianne won!!!

    By trm6, May 23, 2007

  • Apolo and Julianne are #1!

    By peggy777, May 23, 2007

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    • (Judges comments on Apolo and Julianne's Paso Doble) Tom Bergeron: Whatever happens tonight, I'm going to miss you guys dancing together, I gotta tell you. It's such a pleasure. Len Goodman: If I were to sum you up, the word I'd use is commitment. I know I've been tough on you sometimes, but you always come back stronger. Like a true athlete. You win Dancing With the Stars one dance at a time. And you win dances one step at a time. There wasn't one step there that I could fault. Carrie Ann Inaba: OK, well. What I love about you two is the incredible chemistry you have. You are such a team and you really work well together. I'm so glad you chose the Paso because that's the dance that allows you to show off every move, every nuance, every style of every dance you've learned and that's why you're so great. Bruno Tonioli: I think for me, there's one thing that encapsulates you. It's the element of youth. You excite the audience and you put a fresh spin on everything you do.

    • (Some final comments) Len Goodman: Two born competitors, but only one can win. Apolo Anton Ohno: Winning the trophy would be unbelievable, that would be the icing on the cake. Joey Fatone: I want to be able to say, hey, look at my trophy. You want to touch it? Well, you can't! Apolo Anton Ohno: I've had bronze, silver and gold medals. Now I really want that mirror ball trophy!

    • (Judges comments on Apolo) Len Goodman: Apolo, the athlete, the Greek God of War. The king of speed. Apolo Anton Ohno: When I entered this competition, this is exactly where I wanted to be. We're there, we have the opportunity to grab that trophy. It's in our reach. Carrie Ann Inaba: Of all the ballroom dancers that we've had in the past, Apolo has become the best technical dancer of all of them. Apolo Anton Ohno: I think the one thing that stands out is that we are willing to take risks. We try things that no one else is willing to try. Joey Fatone: He does a lot of things really quick. He's a speed skater, so he's quick on his feet. Bruno Tonioli: When I see Apolo moving across that floor, I"m reminded of a cheetah. The fastest animal on earth. Carrie Ann Inaba: Apolo and Julianne are the perfect match. When they get on the dance floor, they look perfect together. Bruno Tonioli: The two of them, sometimes you can hardly distinguish the one from the other. Len Goodman: If ever a partnership was made in heaven, it was them two. They are the perfect pair.

    • (Judges comments on Joey Fatone) Len Goodman: Joey's a Showman Joey Fatone: I don't want to be second or third. I want to be number one. Bruno Tonioli: Everytime that Joey comes out, he surprises you with his choreography. Carrie Ann Inaba: He looks like there's nowhere else in the world he'd rather be and that makes it wonderful to watch. Len Goodman: Joey has had more standing ovations than any couple on any season ever. The couple just goes wild for him. Carrie Ann Inaba: When I see Joey perform, he always has humor. And when I see humor in dance, it works well together. Apolo Anton Ohno: The judges like Joey because he is really tuned into performing for a live audience. Bruno Tonioli: When Joey's personality comes across in the dances, he's a winner. You can't not like him.

    • (Backstage with Samantha) Samantha Harris: You are an undefeated boxing champion, you're known as being tough. But last night, the judges said you embody grace and elegance on the dance floor. Laila Ali: First of all, I just want to say that you can be both strong and sexy and beautiful. Definitely, I think people see me in a different light. They see more of me on this show. Samantha Harris: And more of you, too!

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    Notes (2)

    • Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough are the champions of this season's Dancing With the Stars. Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson were the runners-up, with Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy coming in third place.

    • Professional dancers Tony Dovolani, Elena Grinenko, Alec Mazo, Edyta Sliwinska, Jonathan Roberts, Karina Smirnoff, Brian Fortuna and Cheryl Burke danced to Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet."

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