Danger Man

ITV (ended 1968)
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  • S 4 : Ep 2

    Shinda Shima

    Aired 1/12/68

  • S 4 : Ep 1


    Aired 1/5/68

  • S 3 : Ep 23

    Not So Jolly Roger

    Aired 4/7/66

  • S 3 : Ep 22

    The Paper Chase

    Aired 3/31/66

  • S 3 : Ep 21

    The Man With the Foot

    Aired 3/24/66

  • Cast & Crew
  • Patrick McGoohan

    John Drake

  • Richard Wattis


  • Beverly Garland

    Jo Harris

  • Donald Pleasence


  • John Crawford

    Dr Keller

  • show Description
  • The Danger Man is back! One of the most popular characters ever introduced to television screens, the original Danger Man swept the world, bringing international fame to the talented and good-looking star, Patrick McGoohan. Danger Man is now produced as one-hour programs, with vivid new stories which take Special Security Agent John Drake into even more tensely dramatic adventures in every part of the globe. He is a man who jousts with danger, a man who takes calculated risks, a man dedicated to his ideals. He respects his adversaries, and he respects the beautiful women who came into his life. Big-name stars support Patrick McGoohan throughout the series, and the producer is once again Ralph Smart, the man who created and devised Danger Man. All the episodes are directed by leading motion pictures directors who are masters of their craft. Excitement and suspense are the keynotes of stories which live up to the title. The emphasis is on Danger.moreless

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  • Quotes (16)

    • Drake: Your husband was murdered in an apartment on the other side of Rome… There was evidence that he was sharing that apartment with a woman.
      Stella: Now you just surprised me, John… I never knew Frank had that much initiative.

    • Lisa: (as Drake prepares his rifle) You are going to kill someone?
      Drake: His name is Vogeler. Hans Vogeler.
      Lisa: You are going to murder him?
      Drake: That was not my intention. My intention was to get him out of the country.
      Lisa: You are going to murder him!
      Drake: Miss Orin, you teach your children to live in peace; but, there are some men who thrive on hate, Miss Orin. They make a profession out of war. There aren't many, but they're dangerous and have to be stopped. Hans Vogeler is a professional assassin.

    • Drake: (after looking at a photo of the murder scene) Colonel, I'll take your assignment, but I won't do your dirty work for you. I'll bring him out alive if I possibly can.

    • Drake: What did you have in mind, Colonel?
      Col. Keller: Look, I don't care how you do it, Drake, but this guy's got to be eliminated.
      Drake: I'm sorry, Colonel, it's not me you want. What you want is a hired assassin.

    • Drake: (voice-over) It was a cold, windy morning—it would be. My orders were to sit at a corner table of a certain cafe at 6.15, precisely. I was supposed to be reading a copy of Ici Paris while I awaited the arrival of the inevitable mysterious stranger. Heh, these security boys must sit up nights working out the cloak and dagger stuff.

    • Drake: We all know that Lt. Cortez killed your brother. He is confident that he is safe from discovery. We must shake that confidence. If we can do so, even momentarily, we may force him into making a mistake.
      Josetta: What can I do, Mr. Drake?
      Drake: You are going to make Cortez think that you can see, that you saw him shoot you brother.
      Josetta: But, how could I?
      Drake: It will take a great deal of perseverance abd practice. But, if I may say so, I think that you are a most determined young lady, Senorita.
      Josetta: I will do my best, Mr. Drake.

    • Drake: (voice-over) Posing as a simple-mided millionaire, I had no trouble easing my way into the gambling fraternity. The more I lost, the more acceptable I became. It wasn't long before I found myself in a game with Lt. Cortez. A pleasant enough young man for a cold-blooded assassin.

    • Drake: This visit of mine must have been very inconvenient for you, Colonel.
      Col. Segur: Are you suggesting that I'm trying to smother this case?
      Drake: Are you?
      Col. Segur: I am not. I'm a policeman, paid to do my duty. When we find the assassin, we will see that he goes to trial.
      Drake: Uh huh, in the meantime, you're not going to look too hard.

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    Notes (5)

    • Patrick McGoohan would later film his best known series, "The Prisoner", in Portmeirion (the location of the villa).

    • Patrick McGoohan (John Drake) would later appear in the TV-movie The Prisoner and the television series The Prisoner.

    • The parallels with 'The Prisoner' are astounding. Drake assumes a disguise to go to a closed 'village' somewhere in Eastern Europe. Here British people who have willingly defected to the East live and work in a perfect recreation of an English village, although the environs look more like an unfinished shopping precinct in a 1960s new town (it was shot in 1964, remember). The object of the village is to train spies so that they can pass themselves off as being British. Drake infiltrates the village and finds that his fellow Brits have been attracted there for various reasons: love, money, status or ideology. No-one can leave and everyone is under constant surveillance. Drake gets to meet a 'Number 2' and a 'Number 1'. There are surreal twists, for example when on a guided tour also included is a display of electro-shock torture. The main difference is that in this case Drake manages to leave the village after a single episode. Here are the seeds of the Prisoner. An amusing footnote for the fans of Number 6.

    • While Cuba is never mentioned by name the Marxist rhetoric, the camo outfits worn by government officials, (which does nothing to hide Juana's torpedo bra!), the reference to being on an island, and most importantly the leader's fiery,long-winded speeches heard island-wide leave no doubt where the story takes place.

    • Kenneth Griffith (Richards) also appeared in The Prisoner finale "Fall Out". Besides Patrick McGoohan, he is the only other actor to appear in the finales of both Danger Man and The Prisoner.

    Trivia (6)

    • Patrick McGoohan was so taken by Portmeirion he used it as the location for his Village in "The Prisoner".

    • Future James Bond cast members in this episode:  Lois Maxwell who would play Miss Moneypenny in 14 films starting with Dr. No, Donald Pleasence who would play Blofeld in You Only Live Twice and Martin Benson who would play Solo in Goldfinger.

    • The letters on the eyechart in the background of the doctor's office are backwards as if seen in a mirror.

    • Christopher Benjamin later played the same character (Potter) in The Prisoner episode "The Girl Who Was Death". This lends credence to the belief that John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) is the same person as Number Six, McGoohan's character on the later series.

    • This was the first of two Danger Man episodes filmed in colour. The next episode - the final one - would also be in colour. These two episodes were eventually combined with some additional linking shots and released commercially as "Koroshi". There were no closing "Koroshi" credits and no "Shinda Shima" opening titles; the two simply ran into each other except for the few minutes of linking footage. No reference in the film is made to Danger Man, although the ending credits have the signature series theme. There are minor differences between the episodes and the movie, with two being the most notable. In the series Tanaka (the chauffeur) is shown at the end in the airport with Drake, asking if he can get him anything; in the movie, Tanaka attacks Drake after Sanders' plane crashes and is knocked out by Drake (who finds a cult medallion on him). The other is more subtle: when Drake visits Rosemary in the episode she holds down the phone switch when using the phone, making it clear she is only pretending to help Drake; in the movie the shot is removed, making her actions more ambiguous.

    • Nit pick - OK the episode was not shot on location, but all the main baddies are Western. In the record store, Drake should have spotted his non-Japanese tail a mile off.

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  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • A major force in the British spy invasion of the 1960s.

    By tvking1, Nov 13, 2007

  • This early 60s gem of British television (sometimes released as "Secret Agent" in the US) was a well-written and heavily influential series that help launch an entire genre of espionage drama on screens both large and small.

    By ootmians, Dec 22, 2006

  • Danger Man really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today.

    By ara2kch16, Apr 14, 2006

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