Danger Mouse

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Quotes (82)

  • McNasty: (Hanging from a peice of wood from the roof of the hotel) Help Me Bob! Help Me! DM: (From Below) Good Morning McNasty! Been up long?

  • Danger Mouse: Better split up and look around. Penfold:Right, Sir. Could I split up and come with you?

  • Stiletto: When it come to dirty deeds, Barone, you are the dirtiest. Baron Silas Greenback: Oh, I bet you say that to all the great frogs you know.

  • Isambard Sinclair: Dangermouse's trusted assistant Ernest Penfold. Codenamed 'The Jigsaw'. Because when he's faced with a problem, he goes to pieces.

  • Penfold: Danger Mouse! What are you doing? DM: It's called 'The Super-hero Side-step!

  • Penfold: Oh crickey, what's that? DM: I would guess big, strong and unfriendly.

  • Ernest Penfold: (Arriving at Castle McStrangle) Oh, what a shame, the front door's locked. So, so we can't get in, and seeing as how I'm hopeless at climbing remote Scottish castles, especially before breakfast, it looks like we'll have to go back empty handed. Danger Mouse: Penfold, sush. Ernest Penfold: Right, DM. I'm now in a permanent state of shushness.

  • Penfold: Crickey! I'm allergic to falling bridges!

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Notes (23)

  • This is the second in a series of two pilots. The first one has not been found yet.

  • This episode was later reworked in 1981 and became episode 1x02 "Who Stole The Bagpipes."

  • "Who Stole All the Bagpipes?" is actually a remake of the original, unaired 1979 pilot episode, "The Mystery of the Lost Chord." This explains why there was no video monitor when Colonel K called at the start of the episode.

  • Professor Skwakencluck and Buggles Pigeon are introduced.

  • During the series' original run on Nickelodeon (1984-87), the scenes with the jungle natives were taken out. Those scenes were restored on the second Nickelodeon run (1991-94).

  • Agent 57 is introduced.

  • "Custard" was the debut episode on Nickelodeon (June 4, 1984).

  • During the first Nickelodeon run (1984-87), scenes with jungle natives were taken out. The scenes were restored in the second Nickelodeon run (1991-94).

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Trivia (42)

  • Sign reads: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME! When DM blows past it, it spins around and reads "HEY CAN'T YOU READ."

  • The music (opening theme, and throughout the episode) is different than the original series.

  • No Closing Credits which makes this episode hard to date, but a writer contract existed, dated Apr 8 1979.

  • Danger Mouse lives under a post box at 221B Baker Street. Address sound familiar...? That's where Sherlock Holmes lived!

  • Penfold and then Danger Mouse identified the monster Frankenstein but Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster not the monster itself.

  • Stilletto reaches through the screen to hand Penfold a travel brochure.

  • The episode title is actually a misnomer, as nobody actually dies in this episode.

  • Leatherhead is reading a ZAP comic featuring Danger Mouse, Greenback and Penfold.

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Allusions (50)

  • When the Vampire Bats show up to intimidate DM and Penfold, they break out into song, singing "Fangs for the Memories."

  • Terra firma When DM and Penfold landed on Frankenstien's head, DM stated "Terra firma at last." Penfold did not understand, and just agreed and stated "and something to stand on too!" not realizing they were speaking of the same thing.

  • Penfold: Didn't he discover America? Penfold gets confused when he(Dangermouse) says "Cumolo Nimbus"(referring to a type of cloud). Penfold mistakes that for Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus did dicover America but purely by accident: He thought he landed in India.

  • Barron Greenback: "You will boldly go where no mouse has gone before."
    a parody of the imfamous tag-line for Star Trek: "To boldly go where no MAN has gone before." Later redone for political correctness in Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Where NO ONE has gone before."

  • DM and Penfold: DM: "Say Goodbye Penfold." Penfold: "Good bye Penfold"
    At The End of Laugh In Rowan would say to Martin: "Say good night Dick." and as always Dick would say: "Good night Dick."

  • The title, 'Ice Station Camel', could be an aside to the science fiction movie Ice Station Zebra.

  • Arab: "Hi-ho Mustafah away!"
    parody of Lone Ranger's "Hi-o Silver, away."

  • The 'Potty Part' of the universe is animated in Terry Gilliam fashion (Monty-Python-esque).

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