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  • From Butch Hartman, the creator of the hit Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents, unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton, who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker and free-thinking Goth girl Sam, he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts; and stumbles through daily social hurdles. - Danny Phantom Press Kit. "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Nickelodeon animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Nickelodeon has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Butch Hartman Not seeing is believing.. Character Guide: Danny Fenton/Phantom - On the outside, Danny's a nervous, clumsy 14 year old boy who just tries to fit in with the crowd. But underneath that exterior, Danny's a super hero! After an accident in his parents' lab, Danny was given some ghostly powers. Half ghost, Danny can see, hear, and talk to other paranormal beings - not to mention battle them on a regular basis to save his friends, family and, you know, the rest of the planet. Too bad he's still afraid of them! Jazz Fenton - Danny may have the super powers in his family, but Jazz has the looks, the brains, and the social skills. Being the older sister and all, Jazz keeps Danny's big secret. Not only because she's Danny's older sister, but because she has to mountain a perfect image in front of her friends and school-mates. Jack Fenton (Dad) - If Danny seems a little strange sometimes, it's probably from the genetics of the bizzare behavior of his Dad, Jack. Geared up in his bright-red "test pilot suit," Jack is always trying to prove the existence of ghosts. He always jumps into action before thinking and usually makes a bad situation worse. For Danny, fighting ghosts and surviving high school is a piece of cake compared to keeping Jack out of trouble. Maddie Fenton (Mom) - Maddie is absolutely brilliant. Need to know why walls suddenly bleed, why possessed statues are reciting Shakespeare, or how to get rid of that ghost that's been following you for days? Maddie's got the answer. But all that time spent with out-of-this-world weirdness (including Mr. Fenton) has kind of had an affect on Maddie. Let's just say you'd most likely find her building a high-tech ghost gadget than baking cookies. Tucker Foley - If talking was a superpower, Tucker would be the king of superheroes. No matter how many ghosts are chasing him, Tucker just keeps on chatting, and it gets him and Danny into loads of trouble. Danny still likes him as a friend, although it would be nice if Tucker kept his mouth shut and let Danny handle the paranormal activity. Samantha "Sam" Manson - Sam and Danny ARE NOT A COUPLE! They're just really, really good friends who share an almost psychic connection. Get it? Well, Samantha doesn't care if you don't believe her, anyway. Sam is a Goth girl and Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian with an attitude and she could care less about what others think of her. Luckily for Danny, Sam is into the paranormal and is super smart, she's usually a big help to Danny getting him out of tight ghost-jams. Mr. Lancer - The Vice Principal and English teacher at Danny's school, Mr. Lancer is all about following the rules. He has no clue about Danny's phantom status, but it wouldn't matter anyway. Mr. Lancer just can't handle any kid (phantom or not) breaking the rules. Which means Danny has to find a creative ways to battle ghosts on school days if he wants to save Casper High and actually graduate. Dash Baxter - He may be a ninth-grader like Danny, but Dash is the big man on campus at Casper High. Guys want to be him and girls want to date him. And this football hero likes nothing more than harassing Danny. But the tables have turned now that Danny has ghost powers. Danny sometimes can't resist making Dash look like a fool. Which, considering Dash's brain compared to the rest of his body, isn't that hard to do. Theme Song: He's a phantom, Danny Phantom, Danny Phantom, Phantom... Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14, When his parents built a very strange machine, It was designed to view a world unseen, He's gonna catch em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom. When it didn't quite work his folks, they just quit, But then Danny took a look inside of it, There was a great big flash, everything just changed, His molecules got all rearranged. Phantom, Phantom... When he first woke up, he realized, He had snowy white hair, and glowy green eyes, He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly, He was much more unique than the other guy, And it was then that he knew what he had to do, He had to stop all the ghosts that were comin' through, He's here to fight for me and you! He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom, Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom, Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's... Danny Phantom. Fenton Inventions: • Fenton Ghost Portal - A device which looks very similar to a wormhole door, however, it allows ghosts to come through it to enter the Real World and people to enter the Ghost Zone. It has a barrier across it, which spontaneously opens and closes. When Danny was inside it, his hand accidentally pressed against the "on" button, which activated the portal. This caused the ectoplasmic energy inside the portal to fuse with Danny's genes to make him half ghost, complete with ghost powers. • Fenton Thermos - normal thermos that captures ghosts and contains them in there until somebody releases them. After a ghost is captured, it is put in a slot next to a ghost portal, so the ghost will be transferred to the Ghost Zone. To Jack's knowledge, it doesn't work; but Danny managed to fuse his ectoplasmic energy with it to activate it, making it accessible to both ghosts and humans. • Fenton Xtractor - A vacuum that can harm ghosts and suck a ghost out of a human's body. • Fenton Finder - A mechanical device that uses satellites to track down ghosts. It later comes with a screen which displays the ghost located. • Fenton Grappler - A net that traps ghosts. • Fenton Ghost Fisher - A high-tech retractable fishing rod with a specialized ectoplasmo resin line unbreakable and inescapable to ghosts. • Fenton Urinal - A regular toilet with the word "Fenton" in front of it. • Ghost Gabber - A mechanical device that translates ghost language into human language, although it seems to add the phrase 'fear me' after every translation. • Fenton Ghost Weasel - A device which sucks up ambient ghost energy, and on reverse shoots it back out. It is also capable of cramming a ghost into its small cubic container. • Fenton Unlodger - A device used to unlodge the other inventions. • Ghost Gloves - Gloves that are so powerful that nothing can break their grip, allowing the wearer to handle ghosts/ghost-powered beings. • Fenton Ghost Catcher - Sort of like an "Indian Dream Catcher," but it captures ghosts and not dreams. After going through it, a ghost is unleashed. • Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle - Also known as the "Fenton RV." It is a van that is monitored by the Fenton On-Board Computer, plus it contains many devices in it that can be used to harm ghosts, including a freeze ray, an ectoplasmic energy beam, lightning, ectoplasmic goo, an anti-ghost shield, etc. • Specter Speeder - A hovercraft-like vehicle that has state of the art spirit plane technology including an earthly item scanner and a super- cup holder. It can be used in both the Ghost Zone and Earth. It phases through anything in the Ghost Zone and is also capable of cramming many ghosts inside it. • Fenton Ghost Peeler - A device which to encase its user in body armor and then fires ectoplasmic rays at ghosts to peel them apart atom by atom. It can also rip through a human's clothes. • Fenton Stockades - An iron maiden with the word "Fenton" in front of it. • Fenton Phones - Little speakerphones that to put in the ears, which primarily serves as a ghost noise filter (to prevent the user from falling under the influence of "ghost noise," such as Ember's music) and walkie talkie "accessories." However, they also work as wireless earphones. • Fenton Helmet - A mind-controlled helmet that can be used as a game controller for a computer game. • Fenton Foamer - Ejects green ectoplasmic goo which clears an area that has ghosts. • Fenton Genetic Lock - It closes the Fenton Portal until a Fenton puts their thumb on the pad, which opens it. • Fenton Anti-Creep Stick - A regular baseball bat with the word 'Fenton' on it. • Fenton Bazooka - A type of gun that shoots a green substance into the air, which creates a mini portal into the Ghost Zone, however its ammo is limited. • Anti-Ghost Shield - A shield that is nearly impenetrable to ghosts and ghost-possessed humans> However, some versions allow ghosts already inside the shield to get out of it. Some versions also shock half-ghosts who try to go ghost inside it. The Fenton RV has a mini ghost shield, but lasts for only fifteen minutes. • Fenton Specter Deflector - A belt that repels and weakens any ghost that comes in direct contact of the person wearing it. • Jack-A-Nine-Tails - A nine-tail whip, like a cat o' nine tails. • Fenton Machete - A regular jungle sword. • Emergency Op-Center - The metal contraption that is located on top of FentonWorks. It can be controlled using the secret control panel. It also contains many things along with a ghost shield generator, a siren, a weathervane, and a "Go Fenton" logo with Jack's face on it. • Fenton Pants - Part of the Ecto-Skeleton, which gives the user the ability to run at super fast speed and the ability to kick with enhanced strength. • Ecto-Skeleton - A battle suit that is capable of increasing a person's natural abilities 100-fold in order to defeat any ghost, no matter how powerful. Although the glitchy interface could kill the user. • Ecto-Exitus Alarm - An alarm that goes off when a town is about to face a massive ghost invasion. • Fenton Wipe - Toilet paper with Jack's face imprinted onto every square. • Booo-Merang - A boomerang that tracks a ghost's specific ecto-signature and seeks it out wherever it goes. • Fenton On-Board Computer - A computer that monitors the Fenton RV. • Fenton Ejector - A seat ejector inside the Fenton RV that ejects the driver and the passengers. • Fenton Ointment - An ointment that treats skin itchiness. Jack calls it "Fointment." • Fenton Earplugs - Normal earplugs with the word "Fenton" in front of them. • Fenton Towel - A normal towel with the word "Fenton" in front of it.moreless

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Rob Paulsen

    Jack Fenton (Dad)

  • Ron Perlman

    Mr. Lancer

  • Kath Soucie

    Maddie Fenton (Mom)

  • Grey DeLisle

    Samantha "Sam" Manson

  • David Kaufman

    Danny Fenton/Phantom

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  • Quotes (1232)

    • (After the Lunch Lady attacks Danny, Sam, and Tucker when she learned Sam change the menu) Sam: This the thanks I get for thinking like an individual?!

    • Sam: (Chanting with the other vegetarians) Veggies now, veggies forever! Veggies now, veggies forever!

    • (Lunch lady grabs Danny as large meat monster) Tucker: (Pulls out fork and knife) Help's on the way buddy!

    • Tucker: Hey Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, what a school day! Poor Danny nodded off and we figured we'd carry him all the way home and tuck him into bed without any parental interaction whatsoever. Sam: Don't get up! We know where to go! Bye! Jack: Hmmmmmm... Maddie: Jack, Danny is not a ghost. Jack: You're right.....Jazz is.

    • Tucker: (Begins cutting pile of meat Sam is in) I'll have you free in no time Sam! Sam: You've gotta be kidding me!

    • Danny: How is it that I have the ghost powers and you're the weird kid?

    • Danny: I'll take care of the ghost. You just try and find a way to get Sam out of that pile of meat! Tucker: (Pulls out fork and knife) Way ahead of you.

    • Danny: (Talking to Lunch Lady) I command you to...go away! (Nothing happens)

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    Notes (2111)

    • In the Spanish version of the show, Danny's true last name isn't "Fenton" but "Phantom", and in his alter ego isn't called "Danny Phantom", but "Danny El Fantasma", which literally means "Danny The Ghost".

    • In the Danny Phantom universe, the ghosts are not necessarily dead spirits, but rather "monsters" with ghost like abilities, some having been human on Earth. Butch Hartman, creator of the series, stated this himself.

    • It is revealed that since he got his ghost powers Danny wanted to tell his parents but Sam and Tucker didn't want him to tell.

    • Tucker is a glasses wearing, techno-minded, sidekick-like nerd archetype with the surname of Foley and at one point was given super powers by a villain. The teenaged title character of "Static Shock" has a friend with the same attributes (albeit although their races are switched), Richie Foley.

    • Jack is the only one in Danny's family who doesn't have pupils.

    • When the Lunch Lady Ghost gets sucked into the thermos, she looks like she has no form.

    • This is the only episode where Danny can barely control his powers at all.

    • Look Hard: All the characters are more square-shouldered than all the other episodes.

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    Trivia (621)

    • When Danny "goes ghost" for the first time, before the blue transformation aura gets to his hands, the one you can see turns white like it is covered by his costume.

    • Mr. Lancer said it was an all steak buffet in the Teacher's Lounge, but burgers, hot dogs, and bacon fly out of the teacher's lounge in addition to steak.

    • When Danny and Tucker are rescuing Sam in the school basement where all the meat is hidden, right after Danny knocks the Lunch Lady against the wall and the camera focuses on his face up-close, the left side of his hair is black even though he is in his ghost form.

    • When Danny goes to save Sam from being hit by the plates, Sam's tights change color to green from their usual purple.

    • When Dash lifts Danny off the ground his shirt rises up slightly and a black belt is clearly seen. Later, there is no belt visible when his shirt rises up to the same point.

    • In Star’s (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in "Lucky in Love") third cameo, she was in front of Sam, Danny, and Tucker, although in her fourth cameo, after the meat truck explodes, she is suddenly behind Tucker.

    • When Jack turns on the Fenton Xtractor, his hair gets torn off, however in the next scene where he and Maddie ambush Jazz with the Fenton Xtractor, all his hair is back in place.

    • After Maddie says, “Jack, Danny is not a ghost,” Jack says, “You’re right, Jazz is.” When he says that, he has pupils.

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    Allusions (381)

    • Vegetarian Protest Sign: It's easy being green. This is a nod in the direction of the phrase "It's not easy being green", which is often said by Kermit the Frog, a character from The Muppet Show.

    • Sam Manson: Character The fact that Sam is a gothic girl and her last name is Manson might be a parody of goth rocker Marylin Manson.

    • Jack Fenton: Reed Richards There are numerous similarities between Danny's father and the Fantastic Four's leader, the former's bumbling aside. Both spend much time on new inventions, they've each a line of white along the bottom of their hair, they inadvertently created super villains that were once their friends in college, and both are often so caught up in their work, they fail to notice their surroundings.

    • Danny Phantom: Powers Danny's ghost powers each are shared by comic book superheroes: Flight and Strength: Superman Body-Splitting "Stretching": Mr. Fantastic Invisibility: Invisible Woman Intangibility: Shadow Cat

    • Episode Title: Mystery Meat The name comes from a term that is used to describe questionable cafeteria meat.

    • Danny Phantom: Costume Danny's costume design and color looks just like the Fantastic Four's costumes after they left the Negative Zone.

    • Spike’s necklace Spike’s necklace is an ankh, which has many meanings: Egyptian hieroglyphic: Life Astrology: Venus (Roman Goddess) Alchemy: Copper Biology: Female gender

    • Danny: Lifestyle Danny's lifestyle is very similar to Peter Parker's (Spider-Man). Danny is shy, skinny, and considered a geek among classmates, just like Peter. Danny has a football-playing bully (Dash) that constantly bullies him all the time for no reason, which is similar to how Flash Thompson picks on Peter. Also, Danny is more confident in his super hero mode which causes his crush to fall in love with his super hero persona, which seems to be attributed to how Mary Jane eventually fell in love with Spider-Man. In addition, the way how the town newspaper, the “Amity-Park-Angle," made Danny seem like a villain but the citizens eventually figured out that he was a good guy is very similar to how the “Daily Bugle” (run by the Spider-Man hater, J. Jonah Jameson) constantly tried to make Spider-Man look like a villain, but the citizens of New York eventually discovered that Spider-Man was indeed a hero. More Info

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