Danny Phantom

Shades of Gray

Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 9/24/04
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  • Episode Description
  • When ghosts wreck a popular co-ed's school social life, she dedicates herself to hunting them, which forces Danny to deal with a threat just a few lockers down the hall. Worse yet, Tucker has a crush on the girl.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Maria Canals


  • Rickey D'Shon Collins

    Tucker Foley

  • Wincat Alcala

  • Steve Marmel

  • Sib Ventress

  • Fan Reviews (21)
  • By an unlucky encounter with a ghost dog, a new enemy emerges and dedicates her life and passion to fighting and hunting ghosts with Danny as her main target.

    By Gryphon-Guide, Apr 15, 2015

  • This episode introduced Valerie, a girl whom Danny would soon find to be an enemy.

    By VioletSorceress, Jul 17, 2007

  • Valerie Grey, a student at Danny's high school, deticates her life to fighting ghosts and hunting down Danny Phantom.

    By TheCandeh, Jan 30, 2007

  • Valerie Gray becomes Danny's new enemy when given ghost hunting gear by Vlad.

    By trm6, Jan 10, 2007

  • Wow! Danny got a new enemy because Valerie held a grudge. I am so glad that "fake-out make-out" was in the episode, otherwise...

    By DannyXSam4eva, Oct 06, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Sam: (After the ghost dog breaks loose from being leashed to the tree Sam and Tucker climbed on, therefore dragging them along with it) This is why I'm a cat person.

    • (Danny and the ghost dog crash through the Axion building and Danny falls to the floor in front of Valerie, Damon, and his boss) Valerie: What are you? (Ghost dog spits green ectoplasmic saliva on Valerie) Danny: I’ll tell you what I’m not: covered in dog saliva. (Valerie screams)

    • Danny: Wow, ghost dogs are a lot more entertaining that regular dogs. (Floats on to the sidewalk; squishing sound is heard) Danny: (Sarcastically) Oh, great, invisible dog doo.

    • Danny: Great, my friend has a crush on a ghost hunter. Sam: That's life, well, your life, anyway.

    • Valerie: (Reading the card on her box) "Heard about your recent ghost troubles. Hope this helps - Vlad." (Vlad, watching from the window, disappears, grinning) Don't know who you are, Vlad, but if this does what I think it does, I can't say that I care! (Ecto-gun accidentally fires) Damon: Valerie?! Valerie: I'm okay!

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    Notes (48)

    • When the ghost dog attacked the basketball game, Danny's Ghost Sense didn't go off, although it should have gone off.

    • This is the first time someone's name is used in the title (Gray), which is Valerie's last name.

    • Valerie is Danny Phantom's first enemy who is not really an evil villain; she is more of a vigilante or an anti-hero because in her mind, she thinks that she is the hero, while Danny Phantom is the enemy.

    • The Axion symbol is a picture of an atom.

    • Valerie is left-handed.

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    Trivia (5)

    • When Tucker says, "Valerie, wait up!" and falls on top of her, she doesn't seem to think much of him knowing she is a ghost hunter. Though in episodes to come, she doen't seem to want anyone to know she hunts ghosts.

    • When Danny shoots the Ecto Ball, The biggest form of the dog is the size of a tree. However, when he ties the dog to the tree in its biggest form, it is only about 3 quarters of the tree.

    • Danny said that every time Dash fails, he comes after him, but Dash said he got a “D” on the spelling test, and even though it’s a bad grade, it is not technically failing, so Dash should not have went after Danny.

    • When Valerie said "because you are going down" to Danny, his arm is cut and his arms are in a 90% angle, after the commercials when Valerie said that, neither Danny's arms are cut and his arms are pointing down.

    • Right before the second commercials, Danny is floating, after them, he's standing on the ground.

    Allusions (11)

    • Tagline: In Spectrescope. The tagline is a parody of classic cartoon, in which the title of the episode follows with "In Cinemascope" at the bottom.

    • Axion Labs: Appearance Axion Labs appears to be based on Star Labs from the DC Comics, primarily in the Superman Comics.

    • Episode Title: Shades of Gray The title of this episode seems to be pertaining to Valerie's character, as she is neither a "hero" or a "villain". Her morality status is not all black (evil) or all white (good), there are some "shades of gray."

    • Valerie & Danny: Fighting Scene The scene where Valerie shoots rays from her ecto-gun in slow motion while jumping to the right, followed by Danny dodging each blast in slow motion seems to be taken from The Matrix.

    • Valerie: Anti-Hero Origin, Costume, & Weapons The way how Valerie becomes one of Danny’s archenemies is oddly similar to how Harry Osborn became the second Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man’s archenemies. Valerie blames Danny Phantom for her sudden poverty and unpopularity, even though it was not directly his fault, which is very similar to how Harry blames Spider-Man for the cause of his father’s (the original Green Goblin) death, which is also not directly Spider-Man’s fault. Driven by her anger, Valerie receives strange weapons and gadgets to hunt down the bane of her unhappiness. Harry does nearly the same thing; the spirit of his father led him to a hidden room in their house filled with the Green Goblin weapons and gadgets and uses them to try to destroy Spider-Man. Valerie’s skin-tight costume and jet sled is very similar to Harry’s skin-tight costume and his “Goblin Glider.” In addition, the razor discs that Valerie uses at one point in the episode is very similar to the “Razor Bats." Also, the way how Valerie’s gloves glowed pink seems to suggest that she could shoot energy blasts from her fingers, just like the Green Goblin’s.

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