Dark Angel

FOX (ended 2002)
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  • Max is a genetically-enhanced human prototype hunted by her former military handlers through the edgy, underground street life version of 21st century America. Max is aided in her quest - both to avoid capture and reunite with her "siblings" scattered in the aftermath of their escape - by Logan Cale, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in post-apocalypse. During the theme, the opening voice-over was as follows: They designed her to be the perfect soldier... a human weapon...then she escaped. In a future not far from now...in a broken world... she is haunted by her past. She cannot run, she must fight...to discover her destiny. Dark Angel was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 21

    Freak Nation

    Aired 5/3/02

  • S 2 : Ep 20

    Love Among The Runes

    Aired 4/26/02

  • S 2 : Ep 19

    She Ain't Heavy

    Aired 4/19/02

  • S 2 : Ep 18

    Dawg Day Afternoon

    Aired 4/12/02

  • S 2 : Ep 17

    Hello, Goodbye

    Aired 4/5/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Savage

    Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker (Season 1)

  • Jessica Alba

    Max Guevara "X5-452"

  • Martin Cummins

    Ames White (Season 2)

  • Kevin Durand

    Joshua (Season 2)

  • J.C. MacKenzie

    Reagan 'Normal' Ronald

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  • Quotes (651)

    • Max: Take a header into the deep end when the pool is empty and you go splat. The law of gravity and even Jesus Christ himself had to obey the law of gravity. For a while anyway.

    • Max: Let me get my coat. Logan: The one you're wearing?

    • Logan: I'm looking for a young lady who works here. Normal: Ladies would be elsewhere.

    • Max: Oh, here it comes. The part where the guy turns everything around, right?
      Sketchy: I am a victim here!
      Max (sarcastically): Really?

    • Max: Do guys actually believe these lame self-serving excuses? Sketchy: Max! Max: Or do they think that we're just so grateful to have one of you idiots, we'll look the other way which is condescending and arrogant? Sketchy: Lame. Self-serving. Condescending. Guilty as charged. Max: You forgot arrogant.

    • Peter: We trying to ID the perp or your new girlfriend? Logan: If I'd just gotten my ass handed to me by a size three I'd be inclined to mind my own business.

    • Logan: Peter! Max: If he's the side of beef, he's fine. Just give him a minute.

    • Max: I've got people looking to either put me in a cage for the rest of my life, turn me into a science project or kill me. Probably all three. Now I've managed to drop off the radar screen, and I plan to keep it that way.

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    Notes (8)

    • This episode won the 2001 Monitor Award for "Film Originated Television Series - Best Visual Effects" and was nominated for the 2001 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing - Television Movies and Specials - Dialogue & ADR".

    • This episode won the 2001 Monitor Award for "Film Originated Television Series - Best Visual Effects" and was nominated for the 2001 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing - Television Movies and Specials - Dialogue & ADR".

    • Brian Pearson won the 2001 CSC Award for "Best Cinematography in TV Series" for this episode.

    • Music used in this episode: Valse triste by Jean Sibelius.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2002 Excellence in Production Design Award for "Television - Episode of a Single-Camera Series".

    • This episode was nominated for the 2002 Leo Award for "Dramatic Series: Best Visual Effects".

    • This episode was previously titled "Pain Boy" when it was in production.

    • This is a 90 minute episode that was made as the season ender but later turned out to be the series finale.

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    Trivia (111)

    • Right before Max breaks into Logan's apartment for the first time, we see on the right corner of the scene the Vancouver Convention Centre. Dark Angel was set in Seattle, WA though filmed in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

    • When Max is holding the woman that Sketchy is having an affair with, in the window, by her feet, the mechanism that is holding her is visible, just next to her boot.

    • In the bar where Max and Logan talk after Max broke into his place, Original Cindy looks at her watch and says "Xena's on." Only, her mouth doesn't move.

    • TRIVIA: The proablility on getting a Royal Flush in Draw Poker is 2,598,960.

    • The package that Nathan sends Logan doesn't have a mailing address, only a return address and no postal/messenger markings.

    • TRIVIA: In the series, Max says her motorcycle is a Ninja 650. However the actual bike used in the series is a Kawasaki Ninja 450 imported from Taiwan with dual shocks and single disc brakes on the front and back.

    • TRIVIA: Max's bar code is stated to be 332960073452.

    • During the work slowdown, Sketchy has a pile of peanuts on his stomach. In alternate shots, the peanuts are missing.

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    Allusions (49)

    • Richard Gunn's character was nicknamed 'Sketchy" but his 'real' name was Alvin Simon Theodore- the same as the three cartoon chipmunks from Alvin & the chipmunks

    • Original Cindy: Friends don't help other friends cheat.
      This is a play on the popular slogan "Friends don't let friends drive drunk."

    • Logan: Then I watch you dive headfirst out a window like you're Rocky the Flying Squirrel.
      This is a reference to the cartoon "Rocky and Friends" from the 1950's, where one of the characters was a flying squirrel named Rocky. He and his friend Bullwinkle the Moose tried to foil the plans of Pottsylvanian spies Boris and Natasha. Also part of the show were segments like Peabody's Improbable History, Fractured Fairy Tales, Mr Know-It-All, and Aesop and Son.

    • When Logan comes into the Crash and wants to talk to Max. Original Cindy takes the hint - Cindy: Woop, Xena's on. (she exits)
      This is a reference to the show "Xena: Warrior Princess". In the 20th century, Xena was popular with lesbians.

    • Original Cindy (to Max): You didn't seriously loft it with Gilligan from last night?
      Original Cindy said this to Max while speaking of Eric, the guy Max picked up the night before. It's a reference to the TV series Gilligan's Island.

    • (As Max is choking the warden up against the wall, Cindy comes in the room and forces Max to release her grip)
      Cindy: Damn, girl, what's in those pills?
      Max: Spinach.

      This is a reference to the cartoon character "Popeye", who would eat a can of spinach to give himself super strength.

    • Max: Next time you need a favor and call a friend...remember one thing: You're out of lifelines, sweetheart.
      This is a reference to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    • Title: C.R.E.A.M.
      This is an acronym that means Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

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