Dark Justice

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    Where are the movies ?

    By andridiantoro1, Jun 03, 2014

    I come to this site as the google says about 'Watching full length episodes & video clips' of this show. And now where the hell are the movies ?

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    Dark Justice

    By skficklin, May 17, 2013

    I signed up with TV so I may see my past favorite shows all over again. So far I got nothing, zilch. nod'da. This was a waste of my time and energy. I just want to thank you for nothing.

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    I am writing a poetic review of this show in honor of my Mother...

    By DramaStorm, Nov 21, 2006


    When darkness looms; justice will prevail

    No matter what the enemy does; he will always fail

    Whenever the bad guys's shadows appear on the walls

    The heroes appear and make sure that he, the nemesis falls

    Sometimes, it seems that the criminals might win

    But the heroes always stop them; no matter what situation they're in

    Finally, it's time for the heroes to hang up their capes

    The evil has lifted for everyone's goodness sakes

    But no matter what happens, the heroes are always ready

    Their jobs are never over; however, they are steady

    Let everyone give our heroes thanks and praise

    Since they stop crime; they ought to get a raise

    Now do not forget these wise words, my friend

    For justice always prevails; forever to the endmoreless

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    This was a show with good stories and actors that got lost on late night TV.

    By Catwoman87531, Apr 24, 2006

    The second and third seasons were better because they added Janet Gunn to the cast. I had watched the 2nd season before I saw the first season and I liked Bruce Abbot's Nick better. Nevertheless, the first season was very well done. I did not particular care for the female leads.

    This show would have done much better in syndication out of the late nighttime slot. It just got lost on Friday nights when most of the target audience was out.

    I remember watching this show right before bed. What a way to be sent off to dream land. Bruce Abbott was very hot with his hair down riding that bike fighting for justice. Pleasant dreams.


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    I kinda like it!

    By whoa_chica, Jan 16, 2006

    This show, to me, is a bit boring. Although it is a tiny bit boring, it still has it's comedy and charm. I feel the humour is sort of "small town" Humour. I like it, but it's like I said, kind of boring. I love almost every adult like animated comedy and I would put this on my list.I also love Brittany Murphy (lou-anne (sp?))!

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    Dark Justice was a show that was easy to get into. It was great tv.

    By joshjr, Jun 17, 2005

    This show always suprised me. The way that they brought the criminals to justice. It reminded me of A-team meets daredevil. If this show ever comes back on or out to buy I will buy it in a heartbeat. The cast did a great job working together. Some shows have the person who dont really fit int but this show was great.

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