Dark Shadows

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  • Strake: The best I could learn, Mr. Devlin, is that Elizabeth Collins Stoddard hasn't left that hill in 18 years.
    Burke: Did you find out why?
    Strake: Well, there are a number of stories going around, uh, none of them really make much sense. It'll all be in the report. Personally, I think she needs a keeper.
    Burke: Perhaps she's getting one.
    Strake: Like who? You?
    Burke: No. A girl...who doesn't know what she's getting into.

  • Elizabeth: Don't you think you ought to look in on your son?
    Roger: The little monster's asleep and I'm delighted.

  • Maggie: It's like this. A chauffeur tells a desk clerk, who tells a housekeeper, who tells me that you're going to work up in Collinwood. That makes you a jerk.
    Victoria: But why?
    Maggie: Listen, honey. The Collins family is the biggest thing in this town. They own the biggest cannery, the biggest fishing fleet and the biggest, darkest, gloomiest old house. And they're kooks, every one of 'em.
    Victoria: I don't believe that.
    Maggie: Okay. Move in there. But take a good look in that mirror right now. Because in two months, that pretty hair of yours is going to be one glorious shade of grey.

  • Burke: Welcome to the beginning and the end of the world, Miss Winters.
    Victoria: I'm afraid I'm not going that far. Only to a house called Collinwood. Do you know it?
    Burke: Yes, I do. Very well.

  • Victoria: My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is beginning. A journey that I hope will open the doors of life to me, and link my past with my future. A journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place, to the edge of the sea, high atop Widows' Hill. A house called Collinwood. A world I've never known, with people I've never met. People who tonight are still only shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill the days and nights of my tomorrows.

  • Roger: I hope you won't be too lonely here.
    Victoria: If I am, I'll blame it on you.
    Roger: Me?
    Victoria: Mrs. Stoddard said you were the one that arranged for me to come here.
    Roger: Hmm, you don't say?
    Victoria: It's true, isn't it?
    Roger: If Elizabeth says so, then it must be true.

  • Victoria: Are you expecting someone else?
    Elizabeth: I asked my brother Roger to come down to meet you. You're to care for his son and tutor him.
    Victoria: What kind of a boy is he?
    Elizabeth: You'll meet him in the morning.
    Victoria: I know, but I mean... Is he friendly? Is he inquisitive? Does he like to play games? Oh, I know when I was 9...
    Elizabeth: Miss Winters, David is likely to be different from any boy you've ever met.

  • Carolyn: When I was ten years old, I used to dream that a white knight would come along and rescue me from this dungeon. I guess white knights have gone out of style.

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Notes (137)

  • This is one of only two episodes that don't open with a shot of Collinwood. The other is DS-20. This episode uses the most film footage by far of any episode of the series. Mr. Wells is not referred to by name until DS-11. David is not named until DS-2. Carolyn is not mentioned at all. The name of the foundling home was given in DS-6. The following characters make their first appearance on the show: Roger Collins, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Burke Devlin, Maggie Evans, Mrs. Hopewell, Bob Rooney, Wilbur Strake, Mr. Wells and Victoria Winters. The mirror behind the counter at the Collinsport Inn coffee shop will be soaped over for subsequent episodes.

  • The brandy snifter Roger breaks has a frosty appearance but the rest are clear. This will be the case when a glass is meant to be broken.

  • David is referred to by name for the first time. Joe Haskell and Carolyn Stoddard make their first appearances. Roger's glasses can be seen sticking out of his breast pocket. He won't be seen wearing them until DS-45. Announcer Bob Lloyd states that "Dark Shadows has been a Dan Curtis Production" for the first time. This will change to "Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production" beginning with 7. The ending of episode 1 was refilmed as the beginning of this episode. Victoria's suitcase somehow moves closer to the front door in between the teaser and the first act. The microphone briefly can be seen dropping into frame as Victoria asks what kind of a boy David is. The jukebox at the Blue Whale has been moved to the right of the set, where it will remain for the rest of the series. The foyer table gets moved back between the third and forth acts. The audio on Victoria's "Boo!" isn't synced properly.

  • Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard) and Joel Crothers (Joe Haskell) make their first appearance in this episode.

  • First appearance of Bill Malloy. Victoria writes left-handed. Carolyn has a rather shameless crush on her Uncle Roger. While viewing the portrait of Isaac Collins, Carolyn comments that her ancestor resembles Roger. This becomes a fitting statement, considering that future storylines venturing into the past would show that present-day members of the Collins family were identical to their ancestors. This is the only episode where a phone booth is seen in the Blue Whale. The shadow of the boom mike can be seen on the wall as Carolyn talks with Vicki in the bedroom.

  • The painting of Isaac Collins has moved since the last episode from the left side of the drawing room window to the right side. When Victoria spots David on the stairs at the end of the episode, the teleprompter can be seen on the far right and a crew member can be seen moving near the bottom of the screen.

  • David Henesy (David Collins) makes his first appearence on the series.

  • The slate for this episode mistakenly lists the air date as 6-31-66, though Bob Lloyd correctly reads 7-1-66. The first appearance of Sam Evans. The first mention of Josette Collins. This is the first episode with extended closing credits that scroll. Ohrbach's is misspelled as "Orhbach's" in the closing credits. Sy Tomashoff is misspelled as "Sy Thomashoff" in the closing credits.

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Trivia (117)

  • Conrad Bain (Mr. Drummond) from Different Strokes, plays the hotel clerk.

  • Knocking is heard on Victoria's door before Roger even gets there. The credits are shortened to just include the copyright tag.

  • The Collinsport Fly can be seen flying around Elizabeth's head in the drawing room. The shadow of the boom mike can be seen behind Carolyn as she talks to Joe in the Collinwood foyer.

  • The Collinsport Fly is seen buzzing around Roger's head in Burke's room. Kathryn Leigh Scott does away with the short blond wig, and from this point on she is a redhead. Sam Evans' drawing of Collinwood would later reappear in DS-46, now attributed to David Collins. Sam accidentally refers to Burke as Roger.

  • Another camera is seen in the diner behind Joe as Maggie brings their change. Carter calls Burke "Burt".

  • When Elizabeth speaks on the phone she speaks so quickly that nobody can answer her so fast. All the conversation takes about 10 seconds. A fly can be seen flying around Liz's head when she speaks to Roger.

  • Alexandra Moltke almost trips as she follows Joan Bennett up the great staircase. When Victoria and Elizabeth discuss about David and Victoria walks towards the camera a shadows of the camera can be seen on her dress.

  • David Henesy accidentally bumps into the camera as he's running to hide. Louis Edmonds can be seen through the curtains of the Collinsport Inn front door bouncing up and down, getting ready for his entrance.

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