A Brush with Oblivion

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (8)

  • Honker: Mr Mallard! The thief painted a rope and caught Gosalyn and put her in a painting! (To the camera) Boy, even I don't believe this!

  • Launchpad: That door's not real, DW! Darkwing: No, but the pain I'm experiencing is!

  • Darkwing: I am the tube of Cadmium Yellow that is impossible to open!

  • Gosalyn: Honker can't lie! I tried teaching him, but the lessons never took.

  • Splatter Phoenix: Shall I give you a fat lip?

  • Herb: Honker, it's not like you to lie, but until you stop, I'm afraid I'll have to ground ya up somethin' fierce. No going out to play, no television, no food, no water, no sunlight-- Binkie: Herb! Herb: Oh. Well, maybe we'll still feed ya.

  • Smile: Hey you! Put my kisser back on my kisser!

  • Gosalyn: My Dad always thinks I'm lying. Of course, he's usually right.

Notes (2)

  • First appearance of Splatter Phoenix.

  • This episode is available on home video, along with "Comic Book Capers".