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    Crisis in the Negaverse

    By sh811a, Jun 26, 2010

    This is my third favorate episode of the show. This is sort of a parody on the DC comics mini series "Crisis on Infinate Earths".

    I really loved seeing the alternate St.Canard and it looks like that alternate Hill Valley in "Back to the Future part 2" it's practically a war zone. Enviormental conditions have deteriorated, the war on crime has gotten out of control, and everyones sense of morality and hope has just about gone to extinction.

    But what was the most interesting was seeing the alternate versions of the characters if they went a certain direction in life. From the Friendly Four it was strange but funny at the same time just seeing the villians play the superhero role and they actually do it well. Launchpad has became a tough biker that hates do gooders, it was just awesome seeing him actually use a RPG on Darkwing. And Honker has became a psycho.

    But the most interesting of all was Goslyn, she looked so cute in that dress but most of all having a really sweet persona contrary to her feisty one. She still believed in good and exercised heroism but operates on a different wavelength, where the Goslyn in Darkwing's world is on full agression and recklessness the Goslyn in the nega world is based on passive agressive resistance taking action but looking before leaping. May not be the fastest way but it does get the job done all the same and as a saying goes sometimes where your slow you go fast.

    But what really makes this episode stick out the most for me was near the end where Darkwing is faced with a dilema of returning to his world but leaving the Goslyn in the Negaverse behind and if he stays he'll leave the Goslyn in his world behind. I'll admit I found this emotional. One person can truely make a difference because they touch so many lives.moreless

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    You've never seen anything like it! There is more than meets the eyes! This is really different from St. Canard!

    By gamegoddes, Jun 26, 2010

    It was very hard for me to believe that Lord Negaduck was REALLY Nega-Gosalyn's official guardian, to tell you the truth. I mean, where were the child services? Didn't they know that he had the poor, darling, sweet little girl locked up as his own slave??? This is terrible, but I'm so happy that she's got Nega-Tank and the Friendly Four right there by her side, and Darkwing Duck, too. I really liked the cute, frilly, pink dress that Nega-Gosalyn always wore. It really looked good on her, and it matched her cute little long red curls in her hair.moreless

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    The mystery of Negaduck (not the polar-negative Darkwing Duck) is revealed - the only important thing in this whole episode.

    By Goozduck, Jun 26, 2010

    After the disappearance of Negaduck by reuniting him with Darkwing Duck, it was strange to see another duck with the same outfit as DW running around the streets of St. Canard. Seeing that DW did not get shot with gamma rays to separate the negative charges from the positive charges, we start to believe that this criminal is a real live being who doesn't have anything to do with Darkwing Duck.

    Or so we believe.

    Following Negaduck after a brilliant heist from the Fearsome Five, they discover that his secret lair is actually inside a large birthday cake that leads to an alternate dimension.

    Now, we know that Negaduck comes from a parallel universe from Darkwing's where complete opposites are the dominant trait of the parallel St. Canard.

    The only thing that bothers me about how the writers set the plot up was that Gozalyn is a really sweet duck. If the laws of opposites are to be corrected, she should have been an evil duck because in the good alternate universe, she's mostly a do-gooder that also loves to fight crime.

    Well, I suppose that if she wasn't good, then we wouldn't see a touching moment where DW's parental instincts come into play in promising to also protect this Gozalyn from the evil menace Negaduck.

    Good storyline, 10/10. :)moreless

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    Darkwing gets thrown into the Negaverse.

    By stitch069917, Jun 26, 2010

    Darkwing Duck is forced to go to Honker Muddlefoot's birthday party by Gosalyn and Launchpad goes to pick up the cake. While Launchpad is at the cake shop, he sees four of the villains from the Fearsome Five. He runs back to the party to tell Darkwing. Darkwing creates a distraction and leaves the party. He gets to the bakery just as Negaduck is about to pound the others for finding his hideout. They grab Darkwing and throw him into a giant cake that is actually a portal between worlds. Negaduck is now furious and the others run off as Negaduck jumps in after Darkwing...moreless

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