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    One of the greatest Disney cartoons ever made.

    By Orca36, Mar 20, 2015

    As my title says, Darkwing Duck is one of the greatest Disney TV cartoons to ever be made, along with Kim Possible and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. It came out at a time when Disney TV was incredible. With shows like Chip n Dale, Ducktales, Talespin, and Goof Troop running alongside it, I couldn't wait to get home from school, or waking up early on Saturday morning, to watch these shows. They were all great, but Darkwing Duck was the best of these cartoons. It just had some of the best plots I've ever seen on Disney TV.

    The show's characters are so cool and funny, Darkwing (or Drake Mallard) is such a cool hero. He does a great job fighting crime, but he's also pretty comedic when while he's fighting. That makes him a very cool kind of hero. Launchpad, who funny enough was also in Duck Tales, is the funniest character in the show. He's just the perfect goofy sidekick. And Gosalyn is a sweet, if a bit hyper, character, who helps fight the bad guys, even making her own secret identity at some point. Speaking of the bad guys. Most of the main criminals are cool and funny also. Especially Nega-Duck, who is pretty bad for a Disney TV bad guy. He is extremely crafty and also pretty dangerous. He's one of the best things about Darkwing Duck. Mega Volt and Quackerjack are also pretty good villains.

    This show also had something that most Disney shows of the late 2000s lack, genuine emotion. It knew how to balance out the humor with some genuinely heartfelt scenes, like with Darkwing and Gosalyn. Seriously, Disney Channel used to be amazing, with shows like this, Kim Possible, Even Stevens and That's So Raven. Now its just being used as a marketing channel for shitty sitcoms, that star shallow characters and horrible singers. Yeah I'm talking about you Hannah Montana and Shake It Up. Anyway, Darkwing Duck is one of the greatest cartoons ever. It's a show that is entertaining for any age, and it should definately be watched. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it.moreless

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    A Disney superhero like none other!

    By frosty_ice, Feb 13, 2011

    If there is one superhero which we can associate to Disney, that's Darkwing Duck. This cartoon series is one of the best cartoon series of the 90's, all because it combines a great and tender story, with lots of humour, not to mention a great voice cast. The show tells us the story of Drake Mallard, who happens to be the protector and guardian of the city of St. Canard. Along with his sidekick (who makes his second appearence in a cartoon series), Launchpad McQuack, his daughter Gosalyn and her best friend Honker Muddlefoot, and his girlfriend Morgana McCawber, he protects the city of St. Canard from every single bad guy there is. The villains are all inspired by villains from the stories of Spider-Man, but mostly from Batman, who Darkwing is inspired in. It only had 3 season (3 long seasons), but every episode is worthy of having the Disney name imprinted in it. 10 out of 10!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Winged Avenger

    By sh811a, Oct 21, 2010

    This is another relic from my childhood and even by todays standards it's still pritty damn funny. This show was both a parody on comic book superheroes mainly "Batman" but also acted as it's own entity.

    The animation I think is very good, the character look good as usual but I really like how they animated St. Canard mainly in nighttime sequences which gave it sort of that noir feel. The music as well I thought the theme song was pritty memorable if not catchy.

    But most importantly the characters and content. This show has both well conceived protagonists and villians. Protagonists: Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck: He's just a great character. In a way his character reminds me of Jack Burton from "Big Trouble in Little China" like him he's a hero/superhero but he's not very good. For one thing, Darkwing when he got into the hero business he did it for the wrong reasons, he did it for fame. And even though he can take action his execution isn't always on the mark because most of the time the villians tend to get the drop on him in a fight. He does have the right additude and spirt but he doesn't always know when to just keep his mouth shut and fight. He's arrogant, egotistical, short tempered. However the qualities about him are his reasons for doing what he does become more, like "Batman" he knows martial arts though he doesn't always use it a lot which is strange and a minor complant I have with the show. He doesn't use guns (ones with bullets I mean), he is inventive he uses whatever gadgets and vehicles he has just to get a step ahead of the game my favorate was always the gas gun he had all different kinds of gas which I think is cool. He is very smart (even though he does tend to make bad choices sometimes) and uses his wits and injinuity. And he does do the right thing whenever he wants to or not as well as learns to swallow his ego and pride when he needs to which helps him become more sensitive to others as well as do his job right. Even supporting chracters are great like Launch Pad whom is still well Launch Pad if you ever seen "Ducktales" though he doesn't crash planes in this show. Morgana, she's a great fem fatale as well as an intersting significant other for Darkwing, she's sort of a parody on the Scarlet Witch character from "The Avengers" as well as TV horror show host Elvra Mistress of the Dark. She uses magic, intuned with mystisism, very helpful to Darkwing when needed, feisty, has a short temper when her feelings get hurt in some way and I really like the chemestry between Darkwing and her which is both sweet and funny.

    Villians also great and memorable, My favorate is Negaduck whom is an antisthisis to Darkwing. Like Darkwing he's short tempered and just as inventive as Darkwing, however this guy is insane. He doesn't just threaten lives of innocent people but he threatens the lives of villians as well. For example, when the team of supervillans refuses to work for him he then takes out a chainsaw and is attempting to kill them all unless the reconsider right now. I couldn't help but crack up because it was blackly hillarous and rather daring because I hardly see supervillans do that whenever they reach disagreement.

    But what makes this show really stand out is the writing and scripting. This show has some really clever and smart humor. Some of it might go over the heads of kids or those inexperenced with comics. But for teen and adults and if your experenced enough with comics you will be able to catch it. From some of the in jokes/homages to other comics, parodying on certain cleches in comics like for example Darkwing always making a speach as he makes an entrence which is common in most comics at the time which I personally always thought was stupid because it seems like the villain would have enough time to get the drop on the hero which they do on the show and I always crack up when Darkwing can never finish his speach. Down to just witty dialog and daring humor which has resulted in some rather memorable moments and lines. One of my favorates lines was when Darkwing whips out the gas gun "Suck gas evil doers." I know sounds cheasy which is why it's fun and funny. But also what I like is each of the character actually do grow and develop a little as the series progresses, which is something I rarely saw in animated cartoons at the time. I loved that because it made them feel actually three dimentional. There are even some episodes that can be rather dark, take almost an unfun turn, even almost invoke emotion, which I'm glad cause it shows this show plays for keeps. Like my favorate episodes were one where Darkwing actually dies and is a ghost to help Launchpad and Goslyn which I though was emotional, another where Darkwing goes to an alternate universe where Negaduck is supreme ruler and has to get help from a Fantastic Four like team, as well as my farovate a parody on Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" where Gosyln goes to the future only to see a darker version of her dad Darkwing now called Dark Warrior.

    I've said enough "Darkwing Duck" soars.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Darkwing Duck is a really funny show.

    By macabre190788, Aug 15, 2010

    This show had it all: Humour, action and ocassional horror. The villains were much better than in other Disney shows, speaking of other Disney shows, this was much darker than anyone have ever seen come from Disney's television outings before. That's because the villains were much more sinister, sometimes interested in killing people, and some villains pulled it off. Bushroot killed Dr.Gary and Dr.Larson, and Steelbeak killed several S.H.U.S.H. agents. My favorite villain is probably Liquidator, but the other ones in "The Fearsome Five" are also very cool. Not to mention Taurus Bulba, Steelbeak and Moliarty. Negaduck is probably the most twisted one and the funniest one, the way he just snaps, wielding his chainsaw every now and then. I liked the villains in this show more than the ones in DuckTales, they're more colourful. The voice acting is superb, Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta, Michael Bell and many other great voiceactors. Too bad this is yet another one of those shows that basically ends with a cliffhanger that won't be resolved, don't you just hate those?moreless

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  • 9.5

    A cool cartoon!

    By danparkerstudio, Jul 20, 2010

    Like I said before, I've seen many cool Disney cartoons a long time ago. And Darkwing Duck is one of them.

    Now, because I no longer have Darkwing Duck episodes recorded on VHS, I can't say very much, but I will say what I can say.

    I've seen it sometime in the late 1990's. It became one of my favorite cartoons back then along with The Aladdin Series and The Hercules Series.

    I like the cool moments this cartoon had. And it's humor.

    I like the characters in this show. Like Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck. He's really funny. And I enjoy his moments of when he "Emerges from the smoke". And I really liked his catchphrase.

    I enjoyed some of the villians, too, like Megavolt for example.

    Now, I enjoyed the theme song for this cartoon. I think it's just awesome. I like to play it over and over again. And this is one of the theme songs that is way better than the theme song for Wizards Of Wavery Place.

    I haven't watched any Darkwing Duck episodes in a long time, but I am going to watch them on youtube one day.

    Anyway, for that, Let's Get Dangerous!moreless

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    The adventures of the great hero Darkwing duck.

    By ravenclawmoon, Jan 09, 2009

    This is without doubt one of the greatest cartoons ever! It really makes you wish for the old days back when they had decent shows. I really wish they show this again on Toon Disney, instead of the other junk.(Not all not all it shows but there are some they just need to get rid of.) And I really don't understand why this got I canceled in the first place! I heard some of the story lines planned for season four and they sound really great. So why did they cancel it!? I don't care how old I get I still love the show.It's not too corny or over-the-top, but has a lot of humor and some heart to it. I give it five stars.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Funny cartoon series from Disney

    By stitch069917, May 14, 2008

    Darkwing Duck was one of my personal favorites. I really miss seeing it. It is now out on dvd, thank goodness. Now I can once again get my Darkwing Duck fix. This show had some of the most outlandish and funniest characters. Darkwing Duck is kind of like a Donald Duck attempting to be Batman. He has a lot of gadgets and the will to do good, but is clumsy and does tend to miss some of the obvious clues. Launchpad McQuack is his sidekick and Gosalyn is his adopted daughter. My favorite villain of the series would have to be Megavolt. I miss this show.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Another great Disney cartoon.

    By kirbyblue, Feb 18, 2008

    This is a good show that Disney has made. It's about a superhero named Darkwing Duck who fights crime and saves the day from Saint Canard. Characters include Gosslyn who is Drake Mallard's (Darkwing Duck's secret identity) adopted daughter and Launchpad McQuack (previous character from DuckTales) is known as Darkwing Duck's sidekick and helps Darkwing on his adventure. Other characters include Honker Muddlefoot and his family in which Drake Mallard absolutly hates, Stegmutt the Dinosaur, Morgana, Gizmoduck (another character from DuckTales) and a whole lot more. This show has some mysterious but often silly villians such as QuackerJack, MegaVolt, Jambilia Jake, and many more villians. The show is full of action and silly adventures that I give this show a good score. If only it didn't end with a cliffhanger just like what happened in Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM.moreless

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    best cartoon and best story and best crime series

    By firetoon12, Nov 29, 2007

    hi i am 21 and i watch Disney channel since 1993 and yeah i remember the time we need to order disney channel to watch for one year and that when the magic and that when i got in love with disney. i know the show but never had chance to watch because it air when i am in school and yeah i was 6 year old i watch goof troop and aladdin and mickey mouse and more and i still remember the line up for it. i miss all my shows so much. this show is amazing great cartoon and best crime and i will watch it over and over. i think they need to add more villeins in show. but still i love it. if they bring this show back on tv i will wake up like how i always wake up in morning when disney channel was full of magic. when i watch goof troop i sing with it and laugh so hard and eat breakfast. i am big disney fan. then i stop watch disney channel and toon disney for 2 years. when 2006 start i got directv in march 2006 and then i watch toon disney and disney channel then when sept 2006 hit i was searching threw my tivo and finding what new and back on tv and i found buzz and timon and mermaid on sept 6 yeah i was happy then so on search more and more i found goof troop back for one day and then other series to. then they brought goof back so good now i still watch it over and over. so i want to see what will 2008 will be for me.moreless

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