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  • 9.5

    This show along with the Perils of Peopole Pitstop is a best spin-off show of the Wacky Races.

    By HotWheelsdude, Jan 20, 2013

    This show is perfect with two exceptions. 1 Why does Cluck always invents places? 2 The general. Why don't we ever see him in person? Also his voice is Bothersome. Sure the voice actor is not bad. But the voice it's self is bothering me whenever I hear it. 96/100 Awesome.

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  • 8.6

    Dick Dastardly and his band of villanous kooks try their best to capture the flying pigeon.

    By RHam_01, Mar 02, 2007

    This was one show that always had me in splits!

    Dick Dastardly and the hapless Vulture Squadron were all such nincompoops that you couldn't help but laugh at them.

    What I loved about the show was three things -

    1) Klunk and the way he came up with these fantastic flying machines episode after episode. It was always fun to se what he would invent next.

    2) Zilly and how scared he was. It seemed he was even scared of his own shadow. I would love howDastardly would yell at him and he'd just quietly slink into his clothes and slip away.

    3) And the best part of the show - The irrepressible Muttley. His snickering was enough to make me burst out laughing. It always seemed to me that he was laughing at Dick andthe others because they were such bufoons.

    I wish this show had gone on!moreless

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  • 6.5

    Muttley:Best of Show

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 23, 2006

    "Dastardly and Muttley in their flying Machines" is a spin off from the "Wacky Races" and although it not as good as "the Wacky Races," it had it moments. Muttley is the best thing of the series. He outshines the other characters of the show. the series takes plkace in World War One,(I think it's World War One unless I'm wrong) and the skies a ablaze with oplanes lead by Dick Dastardly to shot dow a bird that is carrying important papers to the allies. Like I said before it's not much of a series, but it was Muttley who is top dog. there is one joke in the show that didn't go well for me. And it involves a Barn Dance. You don't want to hear the punch line.moreless

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