Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines

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Quotes (38)

  • (Homing missile is sensing the feather held behind Dick's back) Dick: There's nobody here but us pigeons.

  • Dick: There he is, a thousand feet below us! Jump, Zilly. Jump! Zilly: Who, me? You gotta be kidding, D.D.

  • Dick: This idea better work, Klunk, or you'll wind up in the clink.

  • Dick: We're gaining on him now, Muttley. Get ready to rock him.

  • (After capturing the fake pigeon.) Zilly: He's miiiine! Klunk: No. The-- WHEEE POM PING! -- is mine! Zilly: Miiiiiiiine! Klunk: MINE! (They pull so hard, that the fake pigeon breaks to pieces.) Zilly: Here, you can have him. Klunk: No. Keep the-- WINGWING! Zilly: No! He's yours! Klunk: Yours! Zilly: YOOOUUURS!! Klunk: YOURS!!

  • Wing Dings: Dastardly: Who left the mop water boiling in the soup pot? Zilly: Don't ask me chief, I'm trying to figure out how these alphabets got into my mop water.

  • Dastardly: Zilly, come back here! You're going the wrong way! Zilly: It's the right way if your a dyed in the wool scaredy cat.

  • I.B. Smartly: Mr. Klunk, Mr. Zilly, and Mr. Dastardly, you are definately in the wrong business. Have you ever though of taking up plumbing?

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Notes (15)

  • This episode had an advance screening in its entirety on CBS's Saturday Morning Preview special, aired on September 7, 1969 (7:30 PM EDT). The special was hosted by Family Affair cast members Johnnie Whittaker, Annisa Jones and Sebastian Cabot.

  • This was the first episode screened on CBS in the series in its regular Saturday morning time period. It is also the only episode with no off-screen narration.

  • We learn that Muttley's birthday is April 16th. (MOD. NOTE: As is my younger brother's!)

  • Right after the General tells Dastardly there's no new planes, Klunk tells Dastardly something he could understand without any help from Zilly.

  • This was the original pilot for the series but was not screened till some five weeks later.

  • After the professor and the Vulture Squadron plummet down a trap door and fall to the floor, we can see the Professor's hand is unpainted. (The same sequence is repeat after the Squadron crash lands with the Professor's "flying sausage.")

  • LOOK CLOSELY: As Muttley crashes to the ground with Dastardly in tow, a recalcitrant cel can be seen for a couple of frames.

  • Hanna-Barbera must have been using a low grade of pink paint as the camel the Vulture Squadron is riding on at the end is transparent enough to allow some of the background to bleed through.

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Trivia (18)

  • This is the first time in the show that Dick gets a wrong number on the phone.

  • This episode was adapted into the comic book story "Feather Fuddle" (Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #1, Gold Key, Feb. 1970).

  • Dick Dastardly's plane is red, Zilly's plane is green, and Klunk's plane is blue. When Muttley attempts to catch the pigeon by flattening him with the anvil, he accidentally flattens Dastardly, Zilly and Klunk individually in each of their planes. The sound waves of Dastardly's voice quoting, "Muttley, you'll lose your medals for this!" appears to be coming out of Zilly's flattened green plane instead of Dick Dastardly's flattened red plane.

  • Muttley grunting as Dastardly intended to keep the furlough all for himself is a precedent for a recurring joke in Yogi's Treasure Hunt where Muttley usually bites Dastardly whenever he says the treasure will be all his.

  • While it's never determined which country the Vulture Squadron is from or on which side they are, Klunk's and Zilly's choices of places for vacation make us presume they were not enemies of the Americans as they hoped to be allowed to enjoy vacations in Miami or Hawaii. (Additional note: The show takes place during World War I, and Hawaii had not yet been established as a state, let alone a tourist's vacation paradise.)

  • Why doesn't Dastardly use a parachute on a regular basis like in this episode instead of calling for Muttley's help?

  • This episode was loosely adapated into the comic book story "Command Performance" (Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #6, Gold Key, March 1971).

  • Muttley's Birthday is on the 5th of April. (As seen on the calendar is holding twice in this episode)

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Allusions (2)

  • The title of this episode is an allusion to expression "Test Pilots".

  • This episode is heavily influenced by the comic book hero, Superman. For example, when Muttley gets into a mail box to change into Super Muttley, that is similar to what Clark Kent originally did when he changed into Superman, but he instead used a telephone booth.