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    Vendetta showed radicalization of an American

    By dec813, Feb 28, 2015

    What Eric Williams became after being crucified by the Kaufmann Co. DA and prosecutor is the process that happens when people lose everything, including hope--radicalization. The consequences for Williams of taking $500 worth of computer equipment far outweighed the gravity of the 'crime', which was probably just bad judgment. It wasn't like he was running a black market and selling things taken from the county, and to lose his job, his license to practice law, his entire identity over something like that was unconscionable.

    There is a subtext that wasn't covered in this story. I expect that the two who prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law had an ulterior motive, such as the person they wanted to be Justice of the Peace, probably now holds that office, or they didn't like Williams for some other petty reason. Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong.

    Did anyone treat Williams and his wife kindly after his conviction, or did they contribute to ostracizing them? If anyone had tried to help them, this probably would not have happened. Try to imagine what it was like after having their lives completely destroyed: the judgmental glares, the talk not very well concealed behind your back, the isolation and rejection from people who once respected you. All this over three computer monitors? For people who grow up in Texas, there is no "moving away. They don't realize other places exist.

    Every action has a reaction. The disproportionate consequences of Williams taking computer monitors now include the death of three people, and probably Williams himself. It is sad all the way around, but there is much, much more to this story. As a previous resident of Texas, I can tell you for certain that there are far more heinous crimes being committed in Texas prosecutor offices than taking computer equipment. There's always a subtext in Texas.

    Update: Indeed it is true. Turns out Eric Williams campaigned against McLellan in the election, and pursuing a witch hunt against Williams was his way of getting even. Funny how documentaries make everything seem so black and white.moreless

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    Dateline NBC Show.

    By abimbolakoyi, Feb 11, 2015

    This multi - night franchise has included frequent specials and investigative reporting. The show is devoted to single subjects and reports.

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    Killer Lies in Wait on Elm Street

    By marshmallowjane, May 17, 2014

    Dateline didn't mention whether this came up at trial or not. The shooter said that he had moved his car out of the driveway and out of sight because he'd been working in the garage. It sounds to me that he'd moved his car so his house would look like nobody was home. He was trying to attract the kids. Also, the sister of the boy who was killed also lost a cousin who was her best friend. It's reasonable to believe that she had been in on past break-ins, or she new something about them. Neither of my points would change the verdict of the jury, but they might be valuable if the appeal go anywhere.moreless

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    A Killing in Cottonwood

    By PHIHOM, Jan 06, 2014

    I am the author of Practical Homicide Investigation and have conferred with Dateline staff on many of your programs and have even recommended programs to you based on my interaction with law enforcement agencies across the United States. This Dateline presentation by Keith Morrison was one of the most biased presentations that Dateline has ever aired. It sounded as if Morrison was working for the defense and support of the killer's family instead of presenting all of the facts in an impartial manner. His bias and facial expressions when talking to the DA were unprofessional and NOT in sync with other Dateline stories I have watched. Shame on NBC for allowing Keith Morrison to present such a subjective account of a brutal homicide.moreless

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    American family faces foreclosure

    By alisonloy3, Aug 31, 2013

    Why if husband became crippled in accident he and family is loosing home?

    Where is his social Security disability? Why isn't someone helping him seek work through his state's Rehabilition Work services.

    This isn't supposed to happen in America to people who are disabled. That is why I am boycotting elections, because politicians has become only focused on Capitalism which doesn't solve Social issues within a society. Why isn't his Department of Human Services helping this family-disabled AND LOOSING THEIR HOME! No one should have to suffer a divorce and homelessness due to an illness!moreless

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    thank you's

    By LisaJackson7, May 22, 2013

    the following show , was aired at a respectable time

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    Blood Brothers

    By jimmoore13, Mar 20, 2013

    EPISODE: Real Life Mysteries, Blood Brothers, on Investigation Discovery

    For more information on Klinefelter Syndrome and other X and Y Chromosome variations, visit KS&A:

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    Good show

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

    Not bad.

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    A clever title goes here!

    By ArleneDurando, Nov 03, 2012

    I was watching tonight dateline on hurricane sandy, and I am a resident of the city of Long Beach. I was shocked not to see anything about the devistation there. . A city with no power, no water, no sanitation conditions. no boardwalk. Homes and Businesses destroyed. The national guard watching for looters and a 7pm curfew. Long Beach was very hard hit and nothing was said about it on your program.My days of watching dateline are finished. you can email me at 0.0moreless

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    It's official.

    By JozefGallot, Aug 19, 2012

    Rigged Carnival games? I'm in an uproar about this. My world is caving in- having been slapped with the realization that a traveling fair might offer games (can I underline and bold the word, games?) in which not everyone wins?

    Producers, I feel awful for you- having officially run out of things to report.


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