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Quotes (3)

  • Chris Hanson: Where exactly were you going to take her in that truck of yours? Joseph Myrick: (stammering) I was just gonna take her around, you know, to see certain places, you know, talk to her.

  • Brian Lindsey: I’ll explain was that I did not come here with the intention of having sex I came here with the intention of hanging out doing you know, talking a little bit, maybe go bowling maybe shoot some pool or something. Chris Hanson: Well, Brian what should happen to you? Brian Lindsey: Well, honestly uh with this, I think I should, I should be able to just go home. Chris Hanson: Like nothing ever happened? Brian Lindsey: No sir, go home, take it as a lesson learned, not to do it again.

  • Chris Hanson: What are you doing here? Ramundo: We were just taking online and I just wanted to come and meet her. Chris Hanson: And how old is that young lady? Ramundo: 14 Chris Hanson: And how old are you? Ramundo: 24 Chris Hanson: Well, Ray, what do you think would have happened if I wasn’t here and a 14-year old girl was here home alone? Ramundo: Well whatever was going to happen was going to happen, wasn’t nothing gonna happen then hey.

Notes (1)

  • This episode of Dateline NBC uses copyrighted footage from youtube user TAOFLEDERMAUS without his permission. Proof of which can be found via his channel.