Davey and Goliath

(ended 1975)
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  • S 1 : Ep 64

    The Watchdogs

    Aired 4/6/61

  • S 1 : Ep 63

    Come, Come to the Fair

    Aired 4/6/61

  • S 1 : Ep 62

    The Good Bad Luck

    Aired 3/30/61

  • S 1 : Ep 61

    Doghouse Dreamhouse

    Aired 3/30/61

  • S 1 : Ep 60

    Pieces of Eight

    Aired 3/23/61

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dick Beals

    David 'Davey' Hansen

  • Hal Smith

    Goliath / John Hansen

  • Ginny Tyler

    Elaine Hansen / Sally Hansen

  • Nancy Wible

    Sally Hansen / Elaine Hansen

  • Norma MacMillan

    Mrs. Reed

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  • show Description
  • This classic series is about the adventures of a boy and his dog. This classic kids show, created by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America provided entertainment, comedy, and moral lessons for young children. Although the scripts for this show were written by the Lutheran church of America, the team Art and Gloria Clokey (best known for their hit "Gumby") did all the claymation. Art and Gloria were thrilled to do this especially because they felt that it would be their way of contributing what children need to hear. This is a gem, and in 2003/2004 it is scheduled to return with all new shows.moreless

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  • Quotes (62)

    • DAVEY: God sends the rain and the sunshine, he did his part, but I didn't do mine.

    • GOLIATH: (He tries to eat from a slop trough.) Not bad if you're starvin'. (Sally's piggy drives him away.)

    • GRAMPS: Nothing like a farm for food, is there, Goliath? GOLIATH: (The rooster jumps on his back, drives him away, and eats his food.) Nothin' like a farm for nothin'.

    • GOLIATH: (A rooster is crowing at him.) Where can a dog find some peace and quiet on a farm?

    • DAVEY: There's no way out... GOLIATH: ...unless you're a bat!

    • GOLIATH: You're a genius, Davey.

    • DAVEY: See, I told you not to worry! You can count on God and His laws always!

    • GOLIATH: Gravity's a pret-ty good law!

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    Notes (39)

    • John's parents in other episodes live on a farm and appear to be close to 70 years old.  In this episode his father is not seen and his mother is much younger and lives in a neighborhood setting.

    • I have two notes for this one. The first one is the moral of this story. The moral of this story is mentioned is that God knows who we really are under the masks. We may do something wicked and strange, but we know what is right and what is wrong. We are God's children and nothing can pass him. We do bad things in the heat of having a good time, but in the end, we as Christains may have a guilty conscience depending on what was done. On the other note, I have never seen this episode air at least in the last 20 some years. I am sure that they skipped this because of it's potency and the fact that they don't want to give kids certain ideas. I saw this episode for the first time on 9/5/02 on a VCD I just bought, and I grew up with Davey in the 80's and 90's. This was fresh, new, and a masterpiece. It opens a whole new side of Davey that we don't regularly see. We also see Davey angry in a way that we never have before. This is pretty dang cool.

    • Memo: This was the very first episode of Davey and Goliath. In this particular short, the stop-motion animation is very, very rough. Davey looks like a really little boy and Goliath has this white powdery look on his brown face. Sally is very tall and the parents look like figurines that were used in the 1950's early episodes of "Gumby". I wouldn't doubt that they were used. Going on, by the 2nd episode, the stop-motion figurines started to look more cleaned up. The art is very good, but it is the most different out of the whole series. This short was made in 1959, but has a 1960 copyright date.

    • Memo: The stop-motion has improved a bit. Davey still looks like a real little boy, but it looks like he's grown a bit. His hair is a little bit darker and Goliath doesn't have that powdery look on his face. Sally doesn't look as big as she did in the first episode. This moral if you can really call it that isn't really a moral, it is a basic reminder. The message is that God makes things happen at certain times because he made them. For example, Davey mentions about God's law of gravity.... stuff like that.

    • The animation is still a little bit rough in this episode, with the same roughness as the 2nd episode. This is a very warm-hearted episode and very entertaining to see. Of course all of these episodes are entertaining and good for kids to see and adults.

    • The message of this story is a double-whammy. First off, Davey disobeyed his mother. Parents are suppose to tell children things for their child's own good, not to try to deprive them of fun. That is why God gave us the 10 commandments. He gave them to us for our own good and to save us from the unwanted consequences that life can give us. He didn't make them to deprive us of our fun although it has been perceived that way for some time now. The other message in the story is that when we love someone, we forgive them. Even though Davey disobeyed, he learned his lesson and was sorry for his disobedience. His mother was glad to see that Davey turned out alright and she forgave him out of love.

    • The moral of this story I got out of this episode is forgiveness. Sometimes people need to tolerate others. Especially in times like these we don't need to shock people with our anger. We need to shock people with our forgiveness.

    • I think that the message of this story is that only God can create living creatures that are real and genuine. Unlike the kitten, the robot did not have any feelings or couldn't do anything but what it was programmed to do. God made us and made us all different and unique in our own way. Like Davey and Sally's sympathy for the kitten, it shows that God loves us who are real and look out for us.

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    Trivia (8)

    • The theme song used for this series is the hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", written by Martin Luther in 1529.

    • The kitten adopted by the Hansens appears only in this episode is never seen again.

    • The long shots and medium shots of the trains in this episode were done with a real model railroad layout (in "O" gauge). The steam engine that pulls the train with the refrigerator car Davey is trapped in is a post-war Lionel steam locomotive.

    • When Davey asks for the 3 big E's from the printer at the newspaper, the printer says he can loan Davey 3 72 point E's. When Davey makes the new name plate for the editor, 2 of the E's are much smaller than the largest one.

    • In this episode we see that Davey's parents sleep in the same bed, something that was not commonplace on most TV shows until the 70's.

    • Davey mentions that Mr. Hunt has not shown up for church work, but Davey and his friend were not in the room when the pastor was talking about Mr. Hunt showing up.

    • The title has no question mark, but this is probably intentional so as to turn an interrogative sentence into a declaration.

    • The manager of the Bijou Theater answers the phone by saying, "Palace Theater".

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  • This series was a chidhood favorite.

    By adjuly16, Aug 20, 2007

  • One of the strangest shows I have ever seen.

    By Lokar, Nov 15, 2006

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