David the Gnome

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Quotes (1)

  • David: Schlitweitz! (meaning good night)

Notes (9)

  • Swift the fox is introduced in this episode. He is David's key mode of transportation in the series.

  • First appearance of the troll Holler.

  • Though we don't see him, David makes mention of a 'city gnome'. This seems to be yet another variety of gnome.

  • This is the first Gnome King we are introduced to besides the one in David's home forest.

  • Our first introduction to David and Lisa's children, albeit to their younger forms via flashback.

  • This is the third different Gnome King we meet.

  • Introduction of Earth Gnomes, a new gnome variety.

  • 4th gnome king we meet

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Trivia (16)

  • The different types of gnomes, according to David:

    Forest Gnomes
    Dune Gnomes (sand/desert dwellers)
    Garden Gnomes
    House Gnomes
    Siberian Gnomes (snow dwellers)

  • This is the first time we see a troll turned into stone upon touching sunlight.

  • Goof: When the gnomes attack the trolls in the snow field, an unnamed 5th troll is inexplicably with the group.

  • Goof: David stated in the first episode that he'd never actually seen any other mystical creatures (wizards, elves, etc.) before. So then how does he know the Elf King?

  • Goof: Despite clearly being daytime, Holler and Pat are neither turned into stone or concerned.

  • This is the first time we see David use his animal hypnosis powers

  • Goof: The trolls are out and about in the day time and not turned into stone.

  • Female gnomes only give birth once in their life, and it's always twins.

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Allusions (4)

  • David: "I'm swimmin' in the rain, just swimmin' in the rain"

    This is a nod to the famous song from the Gene Kelly musical Singin' in the Rain

  • Ivan the Terrible The name and actions of the gnome Ivan appear to be based on Ivan IV Vasilyevich, known as Ivan the Terrible, the first Czar of Russia.

  • David: "You did that beautifully. An Academy Award performance if I've ever seen one." Another reference from David to the yearly motion picture awards.

  • David: "Go home and see if Lisa needs any help. Tell her Sherlock David is on the case!" A reference to the famous Arthur Conan Doyle character Sherlock Holmes