All the Right Moves

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  • 8.5

    Joey finds Eddie's manuscripts and tries to find him. Audrey tries to get her life back on track, but she ends up drinking anyways. Pacey goes to a party with his boss.

    By Jon_MW_14, Aug 22, 2009

    Pretty good episode. I am so glad that Harley found Eddie. I'm glad that Eddie and Joey talked things out. I don't know if they'll start their relationship again, but hopefully Eddie decides to go school. Audrey did a good job at changing her life at the beginning of this episode but then she went down hill by the end. I don't like that guy that invited her to the party. The ending was very dramatic with Joey finding her passed put and not being able to wake up. Hopefully she's finally learned her lesson. I'm glad that Pacey got a raise, but I'm not sure, if that's a good thing. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless

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