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    It Broke My Heart

    By waldellgoode, Aug 05, 2013

    There has never been a series finale, and I consider my quite the series connoisseur, to inflict pain quite like this one. Jen's death impacted me more than anything else involved with the show, and I don't think there has been a character on the show worthy of such a profound story line other than Jen. It was beautiful, heart wrenching, and nothing spoke to the show's abilities more than Jen's last glance at her grandmother before she takes her last breath holding her hand. It was beautiful, and I'll never get over how she and Jack took care of each other. It spoke to my heart, and I will carry that moment with me for the rest of my life. I try to not read too much into television programs but that was art, truly in its highest form, I don't care what anyone says, it was beautiful and poignant, and it changed me.moreless

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    The best series finale of any show on television.

    By Fresman90210, Apr 25, 2013

    This episode is truly remarkable and proves why the entire cast have become megastars

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    Love the whole show!! The last episode was sad & great at the same time!!

    By Tasja82, Nov 24, 2012

    This was a great show!! It ended years ago, but I watched the entire show and enjoyed every moment/episode/season of it! love the happy ending for Pacey&Joey, Jack&Doug and even Dawson's who's career is great! Even the other characters .. But I don't get why the writers decided that the character Jen had to die. Why?!! They could have thought of something else for her character? She played the part well, that was so sad!!! :-( it brought tears to my eyes! Michelle is a great actress!!moreless

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    They criticized the show when it was on air but truly it was one of the best shows ever created

    By ron3sean, Jun 09, 2012

    When I first watched the show I knew that Pacey was going to be my favorite character mainly because I relate to him, but I was a fan that was for Joey and Dawson at first until season 3. I realized that it was never about Joey and Dawson being together it was about them understanding that they are forever going to be linked and just because your soulmates doesnt mean you have to be lovers and the final episode showed that. Joey and Pacey had a connection intimately that even Dawson couldnt shake and she knew it which is why she told Jen she always knew who she loved just was scared to actually love that hard even though she always felt it, Pacey and Joey was a perfect ending. Dawson has a perfect ending as well he is following his dreams since childhood he is meeting his greatest inspiration and he has his best friends in his life. Jen was sad to watch because she struggled all the time but the poetry is beautiful she created life that will live on and like she told jack, teach her to belong, Jen and Jack truly were soulmates as well and as you watch you realize that the point is just that, soulmates just means connected even after life is gone. A truly shakesphearing show drama, tragedy, and Love.moreless

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    Wonderful Finale

    By pinkshoegirl, May 28, 2012

    This is and will remain one of my favorite shows of all time! I watched it all when it orignally aired from 1998-2003 and I still watch it on DVD!

    I was very happy with the ending, well I was sad that Jen died and everytime I watch her doing her video message to her daughter it makes me cry!

    I personally am happy that Pacey and Joey ended up together I liked them better than her and Dawson. I also liked when Joey was talking to Dawson about different types of soul mates. Then in the back ground we see Lily and Alexander playing and we know they will be the next Joey and Dawson.

    I also loved that Jack and Doug (whom after the whole 6 season of Pacey bugging him that he was gay and 6 season of Doug denying it) that he is Gay and he and Jack end up together and they will raise Jen's baby!moreless

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    sorry i'm like 10 years late

    By Queenkate83, Apr 20, 2012

    this show was one of the best 90's shows besides Beverly Hills 90210 i loved this finale i forgot it was on Wednesday nights.... thats funny for us one tree hill fans :) anyways back to the review i LOVED this episode it was amazing acting by Michelle Williams and the grandmother.. sorry i never could remember her name but what a beautiful way to go out i loved how Jack man up and too responsibilty of Amy that was very cool of him to do :) i loved how it morphed into 5 years later and see where they all went after college that was also very cool it was just a good episode i loved itmoreless

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    So sad.

    By BethanyJoyFan, Sep 15, 2011

    This is such a sad ending and belive it or not I loved it ! I mean I cryed my eyes out but it was an amasing end . And ofcourse the fact that Pacey and Joey ended up together didn't hurt either . I have always been a huge PJ fan and I was afraid that they'll put her and Dawson together , but when I saw the ending . . . there are no words to describe how glad I was , because as Joey said, Dawson was her childhood love and it was great, but she belongs with Pacey. And they didn't have to kill Jen, but the fact that she had a baby was great, because that means she left her mark on the world.moreless

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    I hated it after everything she ends up with......

    By jayluv81, Jun 23, 2011

    I hated it after everything she ends up with Pacey come on. Dawson was her supposed to be happy ending Jens ending Sad but sweet the only thing that made the episode worth watching.Dawson deserved better I think they really did the show an injustice. however this show set the tone for the ones that followed and at least it closed chapters on everyones lives. Well hopefully its the shows that did follow will get it right in the end of there run. so in case you cant tell I didn't care for it very much but its a must see if you stared from the beginning.moreless

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  • 8.8

    seriously one of the saddest episodes I have ever watched. I could not stop crying! The scene where Jen dies, was really touching.

    By dreamer4ever88, Jun 23, 2011

    Upon findng out that this would be the last new episode ever, I knew I was gonna be a mess. But when I watched it, man I just brought the tissues right next to me. I was so happy for Jack who was finally happy! I was esp glad to know Joey finally made her choice although I wasn't pleased with it. She should have chosen Dawson! But the scene with Jen, gahhh so sad. When she was giving her speech to Amy, that was quite possibly the saddest speech. Ever.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Joey and Pacey end up together. Joey is a sucessful book editor. Pacey re-opened the Icehouse. Dawson has his own television show. Jen has become very ill and is awaiting her death. Jack is a teacher at Capeside High.

    By ByTheWay17, Jun 23, 2011

    Dawson's Creek is one of the best teenage drama's ever created. I'm really happy with the way they ended the show. To me, this show is stupendous and there's nothing worse than a great show ending badly. So the big, humungous question fans are waiting to have answered is, “Who will Joey end up with?!â€� The answer is: Pacey Witter! Woo! When I was watching the show I thought Dawson and Joey were just so meant to be together, but now that I look back I realize that Pacey and Joey were really for each other. That’s why I think this series finale was so great. The best scene is when Joey and Dawson are reminiscing about their past together and they say to each other, “You and me, always.â€� I love that part because it’s so true about them. Dawsons and Joey will always be there for each other, but the guy she’s really meant to be with is Pacey. I love Pacey’s character. He’s a whole lot of trouble, but at the end of the day he’s a sweet boy that would do anything for the woman he loves. Dawson and Joey are childhood sweethearts, but I don’t think they were as meant for each other as Pacey and Joey. Pacey and Joey have the chemistry. So I was happy that in the end, she chose Pacey. Pacey’s family always told him when he was growing up that he was nothing and he will mount to nothing. That’s why he never tried in school, except when Andy encouraged him. He always refered to himself as the black sheep, but in the end he is the most successful one in the family. He is doing what he loves and he’s happy too. So take that Witter’s! I’m so happy that Pacey’s life ended up great because he’s a fantastic character.

    Dawson, Dawson, Dawson. Hm, well I can’t say that I was surprised he had his very own television show. That was the only predictable thing in the finale. Of course he has his own show and of course it’s about his and Joey’s relationship. Even though I never cared for his character, I’m happy that his life was on the right track and he’s having fun doing what he loves. Jen is another favorite character of mine. She’s awesome and she really shouldn’t have died. I wanted to see some resolve in her life after all this time. But in the end, her only resolve was death. I wanted to see Jen having a really really happy, successful life like the rest of the gang. She always is upset or having problems with herself. It’s really too bad that she was killed off. She would have been a great mother of her child. I’m happy she left her kid with Jack. Like I said though, she really shouldn’t have died. This was the only bad part of the finale. Jack McPhee is a teacher at Capeside and from what we saw on the finale, he is really good at it. He’s also in love with Doug Witter. Despite Doug’s fear of finally revealing his sexuality to Capeside, Jack and Doug end up together taking care of Jen’s child. This was a happy part of the finale. Yay!

    Oh, and Andy who is another one of my favorite character’s comes back for the shortest period of time ever. We find out that she’s a doctor, of course, and that she’s successful and happy. I’m happy Andy ended up great, but she should’ve had more time on the finale. All in all, the series finale was fantastic besides Jen’s death and Andy’s short farewell. The writer’s did a great job ending this unforgettable series. I still enjoy watching reruns of Dawson’s Creek today. :)moreless

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