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    Airs 7/29/15

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Madlyn Rhue

    Daphne DiMera (1982-1984)

  • Susan Oliver

    Laura Spencer Horton (#3) (1975-1976)

  • Paul Carr

    William Horton (#1) (1965-1966)

  • Patricia Barry

    Adelaide Horton Williams (#2) (1971-1974)

  • Robert Hogan

    Scott Banning I (#3) (1970-1971)

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  • Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives...For over forty years, those words, spoken by the late Macdonald Carey, have introduced and underscored one of daytime drama's rare mainstays. NBC's Days of our Lives, will celebrate its 48th anniversary on November 8, 2013. It first premiered as a half-hour drama in 1965 and expanded to an hour ten years later. Today, it remains a consistent favorite among viewers of daytime television serials. It is the powerhouse of NBC's soap opera lineup and demonstrates its staying power in television history. In its lifetime years, Days of our Lives has garnered numerous Emmy Awards, Soap Opera Digest Awards and People's Choice Awards. The show's success derives from its consistent commitment to excellence in writing and storytelling, supported by an ensemble of performers, and an uncanny knack for anticipating viewer interests. From demonic possessions and baby switches to exciting teen stories and love triangles, Days of our Lives remains a perennial favorite among viewers of all ages. Filmed in Burbank, California, Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Hortons and the Bradys, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Original cast member Frances Reid continues to star as Alice Horton. Days of our Lives is produced by Corday Productions Inc. in association with Sony Pictures Television. Executive producer, Ken Corday, is following in the tradition of his parents, Betty and Ted Corday, who co-created Days of our Lives and helmed the series for many years.moreless

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    • Carol: Julie, what did you do? You're the greatest!
      Diane: We'd better get out of here.
      Julie Olson: Now don't act in a hurry. That's a dead giveaway. (the girls prepare to leave the store, but a detective and an employee block their exit)
      Detective: All right. Hold it right there girls.

    • Jack Deveraux: Here's a white wine for you Jennifer. And what would you like to drink, Victor? Type A or Type O?

    • Marlena's Lullaby to Sami: Rock a bye Sami Sent from above God's little angel Mom's little love Now that you're with me Life's been so sweet Since God's dearest angel Made it complete.

    • Sami's Last Statement "I, uh... want you to know how much I regret that you have to be here today and that you have to watch this. I'm so sorry for that. And I'm sorry ... that I'm not going to be able to be here for you all, but I hope that you know, and I hope you will help my son to know, that I am innocent. God knows I'm not a saint, and I know that I've hurt all of you and caused you all pain, and even so, look at you. You're all here for me. You're my family. There was a time when I -- when I thought I didn't deserve your love, but now I understand. I get it now. I finally understand what love means, and I'm -- I'm just so sorry it took so long, that I finally learned how to be a better person, and it's too late. The most important thing that I could ever say to any of you is thank you. I have to thank each and every one of you for -- for believing in me and for supporting me and for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself. You will never, ever, ever know how much I love all of you, and I will always be with you. I promise."

    • Harry Grunwell: "This is Harry Grunwell, reporting live from the Copper Ridge State Penitentiary. I'm now standing in what's known as the death chamber. A former gas chamber which has been converted for executions by lethal injection. (points to red wall mounted phone)This phone is a direct line to the governor, he alone as chief executive has the sole power for a stay of execution. Now barring any last reprieve, the condemned prisoner will be brought to the death chamber just before midnight. (standing over gurney)Her legs and arms will be strapped to this gurney, and IV needles will be inserted into her veins. And then at the stroke of midnight, she will receive the lethal injection. A technician, over here,(points to drug machine on the wall) has control of the release of the three powerful drugs into her veins. These containers, hold the three drugs. The first is Sodium Pentothal, a tranquilizer, it will lull her into a calm state of sedation. The second, is a powerful muscle relaxer that will paralyze every muscle in her body. At that point, she will not be able to breathe. The third drug to be injected, Potassium Chloride, which will stop her heart immediately. Causing immediate death. Stay tuned for minute by minute countdown to the execution at midnight. (in background, while Sami talks with Orin)Now to recap, the request for a stay of execution by her attorney was turned down by the supreme court. At this moment Ms. Brady is visiting with family and friends, when they leave she'll be given a last meal and then precisely at midnight, she'll be taken to the execution chamber. Say a prayer. This is Harry Grunwell reporting live as we count down minute-by-minute ... to the execution at midnight."

    • John: "No wonder we're getting married because I chose a poem also. It's about a hundred years old, and what it does it captures the essence of how I felt the first time I saw you. 'I was never struck by that hour with love so sudden and so sweet. Her face, it blossomed like a flower and stole my heart away complete. Are flowers winters choice? Is love's bed always snow? She always seemed to hear my silent voice, not love's appeal to know. I never saw so sweet a face as though before me stood. My heart has left it's dwelling place and can return no more.' That sums it up, Doc. I fell in love with you the first moment I laid eyes on you. From that moment to now, I think it's safe that allot of water has gone under the bridge. We've experienced sadness, allot of pain, but somehow, through it all our love was strong enough to endure. In everything that we've been through, my ,love for you has never changed, and I know it never will. And I can stand here in front of my family, and my friends, and I can promise you that I will love you until I die. I'm going to be a good husband to you. I am going to honor you, I am going to honor you, I am going to protect you, I am going to care for you and I am going to make your cares my cares, I'm going to make your sorrows my sorrows, and I damn well am going to make your triumphs my triumphs. And I'm going to grow old with you in love and joy and all the great stuff life has to offer until death parts us."

    • Marlena: "John, what I chose to say to you is from the Song of Solomon. It signifies to me, the end of bad times, the beginning of the good times. 'Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For, lo, the winter is passed. The rains are over and gone, the flowers are appearing on earth, and the time for singing birds is come. My beloved is mine, and I am his until the dawn breaks, and the shadows fade. Turn, my beloved, and be thou ever mine.' I really do feel as though our winter has passed, our bad times are over, and the good times are beginning. Now, I know that nobody can ever promise what the future will being, but I will make you one solemn vow -- I will love you no matter what. Whether rain or drought, or sun or storm -- whatever comes, I will laugh with you, weep with you, celebrate with you, and mourn with you. Whatever comes, I am yours, my love, until death part us."

    • Marlena: "Belle is our daisy. She's our sunshine, and she lights us up with her smile." John: "She brightens our day with her joyfulness and her 'love of fun'." John: "Brady, you're a sunflower. You're bold, adventurous." Marlena: "He'll tackle anything that comes his way. He inspires us with his courage and his high spirits." Marlena: "Then there is our rose. Our rose. when the climate is cold, the bud closes up. But when it's light and warm, the bud opens and it's a revelation." John: "It's a huge generous heart, with all the natural beauty nature has to offer." Marlena: "That would be our Samantha." John: "Lets see, we have a snapdragon. Daring, headstrong, smart." Marlena: "Keeps all the other flowers on their toes too. We are always touched by his capacity for love and loyalty." John: "That would be Eric." Marlena: "And last, we have an orchid. Beautiful, fragile." John: "She needs loving attention, and she deserves it." Marlena: "That would be our Carrie. We can't claim her genetically, but we raised her together and we are so proud of the graceful, substantial woman she has become." John: "And we're all better people for having you in our lives Carrie." Marlena: "She is, and always will be, the child of our hearts."

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    • The theme song for the show is "Days of Our Lives" written and performed by Ted Corday, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.

    • This special aired before the 1992 Soap Opera Awards on NBC.

    • Although her face is not seen, this is technically the first appearance for Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady. This is also Dani Minnick's last guest appearance, because she was then put on-contract.

    • This special aired before the 1993 Soap Opera Awards on NBC.

    • This special aired before the 1994 Soap Opera Awards on NBC.

    • MacDonald Carey (Tom) made his final appearance on the show on February 9th. Carey died 6 weeks later on March 21st at the age of 81.

    • The tune that trigger's John's memories is Nocturne Opus 9 #2 in E minor by Frederic Chopin.

    • MacDonald Carey, who has played Tom Horton since the very first episode died on the day this episode was broadcast. His death was not written into the show for another three months in order to finish up the Maison Blanche storyline so everyone could be in town for his funeral.

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    Trivia (41)

    • The beginning of this episode was altered from the ending that aired the day before. At the end of the last episode, the first two injections went in, Sami was out, the third drug went in, Lucas burst in, but all the drug went in. In this episode, the second drug went in, there was a very long break in between injections, the 3rd went in, Lucas burst in, the injection took much longer to leave the container on the wall, and Roman pulled the tube off the wall before more than a quarter of it could have left the container - instead of the whole container we saw the day before.

    • When Celeste claimed Vivians old townhouse as her new home she was in actual fact taking back what was rightfully hers. When she left Stephano he gave her the townhouse and 8 million dollars, 8 being Celeste's lucky number.

    • Jennifer talks about bouncing Belle and Shawn together on her knee. When the character of Belle was born in 1993, Shawn was nine years old. Ironically, Brady Black and Abigail Deveraux were born the same year, yet he is now more than ten years older than her.

    • Hope remembers the conversation with John, but this conversation with John was the day of his & Marlena's wedding when she had Gina's personality. Hope has not been able to remember anything that happened when she was Gina aside from making love to Bo in Paris.

    • Larry was dressed in the exact same clothing when Hope saw him in her hallucinations as he was when we saw (for real) him calling Collin.

    • More of a nitpick:

      The message that Jennifer originally left for Jack did not match the message that Jack picked up:

      Jennifer's original message to Jack: "Jack, Jack, where are you? It's me. Listen, I'm in the alley outside of the old tire factory, okay, and I'm safe. I just want you to know I'm safe. I'm about to call the police. If you can find Maria Annendel, we can also have her charged with kidnapping. All right, I'll call you back. I love you. Bye."

      The message Jack received: "Jack, where are you? Listen, it's me. I-I'm safe. I'm in an alley behind the old tire factory, and I'm going to call the police, okay? If we can find Maria Annendel, we can have her charged with kidnapping. I'll see you soon. I love you."

    • When Marlena gets the "I'm safe" phone call from Rex, the phone is still ringing after she picks it up.

    • Jack would have been unable to donate his organs to anyone. Not only did his only functioning kidney belong to his (presumed) deceased brother Steve, but he had previously been unable to have his blood marrow tested to donate to his daughter Abby (1993) due to his Hodgekins disease.

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    • Nicole: Don't you watch "Law & Order," Jack? Whodunit is never who you think.
      "Law & Order" is a show about the police who investigate and the district attorneys that prosecute. The storylines are true and are ripped from the headlines. The show has been on for now over 10 years and is still hitting big in the ratings. More Info.

    • Nicole: Well, Manny just tried to seat the ex-vice mayor and his wife at this table, and I told him I don't care if Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt walked through that door.
      A little "inside joke" so-to-speak as Victor's portrayer, John Aniston, is the real-life father to Jennifer Aniston.

    • Jan: [I]f you don't, I'm gonna tell sexy Rexy how you sent Rex Jr. to permanent summer camp.
      This is an inside joke for soap opera fans. Although Mimi had an abortion (so there is technically no missing kid), children disappear frequently on the soaps, never to be heard from again. A good example from Days of our Lives is young Max Brady, Caroline and Victor's adopted son. He went to summer camp ... and never came back.

    • Bo Brady: You make her sound like Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is a well-known novel about an older man who falls in love with a seductive adolescent. The term 'Lolita' has become synonymous with younger women (girls) who use their sexuality to get what they want from men.

    • Phillip: If it wasn't for Heather Mills McCartney.... The day before this episode aired, Heather and her husband, Paul McCartney of The Beatles, announced their seperation.

    • E.J. Wells: You can't expect a quid pro quo as a matter of course. Quid pro quo is a Latin term meaning 'something for something' -- an exchange of goods or services of equal value.

    • E.J. Wells (to Steve, after kidnapping him): Your mission, and you will choose to accept it, is to kill Bo Brady. This is a reference to the hit television show and movies Mission: Impossible. The three movies starred Tom Cruise and the television show starred Peter Graves, Martin Landau, and Bob Johnson as the voice on the tape.

    • Chelsea Brady: Okay, thank you, Mr. IMDb. The IMDb is the Internet Movie Database, which contains information on film and television, biographies on the cast and crew, and news information about upcoming works.

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